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Pharmacovigilance Training Course

Understanding PhV today – a basic training course on the principles and practice of global PhV for those working in drug safety.

★★★★★ "I hoped to get an overview on all aspects of PV - my expectations were totally met"

31 January-2 February 2024
+ 12-14 June 2024, 9-11 October 2024 »

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  • Format: Live online
  • CPD: 18 hours for your records
  • Certificate of completion

Course overview

This comprehensive three-day pharmacovigilance training course has been designed to provide an introductory guide for all those concerned with vigilance industry. The interactive programme will cover topics from basic pharmacovigilance principles and terminologies through to the current regulatory framework and its global impact, including drug surveillance in the EU, US and Japan. Proactive pharmacovigilance pre- and post-marketing will be addressed as will risk management, the challenges of causality assessments and effective signal detection.

Our panel of experts will offer practical guidance throughout the training course and use real-world examples and case studies to contribute to the development of your knowledge. There will also be ample opportunity to share experiences with the speakers and fellow professionals, which will further enhance your understanding of pharmacovigilance issues.

Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Principles of pharmacovigilance and data resources
  • Risk management, causality assessment and postauthorisation safety and efficacy studies (PASS/PAES)
  • Pharmacoepidemiological studies and evolution of periodic safety update reports (PSURs), periodic benefit-risk evaluation reports (PBRERs) and development safety update reports (DSURs)
  • Proactive pharmacovigilance pre- and post-marketing, risk-benefit assessment
  • Pharmacovigilance regulations, clinical trial ADR reporting requirements n Drug surveillance in countries outside Europe
  • Drug surveillance in countries outside Europe
  • Post-marketing surveillance: observational cohort studies
  • An overview of signal detection and risk management plans (RMPs)

This course is part of our Vigilance Training Course collection, which features other pharmacovigilance training courses for professionals.

Who should attend?

Anybody involved and interested in the daily practice of pharmacovigilance, including pharmaceutical physicians and those working in:

  • Drug safety
  • Adverse reaction monitoring
  • R&D
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Registration

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The Pharmacovigilance course will cover:

Principles of pharmacovigilance and data resources

  • Basic principles of monitoring drug safety
  • An overview of methodology
  • Data resources available for monitoring and evaluating drug safety
  • Responding to drug safety signals

Risk management and risk minimisation: basic principles

  • Basic principles
  • Proactive strategies
  • Principles of risk minimisation
  • PASS and PAES

Causality assessment: clinical diagnosis of adverse events

  • The principles of causality assessment with practical examples
  • Medical evaluation of individual reports of adverse events
  • Strategies for follow-up

The current regulatory framework and its global impact

  • Overview of European regulatory framework, including 2012 EU pharmacovigilance legislation
  • Implications for the global environment – the links to ICH and CIOMS recommendations
  • Inspections and penalties for non-compliance
  • Practical applications of definitions

European post-marketing pharmacovigilance regulations

  • The role of the Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC) and SCOPE initiative
  • Quality management systems and the pharmacovigilance system master file (PSMF)
  • QPPV
  • Expedited reporting: solicited vs spontaneous
  • Periodic reports and signal management and use of EudraVigilance
  • RMPs and risk minimisation
  • Additional monitoring
  • Pharmacovigilance inspections/audit
  • Public hearings including first EMA hearing – September 2017
  • Stakeholder involvement initiatives such as PROTECT, WEB-RADR
  • New electronic reporting standards, E2B (R3), IDMP

Proactive pharmacovigilance pre- and post-marketing

  • Anticipating drug safety issues in development of small molecules and biologics
  • What specific and non-specific safety monitoring should be done?
  • Handling safety signals in development
  • Differences between pre-marketing studies and post-marketing experience

Risk-benefit assessment

  • General principles
  • Quantifying risk
  • Taking action to optimise risk-benefit
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of risk management measures

Clinical trial ADR reporting requirements

  • ICH E2A and general requirements
  • Expedited reports
  • EU Clinical Trials Directive, Clinical Trial Regulation and detailed guidance
  • US IND requirements
  • DSURs

Pharmacoepidemiological studies – basic designs, strengths, weaknesses and examples

  • Real-world data is the king
  • Randomisation in the real world
  • Drugs and devices – it’s all ‘exposure’
  • Tracking all patients?

