HR & Wellbeing Training Course Calendar

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Our HR & Wellbeing calendar for the next 12 months:

Live online Classroom 2023 2024
Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May
Building Self-Belief & Resilience Employee Wellbeing 9
Conflict Management & Resolution for HR Professionals Employee Wellbeing 10-11
Dealing With Difficult People Employee Wellbeing 28 19
Developing High Performance HR Business Partner and Consulting Skills HR Function 14-15
Effective Candidate Sourcing & Selection Employment Law in Practice & Recruitment 3 14
Employment Law in Practice from Recruitment to Termination Employment Law in Practice & Recruitment 12-13 11-12
Global Mobility and the Employment of Overseas Nationals Employment Law in Practice & Recruitment 1 16
Health & Safety at Work - the essentials for HR professionals HR Function 1 29
How to Avoid Discrimination, Victimisation, Harassment and Unconscious Bias in the Workplace Employment Law in Practice & Recruitment 16
Mental Resilience in a Home-working Environment Employee Wellbeing 28 8
The HR Professional Summer School HR Function 31-4
The Role and Skills of a Valuable HR Assistant HR Function 28 17
The Role of an Effective HR Advisor HR Function 7-8 12-13
The Role of the Senior HR Manager HR Function 10-11 28-29