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Successful Medical Writing – from Protocol to CTD Training Course

Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals and the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities. This intensive, practical medical writing course will benefit participants by enabling them to achieve this standard.

★★★★★ "Overall very very pleased with the course and it has thoroughly extended my interest and drive to be... more (47)"

27-29 November 2024 »
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Course overview

Success in the pharmaceutical industry depends on the speed and efficiency of new drug approvals. This process largely relies on the quality of documentation submitted to the regulatory authorities, and a high standard of medical writing plays a vital role in ensuring a positive outcome. This intensive three-day medical writing course will help you to improve your skills and achieve this standard.

Aims and objectives

This event combines presentations from our expert faculty with practical exercises to provide a thorough introduction to the basics of medical writing that goes beyond the usual ‘overview’ courses. It will provide in-depth training in general writing and data presentation skills, and specifically in the kind of documents most frequently encountered in clinical research.

You will learn both the theoretical and practical aspects of writing for regulatory authorities as well as the sensible use of international guidelines, standards and useful writing tips. Many illustrative examples will be used, drawn from the course leaders’ wide experience of the pharmaceutical industry.

This course is part of our Medical Writing Training Courses series that aims to equip delegates with the tools and techniques needed to thrive within an ever-evolving industry.

Who should attend?

The course will be of interest to all those in the pharmaceutical industry who prepare research reports and documentation intended for regulatory authorities. Although the focus of the seminar is on clinical research, many of the principles will also apply to other types of reports, including pre-clinical, CMC and veterinary documentation. The practical training will benefit not only those new to medical writing but also those wishing to perfect their existing writing skills, including full-time medical writers and those who only occasionally write research documentation or regulatory submissions.

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This course will cover:

Overview of writing: substantive and technical aspects

  • Helping your reader

The Protocol

  • Developing the protocol
  • The most important clinical document?


  • General aspects
  • CSR templates
  • Content – results-independent text

The CSR continued

  • Content – patient information & efficacy

Completing the CSR

  • Content – safety & discussion

Improving readability, for example:

  • Brief overview of punctuation specifics affecting readability
  • Verb force

Designing tables for clinical documents

  • Table types
  • Elements of table design

More on improving readability, for example:

  • Prepositions
  • Abbreviations

Summary Documents

  • Overview including abstracts and synopses

The Common Technical Document

  • Introduction to clinical submission dossiers
  • Purpose & types of clinical summary documents
  • Writing the clinical overview & the clinical summary
  • Recent regulatory developments: really a common technical document?

Project Management

  • Improving the process, for example considering:
    • Timelines
    • Document review

Quality aspects

  • Just how perfect does your document need to be?

Final checks

  • Proofreading: just a spell check?

Additional writing tips and tools

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27-29 November 2024

Live online

09:15-17:30 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:15-18:30 Paris (UTC+01)
04:15-12:30 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 14071

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Reviews of IPI's Successful Medical Writing – from Protocol to CTD training course

Overall very very pleased with the course and it has thoroughly extended my interest and drive to become a full medical writer

Apr 27 2022

Louise Bussey
Senior Clinical Study Manager, Vaccitech (UK) Limited

Apr 27 2022

The content for each day was great and very informative, as a new starter to the industry it really helped me to gain an understanding of the layout, structure and what to look out for in study reports and submission documents etc. The presentations were clear and concise, and it is clear that each speaker is very passionate about their role, which is shown through their strong knowledge and experience. [...] each speaker came across very well and their understanding of medical writing, along with their expertise really helped me to understand each aspect of their presentations thoroughly.

Ruby Morrissey
Regulatory Writer, Imperial Brands

Jul 11 2022

The content was targeted, appropriate and informative. Presentations were good, incorporating both text and visual elements to keep us engaged, and the speakers were friendly and involved. I am new to medical writing. I hoped to gain knowledge regarding the different documents I may be working on, how to coordinate different contributors, and how to involve statistics and data presentation in my writing. This course substantially helped to clarify these things.