Periodic reporting – PSURs and PBRERs

  • Evolution of the PSUR, PBRER and DSUR
  • What do we submit and when to submit it
  • Practical aspects of compiling PSURs and PBRERs
  • Linking DSURs, RMPs, PSURs, PBRERs and core safety information

Drug surveillance in countries outside Europe

  • US culture
  • NDA and IND safety reporting
  • Inspections
  • Japan culture
  • Post-marketing safety surveillance programmes in Japan
  • Pharmacovigilance in other countries

Practicalities of signal detection

  • Definitions of signals
  • Regulatory guidances on signal detection by industry and regulators
  • Resources for signal detection
  • Quantitative vs qualitative signal detection

Examples of pharmacoepidemiological studies used in risk management

  • How we weigh evidence
  • Observational cohort studies
  • Case control studies
  • Drug registries (anti-TNFs)
  • Pregnancy registries

Practicalities of risk management

  • A real-world example of the development of a successful EU RMP
  • Requirements of RMPs from an industry point of view
  • How to write a successful RMP
  • Reporting results of outcomes of activities in the RMP
  • Updating a RMP

Practical pharmacovigilance workshop

  • A practical case study with valuable hands-on experience
  • Handling an important safety alert from regulators
  • Assessment of risk
  • Determining measures to respond to previously unidentified risks
  • Continuing assessment and communication of risk-benefit

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Saad Shakir
Drug Safety Research Unit

Saad Shakir is a pharmacoepidemiologist and drug safety physician. He has worked in the fields of pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology and risk management for 30 years, initially at the UK Regulatory Authority, then the international pharmaceutical industry and as the Director of the Drug Safety Research Unit in Southampton. The DSRU is an academic unit associated with the University of Portsmouth. At the DSRU Saad leads a research team with an active programme for monitoring and studying the safety of medicines in populations. He has led many important drug safety studies and has worked and advised on many drug safety issues including product withdrawals, major restrictions and important safety hazards. Saad serves as a Chairman or member of Safety Advisory Boards and Data Safety Management Committees. He is an author of many book chapters and publications in scientific journals on pharmacovigilance, pharmacoepidemiology and risk management and is a member of the editorial boards for the journals Drug Safety and Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety. Saad Shakir has led and co-ordinated many post graduate educational and training programmes including the MSc programme in Pharmacovigilance at the DSRU. He supervises post graduate students for higher degrees and has been involved with a number of international initiatives to promote and develop pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology. Saad Shakir is a Fellow of the Royal Colleges of Physicians in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London; a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine; a Fellow of the International Society of Pharmacoepidemiology and a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in the UK.

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Shelley Gandhi
NDA Regulatory Science Ltd

Shelley Gandhi joined NDA Group AB in 2012 and previously was with the MHRA (UK Regulatory Authority) for 19 years. She has extensive knowledge of all European regulatory processes relating to monitoring the safety of licensed medicinal products and ancillary devices and has investigated possible risks and has taken appropriate actions to minimise risk to public health through both European and National Committees.
She was Vigilance and Intelligence Research Group Unit Manager where she led a team of 30 whose primary role is to carry out risk assessment. In her final year at the MHRA, she mainly focussed on delivering the new pharmacovigilance legislation in Europe and ensuring the MHRA would be ready.
She is currently using this regulatory experience to work with industry to ensure they implement the new pharmacovigilance legislation.

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Seema Jaitly
Essjay Solutions Ltd

Dr Seema Jaitly qualified in Medicine from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1992 and worked in hospital medicine for four years. She has worked in the pharma industry for over 18 years at CROs and companies spanning clinical research, medical affairs, pharmacovigilance and the EU QPPV role. In 2010 she founded Essjay Solutions to offer pharmacovigilance services, consultancy and contracting services.
She is currently studying for an MSc in epidemiology with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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Glyn Belcher
PV Consultancy Ltd

