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This training programme will show you the main concepts of entrepreneurship in order to developing talent and growth strategies to enhance your capabilities as an individual or organisation.

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  • Format: Bespoke training


The term entrepreneurship conjures up images of innovative people with business and financial acumen offering new ideas, service or products. Entrepreneurship has been extended to include elements not related necessarily to business formation activity such as conceptualizations of entrepreneurship as a specific mindset resulting in entrepreneurial initiatives. Many major organisations now have innovation and entrepreneurship as part of their strategic visioning and core values but actually fear encouraging entrepreneurs for fear of losing control.

Objectives The programme will show you;
  • The general concepts of developing entrepreneurial talent
  • Growth strategies encompassing entrepreneurship
  • Enhancing your capabilities as an individual or organisation.
Who should attend?
  • Start up entrepreneurs
  • Budding entrepreneurs or an
  • Organisations looking to develop a strategy around innovation and entrepreneurship

The programme

Module 1
  • Developing a greater awareness of the general concepts of entrepreneurship
  • The traits and behaviours of entrepreneurs
  • Self-assessment of entrepreneurial ability
Module 2
  • Spotting entrepreneurial talent
  • Developing entrepreneurial talent
Module 3
  • The enterprise process
  • Routes to new venture creation
  • Levels of entrepreneurial commitment
Module 3
  • Venture growth strategies
  • Harvest options

Sessions are designed to be practical and interactive so that delegates acquire knowledge, skills and new perceptions that they can apply to their specific contexts.

(The programme can be consolidated into a half-day course. An initial stage would include an a 2 hour interactive session at senior executive level to review corporate purpose through alignment and communication of their mission and vision).

Recommended Trainers

Dr Hilary Lewis, a visiting lecturer in Strategy and Organisational Learning at the Universities of Bristol and Bath, and whose consulting expertise is in stimulating organisational development through strategic visioning. She further expanded her interest in effectively managing change by researching how leaders successfully learn and adapt within an organizational context. This generated approaches to developing the central yet distinct roles of creativity and innovation for organizations that would generate valuable levels of entrepreneurial activity and leadership.

*Kevin Hard*, a fellow of the National Centre for Strategic Leadership which has a participative approach to engaging with leaders and challenging their established theories and is also an accredited performance consultant looking at innovative ways to improve performance. Kevin has over 30 years experience in all areas of business including corporate, start-ups and supporting organisations in their growth strategies in the UK and abroad.

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