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Accredited Action Centred Leadership Programme

This programme will give participants a clear understanding of John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership (ACL) model in it’s purest and most powerful form and how it can be applied in your business in ‘real’ terms.

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  • Format: Bespoke training

Course overview

Many organisations, large and small, currently face many leadership challenges which impact people at all levels. Investing in the improvement of management and leadership skills is an essential way to ensure that the organisation receives the highest level of return in the form of productivity, results and the quality of leadership that is practiced. Added benefits include a highly motivated workforce who are better equipped to deal with the current demanding climate where change is constant.

This dynamic and highly interactive two-day In-house leadership programme provides your management team with a unique opportunity to accelerate the development of their leadership skills, whether they are focusing on managing the impact of change or transition, building a high performance team, or developing the trust, enthusiasm and motivation of their staff.

Working with a mixture of group discussions, with leadership activities designed to challenge and bring the Action Centred Leadership model to life, practical tools, frameworks and you get to practice and receive feedback in a supportive environment; along with the benefit of the combined experience of an expert trainer/facilitator and fellow course delegates, this event is guaranteed to improve your management and leadership skills.


Perhaps you are familiar with management theories, but find it challenging to put them into practice. In this programme you get a completely fresh approach to leadership development. Delegates will gain a very clear understanding of John Adair’s Action Centred Leadership (ACL) model in it’s purest and most powerful form and how it can be applied in your business in ‘real’ terms. The programme is delivered by an Adair Accredited Trainer – 1 of only 83 qualified in the Adair global network.

Once complete, delegates will be able to use ACL as a practical vehicle for the delivery of key strategies in their roles and responsibilities.

Leadership Development Plan

Each delegate will complete a Leadership Development Plan, recording what they will commit to doing differently after they have undertaken the various modules of the programme; this document will form the basis to identify any further learning requirements.

Pre Course Work

Delegates will invited to complete a behavioural style questionnaire. The individual behaviour style results will be discussed during Day One of the programme.

DNA Leadership 360 Feedback Report (optional)

It is recommend that each delegate undertake a DNA Leadership 360 Feedback Report on completion of the programme, with One-to-One feedback being facilitated by the course facilitator. This will support further ongoing leadership development.

Programme - Day 1

Session One

  • Introductions, personal expectations and objectives
  • The full learning experience – what is it?
  • Behavioural styles: how this impacts on our leadership style

Session Two

  • The Leadership verses management myth
  • Approaches to leadership: Qualities, situational and functional

Session Three

  • Developing an understanding of Action Centred Leadership (ACL)
  • The functions of leadership
  • The role of a leader in business

Session Four

  • Individual motivational needs
  • Feedback on motivational questionnaire

Programme - Day 2

Session One

  • Developing your team dynamics
  • Handling conflict as a leader

Session Two

  • Leadership and communication

Session Three

  • Observing leadership in other: identifying and developing talent in your teams

Session Four

  • Developing individual leadership development plans

Who this in-house training is for?

Anyone managing or supervising staff, including team leaders, first line managers, section leaders and junior managers. Also those who are about to take on their first management or leadership role.

Andy Wadham

Andy Wadham is the Managing Director of DNA Leadership and is a John Adair Accredited Trainer and acts as DNA Leadership’s lead facilitator, coach and leadership trainer. Andy works closely with top management as a consultant and executive coach on change management and leadership issues.

Andy has over 20 years’ experience in the field of leadership development; both in a military and business environment. During his time serving in the Royal Navy, Andy learned the art of leadership and leadership development. Since leaving the Service as a leadership training officer, Andy has gone from strength to strength and has worked very successfully in various leadership consultancy positions and advisory roles, working with both individuals and organisations across many business sectors.

At the 2012 Adair Trainers Conference, Andy was presented with an Action Centred Leadership Award by John Adair in recognition for the leadership development work he is delivering in business. Well-known for his work in designing and delivering leadership workshops and seminars across many business sectors, he regularly contributes as a key-note speaker at networking events and conferences and has an ACL case study published in John Adair’s book, Effective Leadership Development. The case study also featured as lead article in a national business magazine, Business Communication.

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