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Managing Stress in the Workplace

A practical and intensive training programme on managing stress within the workplace.

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  • Format: Bespoke training

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Aims of the course:

  • The main aim of the training is to give people a better understanding of what stress is, how it affects them, their colleagues and the organisation and what they can do about it.

Course content:

  • A simple and practical theory of stress and stress management, which will enable participants to understand attitudes and causes of stress in individuals and organisations.
  • Clarification of the symptoms of stress and in-depth discussion of how it affects people and the organisation.
  • Development of strategies to recognise and deal with stress.


Course participants will take part in small and large discussion groups, and a variety of exercises to help develop stress management skills.

Benefits of attending

Course participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of what stress is and attitudes around stress
  • Gain an insight into causes of stress in individuals and organisations
  • Increase their own awareness of how to recognise signs and symptoms of stress in self and others
  • Begin to develop strategies for dealing with stress
  • Learn how to help others who may be struggling with pressure and stress (managers only)

Sample Programme

What is stress?

  • An in-depth discussion of what stress is
  • Relationship between external/internal environment
  • Stress vs pressure
  • Potential effects on performance
  • How well do you understand yourself & how you deal with pressure
  • Managing your own & others’ responses to stressful situations


  • Detailed exercise & discussion to provide an in-depth understanding of the effects of stress on physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
  • Developing own awareness of how stress affects you personally
  • Gain insight and understanding of how we operate as human beings
  • Changes in behaviour, performance, body language, health
  • The Stress Response – how it works & the effects on mind & body
  • Chronic stress case study
  • Learn to switch off the stress response

Sources of stress

  • Understanding the causes of stress in individuals and the organisation
  • External sources of stress
  • Internal sources of stress
  • How we contribute to our own stress!
  • Plan, prepare, prevent

Strategies for dealing with stress

  • Connection between mind and body
  • Stress and the mind
  • Practical exercise to switch off stress response

Theory of stress management

  • 3 important changes you can make to manage stress more effectively
  • Internal perceptions
  • Understanding our internal responses to life, situations & people
  • Managing a situation you find stressful – practical tool
  • The Four A’s – a practical stress management tool
  • Benefits of awareness
  • Mindfulness exercise to increase awareness & understanding
  • What do you need as managers in order to help your staff?
  • Employee checklist – stress risk assessment
  • Listening skills
  • Personal & practical concerns about approaching staff with work-related stress
  • HSE guidelines for dealing with stress absences
  • Personal action plans – moving forward from today
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation – lower blood pressure, lower heart rate

The recommended trainer

Karen Cromwell has 23 years experience in therapeutic work, counselling and stress management. She has extensive experience in the NHS working for the Department of Psychological Therapies in Shropshire; she also runs a private clinic in Shrewsbury. She provides workplace stress management & counselling, and runs workshops in massage, stress management & relaxation. For several years she ran a stress clinic at Telford District & Occupational Health, & she has trained in stress management in the public, private & voluntary sector.

Previously she worked in direct sales and sales training. She has a warm and very personal approach, and her strength is in motivating and supporting people. Her training style is highly interactive and personal, and she likes to teach skills that are practical, simple and effective. This approach facilitates teamwork and strengthens working relationships.

Run Managing Stress in the Workplace Bespoke training for your team

1 day

Typical duration

Pricing from:

  • GBP 350
  • Per attendee
  • Course tailored to your requirements
  • At your choice of location, or online


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