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Teams that Tick™ - Effective Communication Skills across National Cultures

Get the best out of others through adapting your style of communication in this training programme delivered by our expert speaker Alison Kemp.

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  • Format: Bespoke training


In this practical and intensive In-house training programme delivered by Alison Kemp you will gain expert guidance on developing your style of communication across national cultures. This course
will help your employees increase their skill at imparting information effectively and efficiently.

The benefits of this programme

  • Greater assertiveness and productivity
  • Skills to give constructive feedback
  • Get the best out of others through adapting your style of communication
  • Challenge the status quo without losing rapport
  • Ability to reduce conflict within your team
  • Increased collaboration throughout the organisation
  • Create a more harmonious working environment
  • Arrive at solutions quicker by using appropriate means and style of communication
  • Increase your awareness of how you come across to others
  • Read non-verbal signals with greater accuracy and understood if you’ve actually been understood!
  • Discover how to apply what you learn to what you do
  • Group interaction to support peer learning

Sample Programme

Module 1

Define Objectives

  • Icebreaker to relax group and generate an open environment
  • Set aims in relation to course outline and personal outcomes
  • Know what makes an effective and ineffective team

Crossing the Cultural Divide

  • Know your style of communication and what this means in what you do.
  • Understand how this might impact on others and create or calm conflict
  • How to adapt your communication style to different teams
  • Increase your awareness of the way you communicate in relation to national differences in culture and how to increase, to decrease misunderstanding.

Choosing the appropriate communication media

  • Pros and cons of different media in conveying a clear message
  • How to maintain rapport and clarity whatever the media.

Module 2

Listen actively

  • What is active listening and how we achieve it to build trust, and seek understanding
  • Listening exercises to aid understanding and reduce potential conflict

Changing Behaviours in Others

  • Criticism versus constructive feedback and cultural differences in reactions
  • Creating positive behavioural change through questioning techniques and praise
  • Discover Problem and Outcome thinking to go from blame and defence to results that feed productivity
  • Counselling team members before a situation reaches a Hazard Report

Communicating as a team – meetings with outcomes

  • Setting meeting objectives
  • How to chair highly productive meetings and virtual conferences
  • Setting the tone of a meeting and ensuring its direction
  • Mind shower suggestions to build trust and open, continual feedback from teams
  • Raising objections, doubts and questioning actions whilst maintaining rapport
  • Body language and posture to steer meetings
  • Getting from Talk to Action – quick ways to follow up after meetings

Module 3

The power of body language in how we communicate

  • Exercises to develop confident and approachable body language and positive first impressions
  • How we can use body language to increase rapport with others
  • Leaking and Dribbling – what we don’t say but we give away
  • Tap into looking and feeling more confident with at least two powerful techniques

Present persuasively

  • Looking at contexts of presentations: Toolbox Talks/Meetings
  • The 5 minute proposal pattern – PROEP
  • Structuring a short presentation of what you’ve learnt today using mind-mapping
  • Identifying key messages that influence others
  • Tips to engage an audience
  • Short group presentation with feedback

Next Steps

  • Review of what you’ve learnt on the course
  • Techniques to continue your development
  • Complete your Personal Action Plan
  • Evaluate course

The reccommended trainer

Alison Kemp is a highly experienced trainer and coach in interpersonal skills and communication techniques focussing mostly on technical professionals. She graduated from London Guildhall School of Music & Drama and is a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which covers key skills in personal and organisational development. Most recently Alison is also instrumental in developing and lecturing an online Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative and Innovative Leadership in Africa for Blake Hall Business School and works with Cass Business School on the Executive Development Programmes. With her combined experience in the arts and business world, Alison’s constructive and stimulating approach leads delegates to regularly regard her workshops as highly practical, informative and inspiring.

Run Teams that Tick™ - Effective Communication Skills across National Cultures Bespoke training for your team

2 days

Typical duration

Pricing from:

  • GBP 800
  • Per attendee
  • Course tailored to your requirements
  • At your choice of location, or online


We don't have any currently scheduled dates for this course but we can customise it to your requirements and deliver it on an in-house basis for any number of your staff or colleagues.

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