Dr Glyn Belcher has over 25 years experience in clinical development and drug safety in the pharmaceutical industry. He qualified in medicine from Oxford and Cambridge and received his PhD in neuropharmacology from the latter university. After a number of years in hospital medicine he joined Schering and worked in clinical research in the UK affiliate before moving to headquarters in Berlin, first as head of cardiovascular clinical research and later as head of a new safety department covering clinical development activities. He then became Director of Clinical Drug Safety and EU QPPV for Takeda Europe and a global safety officer of Takeda headquarters in Osaka. His most recent position in the industry was Vice President of Drug Safety and Risk Management for all ex-USA territories of Biogen Idec and EU QPPV for the company. He now has his own consultancy company, PV Consultancy Ltd, and works with a number of companies in the areas of clinical development and drug safety, as well as undertaking an increasing commitment to teaching and training in these areas.

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John Parkinson

John Parkinson is a Data and Pharmaco-epidemiology Consultant. He previously worked as Director of the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) at the MHRA, which developed out of the General Practice Research Database (GPRD) and NIHR Research Capability Programme. He has been instrumental in enabling record linkage of NHS data and of its wide use in the many aspects of pharmacoepidemiology as well as providing input to the pharmaceutical industry on studies and types of studies that companies may find helpful in their quest to make available effective and safe medicines

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31 January-2 February 2024

Live online

09:00-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:00-18:00 Paris (UTC+01)
04:00-12:00 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 13493

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  • USD 2,201 2,669

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12-14 June 2024

Live online

09:00-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
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04:00-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13721

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9-11 October 2024

Live online

09:00-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:00-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:00-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13955

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  • USD 2,201 2,669

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Reviews of IPI's Pharmacovigilance training course

I was hoping to gain better knowledge and better understanding of how PV works, and by attending this course I believe I have achieve that.

Dec 14 2022

Christian Boateng
PV Scientist, Norgine Ltd

Dec 14 2022

Content: very good. Presentation: Good Speakers: very good

Beatriz Blanco-Rodriguez
Global Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance , Life Molecular Imaging

Dec 14 2022


Laetitia Boldini
Specialist Regulatory Affairs Junior, Lallemand

Dec 6 2021

I hoped to get an overview on all aspects of PV - my expectations were totally met

Bettina Bannert
Doctor, Universitätsspital Basel/ Department Klinische Forschung

Dec 6 2021

It was a very good webinar - I would use management forum again for other training.

Ellie Sutcliffe
PV Administrator/Associate, Rosemont Pharmaceuticals

Jun 21 2021

Very informative and great 3 days.

Paul Byrne
Deputy QPPV, Nelsons

Dec 2 2019

I loved the course and it was amazing to be taught by people who are very experienced in the topics and be able to get their insights and hear their experiences.

Tina Tayebi
Pharmacovigilance Associate, Diamond Pharma Services

Jun 24 2019

The course was very well organised and useful. The choice of speakers was very good and balanced. Overall, I was very happy with the course.

Karl Pauls
Medical advisor, Centre for epidemiology and health research (ZEG)

Jun 24 2019

Workshop is very good because you have to USE the knowledge you gain. Interaction between speaker and attendees is very good too!

Anna Bøgelund Møller
Pharmacovigilance scientist, Larix

Jun 24 2019

The course gave overall understanding on pharmacovigilance. The presentations were clear and with helpful examples. Interaction between participants and speakers was great. All the speakers have good experiences and knowledge.

Teodora Crowe-Wijasa
Consultant Medical Safety Physician, DADA Consultancy BV

Jun 24 2019

Obviously all speakers have huge experiences within the PV processes.

Haiping Ma
Senior Safety Quality Professional, Novo Nordisk A/S

Dec 3 2018

Expert presenters with engaging and thoughtful presentations that allow plenty of time for questions and discussion. All very knowledgeable and engaging.

Sam Allen
Drug Safety Operations Medic, Mundipharma Research Ltd.

Dec 3 2018

My overall opinion is very positive, I am not disappointed at all. Speakers did a very good job - being approachable, giving examples, sharing his/her professional experiences, etc. Very knowledgeable speakers with relevant experience.

Vania Horta
Drug Safety & Information Officer , Wockhardt UK Limited

Dec 3 2018

Co-ordinators were great, material provided was concise and well presented. Time for breaks and lunches were spot on. Most of the speakers were excellent. I have 18 months experience in PV and I felt like the course was at my level. This course is not suitable for beginners.

