Acquisitions & Disposals Training Courses

Business acquisitions are a great way for companies to achieve rapid growth over a short period of time.

The business development process leading up to either an acquisition, a licence transaction, or the sale of a business, or part of a business, can be a long, complicated, and arduous challenge. There are many pitfalls and risks to be aware of and it’s essential that you choose the right time, the right advisers and focus your plans on the right areas of importance. The process can be fraught and riddled with risks, financial and beyond. Having the right people in the right jobs focussing on the correct areas, and the right advisers to work with is key to success.

This selection of products will guide you through the business development processes, provide guidance on grooming your business to make the most of opportunities and potential profits.

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Exit Right


Trade secrets of how to achieve a golden goodbye. This book is a clear and canny explanation of all the steps required to maximise your profit on selling all or part of your business: grooming the business, choosing the right time and advisers and negotiating the sale.

  • Mr Barrie Pearson