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Negotiating Skills for Managers

An In-house advanced negotiation skills programme presenter by a master negotiator and trainer.

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  • Format: Bespoke training

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Negotiation is an art form. At it’s highest level it can deliver huge rewards in terms of commercial advantage and profit.

This high level In-house negotiation skills training programme is aimed at senior managers who are experienced negotiators and who have already had some negotiation training.

Programme objectives

  • To help participants understand the various strategic options when negotiating, and to explain the structures which can be used to increase the probability of success
  • To help participants to understand their strengths and weaknesses, but providing a framework, and giving them an opportunity to see themselves using recording equipment
  • To give participants an opportunity to practise and enhance various aspects of their negotiating approach

Sample programme - Day one

Alternative approaches to negotiation
A discussion on alternative approaches to negotiation and when to use each. This session will cover the more common negotiation approaches including win / perceived win, win / win and dealing with difficult people.

The Squares Exercise
A simple business game which allows participants to understand their own negotiating style, complete with all of the strengths and weaknesses which this includes.

Planning for a major negotiation
Participants are asked to prepare for a negotiation which is going to be the focus on much of the remainder of the programme.

  • Negotiation role playing exercise – round one
    Participants will negotiate in teams. The negotiations will be recorded for later discussion.

Review and re-planning for round two
At the half way point, the negotiations are reviewed, and participants draw up an improvement programme of changes they wish to make during the second round of negotiations

Sample programme - Day two

Round two of negotiation
Participants take part in a second round of negotiations where they are looking to implement some of the improvements identified during round one.

Lessons learnt and review of videos
This opportunity is used to review successes and failures during the negotiation and to help participants understand how they come across during a negotiation.

Diagnosing problems
This session explores and explains the most commonly made negotiating mistakes. A negotiating audit tool is provided to help participants to diagnose reasons why negotiations are not going well, and to determine solutions.

Difficult situations
A “clinic” in which difficult aspects of negotiations, or difficult negotiations, are discussed.

Summary: A template for success
A series of templates are explained and explored for planning and conducting a variety of negotiations.

The recommended trainer

Eric Evans is Management Consultant specialising in Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. In addition to facilitating negotiation training programmes at Practitioner, Advanced and Masterclass level, he prepares and coaches negotiating teams for major deals. This has given him experience in inter-governmental negotiations, as well as negotiations in financial services, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and public sector outsourcing.

He is involved in negotiating with, and on behalf of clients, across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, China and the rest of Asia. He is currently working with one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies where he is responsible for negotiating a series of IT and outsourcing deals valued in excess of £500m. As part of this work he is engaged with both in-house counsel and external legal resources.
He has particular interest in using structured approaches to negotiation planning, and in behavioural analysis.

He is the author of three books, including Mastering Negotiations and is a visiting speaker at three European Business Schools.

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