Holly Smith
Medical Writer (Graduate Program), WriteSource Medical

Jul 11 2022

Overall, I found the webinar interesting and worthwhile. The speakers were all highly knowledgable and gave good advice. I believe this webinar is suitable for beginner medical writers.

Dulama Richani
Medical Writer, WriteSource Medical Pty Ltd

Apr 27 2022

I enjoyed it, found it useful and it was clearly led by experts - I would recommend

Ian Walker
Programme Lead, Triducive

May 24 2021

I got what I hoped for - i.e. an introduction to the types of documents I will come across, how to select the right content, and how to write it. On top of this, it was extremely useful for me to receive all the little tips and tricks. I think all presenters were very generous in sharing their experience. This includes how to manage difficult stakeholders, when to stick to guidelines and when to use common sense, where to find links on correct use of English, and even be able to ask questions in the future on how to present data.

Lone Helboe

May 24 2021

I was really satisfied with the webinar. It reflected my expectations and it addressed my needs.

Roberta Grimaldi
Clinical research principal scientist, GSK

May 24 2021

Good, engaging and knowledgeable speakers.

Marit Sorum
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Pharmaq

May 24 2021

I wanted to get some hints and tips on general improvements in writing style when compiling regulatory dossiers - and interested to know more about the required content in the clinical section of the eCTD, which I believe was delivered.

Judith Rowland
Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, Nerudia Limited

Oct 5 2020

What a wonderful training course, especially for medical writers beginning their career. So much information is packed in this webinar and is presented in a very professional and entertaining way. Warmly recommended.

Cristiane Jensen
Senior Electronic Submissions Coordinator, H. Lundbeck A/S

Oct 5 2020

Overall, very interesting and enjoyable.

Tyrnnon Steffen
Medical Writer, DICE-CRO

Oct 5 2020

A fantastic training, a "must-do". The training via live webinar is working very well, less resource-demanding (time and costs).

Tifany Desprez
Medical Writer, PhD, Laboratoires THEA

Oct 5 2020

This webinar had a broad array of topics and was delivered in a very interesting manner. The courses were nicely illustrated by a large number of examples and exercises. The speakers managed to deliver their messages efficiently, involving and keeping the interest of the audience along the 3 days.

Ophelie Poujade
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Alexion Pharma GmbH

Oct 5 2020

The interactive exercises and polls were very useful, in the future you could include more of these.

Julia Peics
Medical Writer, ALK

Oct 14 2019

The content of the talks was appropriate and useful, the topics were clearly presented and the practical exercises helped to learn efficiently.

Katrin Vögtlin
Manager Clinical Affairs, Richard Wolf GmbH

Oct 14 2019

Each speaker was very inspiring.

Natasa Fischbach Simunic
Medical /Pharmacovigilance Advisor, Xellia d.o.o.

Oct 14 2019

The content is highly relevant for new medical writers and the speakers are engaging. I would recommend it for anyone entering the profession.

Maria Dzialo
Medical Writer, Data Investigation Company Europe

Oct 14 2019

I love this course and have recommended it to my colleagues.

Nisha Patel
Clinical Research Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmith Kline

Oct 14 2019

Absolutely perfect. I was personally looking for a change in my career and medical writing is definitely my first choice. The presentations were very interactive and fun!

Bouchta Karrich
Scientific Information Officer, Laboratoires THEA

May 21 2019

The intensive course gave a comprehensive overview on the topic of medical writing. Each of the lecturers were interesting, dynamic and very professional, with a good sense for humour also. You can gain a new perspective on the differences of various European languages and on the way the English language has developed throughout the years, and can also pick up various tips and tricks to become a successful medical writer.

Maja Culjak
Associate for Medicinal Product Information Review, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia (HALMED)

May 21 2019

It surpassed my expectations in every way.

Vasco Cluny
Freelancer Science/Medical Writer, Built by Doctors

May 21 2019

The course was very informative and provided ample guidance on how to approach writing various documents. I found the examples and exercises very useful. The presenters were very engaging. The course met all my expectations.

Anuradha Marla
Medical Writer, LEO Pharma A/S

May 21 2019

I was very happy with the course. For me, with 2 years of experience interpreting clinical data but no MW experience, it was the exact level I needed. I got a lot of new information but I felt like I could still follow everything.

