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Contract Skills Training Courses

Commercial contracts are the backbone of every business, but they can appear to have a language of their own which can be difficult to understand, and therefore apply as the contract writers intended. There are many pitfalls and risks associated with not interpreting and executing contracts in the correct way.

This suite of courses provides all the essential information that every non-lawyer dealing with contracts needs to know, aswell as providing the commercial skills linked to successful and efficient contract administration.

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  • Next: 28-29 Nov 2023 Live online
  • Also: 5-6 Mar 2024 Live online
  • Also: 3-4 Jun 2024 Live online
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Business and Contract Law

Live online, Classroom

A two-day no-nonsense plain English practical course* to get to grips with business and contract law for busy business executives.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Arun Singh OBE
  • Next: 15-19 Jul 2024 Classroom

The Commercial Manager's Summer School

New for 2024


Commercial management is a crucial function that, if undertaken well, enables overall success and growth of a business. This highly-interactive summer school has been specially designed to help commercial and contracts managers excel in their demanding role.

  • 30 CPD hours Intensive
  • Presented by Catherine Hurst
  • Next: 27-28 Feb 2024 Live online
  • Also: 1-2 May 2024 Live online
  • Also: 28-29 Nov 2024 Live online

Effective Management of Supply Chain Risk

New for 2024

Live online

The increase of outsourcing and globalisation creates extended risk profiles for businesses. This course will bring you right up to date with best practice for supply chain risk management.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Catherine Hurst
  • Next: 11 Dec 2023 Live online
  • Also: 26 Apr 2024 Live online
  • Also: 25 Sep 2024 Live online
  • Also: 10 Dec 2024 Live online

Negotiation Skills for Contracts and Commercial Managers

New for 2023

Live online

This highly interactive course has been specially developed for contracts and commercial managers, focussing on a negotiation methodology specific to this challenging role.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Catherine Hurst
  • Next: 26 Jan 2024 Live online
  • Also: 30 Apr 2024 Live online
  • Also: 15 Oct 2024 Live online

Understanding and Drafting Specifications and Scopes of Supply

New for 2024

Live online

An indepth, practical look at best practice for drafting specifications and scopes of supply. Specifically designed for all those whose knowledge is vital to providing clarity to legal obligations.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Catherine Hurst
  • Self-paced
  • Self-paced

Successful Contract Management and Administration


A practical step-by-step on-line course designed to ensure that your contract administration and management skills allow you to fully control your commercial contracts. It will build your knowledge of best practice techniques in 8 on-line modules each requiring between 3 to 4 hours study to be completed in your own time

  • Eric Evans
  • and Tim Boyce
  • Publication

Business and Contract Law


This briefing will enable you to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

  • Arun Singh OBE