Bhupesh Panchal
Drug Safety & Information Officer, Wockhardt UK Limited

Dec 3 2018

Amazing speakers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Dalal Abdulaziz
Regulatory Manager, Al Hafez Trading Est

Jun 19 2018

A greatly organised and informative course given by driven and well informed speakers.

Willem van Lierop
Drug Safety Manager, ApotheekZorg

Jun 19 2018

Exactly what we need. Very good.

Gabriel Georgescu
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Ewopharma AG

Dec 4 2017

Enjoyed the course. Although quite intense in the number of topics, it was well organized and stuck only to the important things. Would recommend and am thinking about continuing to The advanced PV one.

Marta Telebar
PV Project Specialist, Arriello s.r.o.

Dec 4 2017

The course was very useful and interesting to me personally

Darya Pospíšilová
Pharmacovigilance Project Manager, Arriello

Jun 20 2017

I was happy about the location, the presenters and the organizers for this course

Abdullah Al Dawood
QPPV and Regulatory Affairs Supervisor , Apotex Saudi Arabia

Jun 20 2017

The course was well structured and covered all important aspects of PV. Everything was presented in clear presentations with helpful examples. Interactions between participants and speakers was easy and helpful.

Birte Hofmann
Director Pharmacokinetics Expert, Bayer AG

Dec 4 2017

All the speakers are knowledgable and have good experience

Negin Goudarz
Pharmacovigilance Associate , Emas Pharma Ltd

Dec 4 2017

Very nice and informative course, very satisfied

Birgitte Wolf
Senior Safety Specialist , LEO Pharma

Jun 20 2017

Found the content delivered from the speakers very good.

Priya Cutts
Report Specialist, Procter and Gamble Technical Centres Ltd

Dec 6 2016

Well organised and the speakers were very knowledgeable

Claire McLaughlin
Drug Safety Specialist, Kyowa Kirin International

Dec 6 2016

Excellent. Very good speakers and interactions.

Susanne Mathias
Senior GCP Advisor Specialist, Novo Nordisk A/S

Dec 6 2016

Very passionate speakers

Sabrina Montante
Safety Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

Dec 6 2016

It was very good, I had a great time

Camille Soulet
Vigilances Training Officer, Pierre Fabre

Jun 20 2016

It was a comprehensive, professional course, well organized and beneficial

Liron Weisman
Pharmacovigilance Compliance Associate, Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd

Jun 20 2016

Very nice course which provides good instruction into PV and overall picture of PV requirements/obligations

Oresta Makaruha Stegic
FDF RA manager, xellia

Dec 6 2016

High level training with great speakers, very good welcome and accommodation

Camille Soulet
Vigilances Training Officer, Pierre Fabre

Dec 6 2016

I feel this course gives a good amount of information and is presented well. The speakers are very knowledgeable

Lee Rolfe
Actavis plc

Dec 6 2016

Overall I found the course to be very informative. Not only did I learn new information, but it helped me realise how much information I have picked up through my short time working in the industry and it reinforced this knowledge. I liked that there were a number of different speakers from different backgrounds who effectively cover different aspects of the topic in depth.

Sarah Bruce
Pharmacovigilance Officer, Kyowa Kirin

Dec 6 2016

I think the course and its content were very well run and I would be happy to attend another course by Management Forum

Lee Rolfe
Actavis plc

Jun 20 2016

Informative and well-organised but quite heavy going in parts

Gemma Anthony
PV & Regulatory Administrator, Meda Pharma Ltd

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Run Pharmacovigilance Live online for your team

3 days

Typical duration

Pricing from:

  • GBP 1,200
  • Per attendee, based on 10 attendees
  • Course tailored to your requirements
  • At your choice of location, or online


We can customise this course to your requirements and deliver it on an in-house basis for any number of your staff or colleagues.

Contact our in-house training experts Aleksandra Beer and Yesim Nurko to discuss your requirements:

Multiple colleagues? See above for details of our discounts for 2, 3, or 4 delegates. For more, talk to one of our training experts to discuss how to:

Run this course conveniently and cost-effectively in-house for your staff and colleagues

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