Thea Christensen
Medical Writer , ALK-Abelló

May 21 2019

I really liked the course overall. The content was new and exciting and the speakers and presentations high quality.

Stine Spray
Specialist, Medical Communication, Regulatory Affairs, William Cook Europe

May 21 2019

Really great course with very useful content and excellent speakers.

Janne Walmod
Medical Communication Specialist, Cook Medical

May 21 2019

I have enjoyed this course very much. It was a nice atmosphere and the content was good overall. The presentations were helpful and the speakers had a good knowledge of the topics.

Marga Paterson
Senior Medical Writer, Vennlife Sciences EDS

May 15 2018

I attended previously EMWA workshops where the speakers had presented - so I knew previously that they are good! The course was vey good, interesting topics and good interaction between attendees and presenters.

Helen Thorne
Medical Writer , Tillotts Pharma AG

Oct 15 2018

The training was of good quality and the speakers succeeded in making it dynamic and practical. It will be very helpful for my future work.

Adeline Pierre
Medical Manager, Bayer Consumer Care

Oct 15 2018

Great course, I learned a lot.

Danielle Rieks
Regulatory Affairs Officer, Beaphar B.V.

May 15 2018

The course met all of my expectations

Fida Issa
Safety Surveillance Specialist, Novo Nordisk A/S

May 15 2018

Really well organised sessions, good break up of topics. Excellent course!

Emma Biggs
Clinical Research Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

Oct 15 2018

Speakers were highly engaging. Content and presentation were straight to the point with useful examples/exercises. This course was very helpful.

Elsa Sirou
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Alexion Pharma GmbH

May 15 2018

Very good, knowledgable, clear, supportive of medical writers and the battle they have with clients.

Ruth Forster
Post Marketing Project Manager/Medical Writer, ProductLife

Oct 18 2017

A really excellent course that has given me a lot more confidence in my job

Karin Jackson
Regulatory Coordinator, Hansa Medical AB

Oct 18 2017

Professional, interesting and relevant

Birgitte Sonne Rasmussen
GCP-Coordinator, GCP-Unit, Denmark

Oct 18 2017

The workshops were very comprehensive and I'm glad there was time for group exercises, which added great value to our discussions/learning

Joana Fernandes
Medical Writer, Scinopsis Ltd

Oct 18 2017

Great speakers with a very deep knowledge on the subject

Jone Iriondo
Medical Writer, Insitut Bergonié

May 10 2017

Very good quality content and presentations. I am pleased and satisfied by this course

Louise Harkness
Medical Writing Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline

May 10 2017

An informative course with entertaining sessions

Anna LeMoine
Project Leader, Tissue Regenix Ltd

May 10 2017

Adequate content. Interesting presentation. Dynamic, clear, competent and experienced speakers.

Agathe Caruso-Vares
CEVA Sante Animale

May 10 2017

The course provided a good overview of the medical writing, I liked the way that the information was split among the three days and the speakers were really good

Soteroulla Ioannou
Medical Information Specialist, Janssen Biologics B.V.

May 10 2017

Content is good for newbies like me but it seems that other participants that are working in the area benefited. The presentations are easy to follow and right on point. Barbara, James, and Barry are inspiring.

Bettina Overgaard
Bettina Overgaard

Oct 18 2017

All great speakers, very knowledgable

Mike Mueller
Medical Writer, Scinopsis Ltd

Oct 18 2017

Inspiring yet realistic

Ghazaleh Karimi
Drug Safety Manager, AbbVie

Oct 19 2016

Very useful on a daily basis, long lasting learning, lively speakers and presentations

Solange Van de Moortele
Clinical Project Manager, Wright

Oct 19 2016

Was excellent, interactive, and the exercises were very useful to apply what was learnt in the course

Jane Holland
Scientific Writer, Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG

Oct 19 2016

Very long and intensive days, more shorter breaks would be nice. The course material was not always easy to navigate in.

Vibeke Knudsen
Senior Medical Writer, Novo Nordisk

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