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Our Life Sciences calendar for the next 12 months:

Live online Classroom 2023 2024
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
A Practical Approach to Veterinary Vaccine Development and Registration in the EU Regulatory Affairs 10-11 13-14
A Practical Guide to Producing and Maintaining the PSMF Vigilance 25 6
A Practical Guide to Writing Risk Management Plans (RMPs) Vigilance 24 5
A Regulatory Update on Animal Feed and Feed Additives in the EU, USA and China Regulatory Affairs 4-5
Advanced Pharmacovigilance Vigilance 7-9 20-22 11-15
Advanced Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 9-10
Advanced Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Vigilance 18-19
An Essential Overview of Medical Information Regulatory Affairs 1
An Essential Overview of Pharmacovigilance Vigilance 11-12
An Essential Overview of the Medical Device Industry Regulatory Affairs 10-11 10
An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Regulatory Affairs 15
An Introduction to ISO 22716 - GMP for Cosmetic Products GxP 19-20 21-24
An Introduction to Pharmaceutical Packaging GxP 27-29
An Introduction to the Design and Development of Medical Devices Medical Technology 3-4 5-6
An Introduction to the Medical Device Regulation Regulatory Affairs 2-4 6-8
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Powered Signal Management Medical Technology 20 24 15
Best Practice for Writing Effective SOPs Regulatory Affairs 17 14
Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 18-19
Biosimilars Biopharma 12-13 30-31
Biotechnology for the Non-Biotechnologist Biopharma 26-30 27-29 4-8
CAPA (Corrective and Preventative Action) Regulatory Affairs 18 15
Chemistry, Manufacture and Control (CMC) - Regulatory Requirements for Biological Drug Products GxP 6-7 26-27
Clinical Evaluation of Medical Devices: The Clinical Evaluation Report Clinical Research 7-8 29-30
Clinical Overview and Clinical Summary: Creating Effective Marketing Authorisation Application Regulatory Affairs 28-29 4-5
Clinical Quality Management Systems Clinical Research 16-17
Clinical Research - A Different Approach to Successful Project Delivery Clinical Research 6
Clinical Trial Monitoring Clinical Research 9-10
Clinical Trial Regulatory Requirements Clinical Research 18-19
Cognitive Testing in Clinical Drug Trials: Successful Test Selection and Integration Clinical Research 20 20
Cosmetovigilance Vigilance 9-10
Cyber Security for Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 13-14 10-11
Data Integrity and Document Management GxP 24 1
Delivery of Biologics to the Nasal Cavity Biopharma 10
Development of Combination Products: Critical Interactions GxP 27-28 9-12
Drug Discovery: A Step-by-Step Introduction Medical Technology 21-22
Drug/Device and Device/Drug Combinations in the EU and USA Regulatory Affairs 15-16
EU Clinical Trial Regulation 536/2014: Overview and Implementation Clinical Research 20-21 13-14
EU Pharmaceutical Regulations & Strategy Regulatory Affairs 16-17
Effective Technical Writing & Editing Medical Writing 30 3
Effective Technology Transfer GxP 18-19 12-13
European Post Marketing Pharmacovigilance - Including the EMA/PRAC deliberations and Brexit implications Vigilance 6-10
FDA Approval Process for Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 21-22 18-19 4-5
Filing eCTD Submissions Regulatory Affairs 21 17
GCP and Clinical Research Update - Hot Inspection Topics Clinical Research 3 24
Human Factors and Usability Engineering in the Development of Drug Delivery Products Regulatory Affairs 17-20 28-29
Introduction to Veterinary Pharmacovigilance Vigilance 29-30 4-5
Introduction to the In-Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) Regulatory Affairs 26-27 7-10
Managing Vendor/CRO/CMO Oversight Clinical Research 10-11 19-20
Masterclass: Artificial Intelligence-enabled Medical Devices Medical Technology 7 9
Medical Device Regulation in the Eurasion Union, Russia and the CIS Regulatory Affairs 4-5 11-12
Medical Device Regulations in the Middle East and North Africa Regulatory Affairs 13-14 2-5
Medical Device Single Audit Programme (MDSAP) GxP 6-7 30-1
Medical Device Software: Complying with the EU MDR, EU IVDR & FDA Regulations Regulatory Affairs 3-6 11-14
Medical Device Studies: Clinical Evidence Clinical Research 12-13 13-14
Medical Device Studies: Regulatory Requirements and Adverse Event Reporting Clinical Research 18-19
Medical Writing for Medical Devices Medical Writing 4-5 23-24
Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) Technology Medical Technology 26-27
Metrics and Earned Value in Clinical Research Projects Clinical Research 27
Navigating China’s API Regulations: An Essential Guide to DMF Registration GxP 1 1
New EU GMP Annex 1 and its Impact on Pharmaceutical Manufacturers GxP 8
Pharmaceutical Development of ATMPs GxP 20-21 16-17
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Africa Regulatory Affairs 21-24
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Asia Regulatory Affairs 14-16 11-13
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in China Regulatory Affairs 4-5 12-13
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in Russia and the Eurasian Union Regulatory Affairs 26-29 5-6
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs in the Middle East Regulatory Affairs 19-20 11-14
Pharmacovigilance Vigilance 11-13
Pharmacovigilance Aspects of Licensing Agreements Vigilance 20 29-30
Pharmacovigilance QMS & Inspection Preparation Vigilance 28-29
Pharmacovigilance for Drug Safety, Regulatory Affairs and PV Auditors - Broadening your Knowledge Vigilance 2-4
Practical Implementation of GCP in Veterinary Field Studies GxP 17-18 28-29
Practical Requirements of the Arab Pharmacovigilance Guidelines Vigilance 19-20
Pre-Filled Syringes: End-to-End Processing Medical Technology 27-28 8-9
Process Validation with Qualification GxP 27-28
Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU Regulatory Affairs 19-20
Registration of Veterinary Vaccines in the USA and Canada Regulatory Affairs 13-14
Regulatory Affairs for Support Staff Regulatory Affairs 26-29
Regulatory Strategies for Orphan Drugs Regulatory Affairs 26 27
Risk Management for Pharma and Biopharma Professionals Regulatory Affairs 13
Signal Detection and Regulatory Expectations Vigilance 3-4 14-17
Smart Packaging and Electronic Patient Information GxP 12 6-7
Stability Testing of Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals GxP 13-14 13-14
Sterilization of Medical Devices GxP 19-20
Successful Medical Writing Medical Writing 2-4 6-8
Sustainable Design and Manufacture for Medical Devices Medical Technology 26 6
The Animal Health Summer School: Working Through Veterinary Drug Development in the EU and USA Regulatory Affairs 19-22
The Common Technical Document GxP 10-11 27-28
The FDA Drug Approval Process Regulatory Affairs 14-15 2-3
The Medical Device School - From Concept to CE Marking Regulatory Affairs 12-16 4-8
The Role of the Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance (PRRC) Under the MDR and IVDR Regulatory Affairs 19
UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) Marking for Medical Devices Regulatory Affairs 17 21
US FDA - Understanding Key Factors When Working with the FDA Regulatory Affairs 20
Understanding Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) - A Comprehensive and Practical Introduction GxP 19-20 20-21
Understanding Computer System Validation (CSV) - A Comprehensive and Practical Introduction GxP 26-27 27-28
Understanding Pharmacovigilance Regulations in APAC Vigilance 10-11 10-11 23-24 23-24
Update - Latest Position on the New UK Clinical Trial Proposals Clinical Research 26
Variations to Marketing Authorisations Regulatory Affairs 12-13
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Submissions in the EU Regulatory Affairs 12-13