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HR Function, Strategy & Analysis Training Courses

Our HR function training courses offer practical, knowledge and skills-based training which is a valuable use of time for all Human Resources personnel wanting to succeed in their role. Providing an effective human resource service to businesses is the goal of all HR teams. Developing the skills and know-how around the latest best-practices is vital. With training courses to develop and manage the HR function in large organisations and intensive courses for individuals, all aspects of HR management are covered.

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  • Next: 17-18 Jul 2024 Classroom
  • Also: 12-13 Nov 2024 Live online

Developing High Performance HR Business Partner and Consulting Skills

Live online, Classroom

Achieve excellence as an HR business partner and enhance your ability to deliver a positive impact and support across the whole business.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Katie Botten
  • Next: 15-19 Jul 2024 Classroom

The HR Professional Summer School

Summer school


This interactive Summer School explores some of the most important issues facing HR professionals today and has been designed for those who want to add value to their HR function and be a high-performing member of their senior management team.

  • 30 CPD hours Intensive
  • Presented by Helga Butler
  • + 5 more
  • Next: 19 Apr 2024 Live online
  • Also: 19 Jul 2024 Live online
  • Also: 6 Nov 2024 Live online

The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant

Live online

Practical applied learning for HR professionals – a one-day intensive briefing on best practice and employment law requirements for the effective HR assistant .

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Jocelyn Hughes
  • Next: 29-30 Apr 2024 Live online
  • Also: 29-30 Jul 2024 Live online
  • Also: 10-11 Dec 2024 Live online

The Role of an Effective HR Advisor

Live online

This practical two-day programme is a must-attend event for any newly promoted or aspiring HR advisors, as well as those looking for a refresher.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Jocelyn Hughes
  • Next: 9-10 May 2024 Live online
  • Also: 26-27 Nov 2024 Live online

The Role of the Senior HR Manager

Updated for 2024

Live online

This programme has been specifically designed for those HR professionals who operate at, or aspire to operate at, a senior level within their businesses.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Jocelyn Hughes
  • Self-paced

Essential HR Duties for People Managers


Protect yourself and your organisation by ensuring you understand the rights of your employees and your employer in this legal minefield where misunderstanding can easily lead to expensive litigation. Gain the key skills needed to fulfil this demanding role with this 8 module on-line course allowing 3 to 4 hours per module to be completed in your own time.

  • Anne Knell
  • Self-paced

The Role and Skills of the HR Business Partner


Strengthen your understanding of the practical skills and knowledge that the HR Business Partner needs on a day-to-day basis with this 6 modular, on-line, interactive and easy-to-use training course

  • Kathy Daniels
  • and Mr Matthew Whyte
  • Publication

High-Performance Consulting Skills


This key text provides a practical understanding of the skills required to become a high-performance internal consultant, whatever your own area of expertise.

  • Mark Thomas
  • Publication

The Training Manager's Desktop Guide


This book is designed for the manager who recognises the need both for a coherent training strategy and for training itself that is professionally planned and organised. Whether you are a full-time training manager, or line manager with responsibility for implementing training, this book will act as a constant source of guidance and helpful advice.

  • Eddie Davies
  • Publication

Transforming HR


This specially commissioned report sets out a blue-print for the future of HR to enable you to deliver proven value to your Board, business and colleagues.

  • Ian Hunter
  • and Jane Saunders