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PUNCH above your WEIGHT!

Punch above your weight! addresses the important idea that in reality each one of us can be thought of as a business. This inspirational book gives you a route-map to success.


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Introduction by the author



We live in a world where the entrepreneurial and enterprise mindset is becoming increasingly important for individuals to achieve success on a personal and organisational level. Gone are the days when the average person can aim to go to college or university, obtain qualifications and then be guaranteed a ‘job for life’. Such a thing does
not exist in our world today.

Punch above your weight! addresses the important idea that in reality each one of us can be thought of as a business. In order to survive and be successful we each have a need to undertake personal marketing, sales activity in terms of our ideas and possible contributions, and to be productive in whatever form that takes.


John Potter is an experienced speaker, consultant and trainer who has worked with many cultures around the world as a
leadership development specialist.

He started his career as an electronics engineer and focused on medical electronics and measuring the electrical signals given off by the human body. Subsequently he widened his work into the area of social psychology and completed his PhD on Leader- ship and Stress. He has worked with many corporate organisa- tions and government departments as well as holding a number of professorial appointments in higher education.

He has co-authored three books on leadership and one on the psychology of terrorism. His training work has ranged from corporate executives and public sector leaders to salespeople, military personnel and hostage negotiators.


Critical acclaim for Punch Above Your Weight! and John Potter

‘John Potter is a business psychologist who is passionate about developing enterprises and entrepreneurship around the world. Within this book his own initiative and personal experience of working with other countries is well reflected. As a member of the Advisory Board for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship he has contributed a significant amount, and this book will be a very powerful tool in developing business growth both in the United Kingdom and internationally. I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to build their own successful business.’

Lord Nazir Ahmed, Founder the All Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship

‘I have had the pleasure of working with John Potter, and booking him for my clients worldwide, for more than a decade. An inspirational and entertaining speaker, he shares his wisdom with integrity and intelligence, speaking on leadership and motivation (of oneself and others) in a clear, straightforward manner. John has addressed audiences of all sizes from ten people to thousands, including at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. An accomplished broadcaster and writer, his writing is effective and useful. This book will change lives.’

Diana Boulter, Founder and MD, DBA Speakers, UK

‘John Potter is an excellent speaker and facilitator. He brings together leading edge theory on leadership and personal development in business and has made a significant contribution to the One Planet MBA programme at Exeter. This book will be invaluable to MBA students.’

Prof Nicolas Forsans, Director, One Planet MBA Programmes, University of Exeter Business School

‘John Potter has great experience in helping develop leadership and business performance in the manufacturing sector. He has worked with many of the members of the Plymouth Manufacturers’ Group and recently joined us to show inspirational thinking on the subject of employee engagement.’

Steve Gerry, Secretary Plymouth Manufacturers Group

‘On meeting John Potter at a workshop on Employee Engagement, I was personally inspired by his wealth of experience and insights into the world of Business Psychology. His passion for developing future Entrepreneurs and Leaders, sharing his personal experiences, and the practical application of psychology and neuroscience is extremely powerful in promoting Leading through Engagement strategies. The book offers an insightful and practical toolkit with motivational techniques which will inspire you to promote Employee Engagement and encourage people to ‘Go the Extra Mile’.’

Deborah Hutchings, HR Manager, Teignbridge District Council

‘The practical advice, insights and know-how in ‘Punch Above Your Weight’ will provide a valuable contribution to women’s entrepreneurship both in the UK and internationally. From setting a vision to achieving one’s goals, John Potter’s expert tips provide the definitive step-by-step guide to success for entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs alike. It is recommended reading for everyone on the journey towards personal and business success.’

Helene Martin Gee, Founder, Pink Shoe Club, Chief Adviser, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship

‘John Potter is passionate about making people aware of the opportunities to run their own business. He is an avid promoter of all business models, which include franchising, mini-franchising and in particular sees network marketing as having great potential for the future of business. This book updates many of the ideas already written about in the well-known book by Napoleon Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and will help anyone wanting to build a successful business.’

Lynda Mills, Director General, UK Direct Selling Association

‘John Potter has worked with me over a number of years on the many challenging issues entrepreneurs and micro businesses face. He has given me many useful insights, some of which are reflected in this book. Chairing an all-party parliamentary group on micro businesses I am sure this will be a useful tool in delivering success.’

Anne Marie Morris MP, chair APPG Micro Businesses and Member of Parliament for Newton Abbot

‘John Potter is a highly experienced and articulate business psychologist. He has considerable experience in training and developing negotiators and in leadership development. This book brings together many ideas from diverse sources including his own thinking and it will put many people on the right path towards becoming successful in both their business and their lives.’

Jonathan O’Brien, CEO Positive Purchasing Limited

John Potter is amongst a growing number of informed thinkers that recognise the power of being, or becoming an entrepreneur. He has been an avid promoter of the network marketing industry, as a way of allowing people to become involved in their own business, whilst at the same time having the support, training and mentoring, that they may well need to become successful. As more people recognise that working for themselves need not be any more risky than having a job, then this book will become a must read.’

Bob Parker, Managing Director, Forever Living Products

John Potter offers a great resource for anyone wishing to build their skills and reach their full potential. John Potter draws on his great experience in helping to develop leadership and business performance in the public and private sectors. He is passionate about employee engagement and has worked to develop leadership capability at all levels. His personal experience is evident in the approach he takes to building confidence and capability to release the talent of each person.’

Janet Waters, Development Director, Growth Capability Limited


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Why this book?
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Understanding yourself
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Setting direction
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Developing your creative problem solving and decision-making
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Getting commercial and financially aware
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Engaging with others
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Influencing and persuasion skills
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Skills for selling and negotiating ideas
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Becoming a leader
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Developing your strategic-thinking skills
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Becoming a peak performer
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Taking action and creating your strategic plan
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John Potter
John Potter Global

John Potter helps client organisations worldwide turn their business strategy into reality. He is an international consultant and business psychologist who works globally with a range of blue-chip clients. He operates in the UK, Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA and has a wealth of expertise upon which he can draw.

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