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The Concise Adair on Creativity and Innovation

Encapsulates all of John Adair's writing on how to recognise and enhance creativity in your organisation. It focusses on team training, generation of ideas, communication and overcoming obstacles, the key characteristics of innovators and how to organise and use them to best effect.


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New ideas are essential for industry – they are the lifeblood of successful organisations.

Creative and innovative thinking, the means by which ideas are born and nurtured, are not products of clearly defined steps and can be widely encouraged.

“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.” Goethe

The Concise Adair on Creativity and Innovation encapsulates all of John Adair’s writing on how to enhance creativity within your organisation with a focus on team training, generation of ideas, communication and overcoming obstacles, the key characteristics of innovators and how to organise and use them to the best effect.

Packed with practical advice and shrewd insight, leadership expert Adair summarises everything you need to know to understand the creative process and manage innovation effectively in this book.

John Adair’s books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. You will find this book equally valuable, whether you are beginning your career in management or looking for an expert refresher course.

This training course is part of our collection of Leadership & Management Training Courses which focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, communication, finance, problem solving and conflict management, to name a few key areas.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Part one: Creative thinking
  3. The creative process
  4. Developing creativity
  5. Approaches to creative thinking
  6. Part two: Innovation
  7. Motivation and innovation
  8. Characteristics to look for when recruiting
  9. The generation of ideas
  10. Team innovation and communication
  11. Dealing with change and obstacles
  12. Part three: Summary
  13. Habits of successful creative thinkers and innovators
  14. Listening to your depth mind
  15. Banking ideas
  16. Conclusion
  17. Appendix
  18. Quotes about creativity and innovation

John Adair

John Adair is internationally acknowledged as having had a significant influence on management and leadership development in both the business and military spheres. He has seen military service, lectured at Sandhurst, worked extensively as a consultant, held professorships in Leadership Studies and authored critically acclaimed management and leadership books which have sold in their hundreds of thousands. He has lectured at conferences all over the world.

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Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas is Chairman of the Falconbury group of companies that comprises, Falconbury Ltd (, Management Forum ( and Thorogood Publishing Ltd ( He has been involved in publishing and seminars/training for most of his business life.

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