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The Concise Adair on Leadership

The Concise Adair on Leadership encapsulates his writing on how to develop your own leadership potential, to motivate your colleagues and to build a creative and high-performing team.


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"… without doubt one of the foremost thinkers on the subject in the world."

Sir John Harvey-Jones

As management fads come and go, John Adair’s work remains a beacon of practical advice and shrewd insight. Using his vast experience he gives insights into valuable practical skills and techniques to enable you to hone your leadership potential and get the best out of your team.

In this book Adair focuses on managing time, motivating teams, achieving goals through good decision-making, enhancing creativity and good communication techniques to achieve the right results.

John Adair’s books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. This book is a masterclass in the art and skills of leadership. You will find it equally valuable whether you are beginning your career or looking for an expert refresher book.

This training course is part of our collection of Leadership & Management Training Courses which focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, communication, finance, problem solving and conflict management, to name a few key areas.

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Table of contents

1 Leadership and teambuilding

SECTION 1: Leadership

  • The seven qualities of leadership
  • Functions of leadership
  • Leadership characteristics
  • Leadership skills
  • Developing leadership skills
  • SECTION 2: Teambuilding
  • Summary and six-month follow-up test

2 Motivation and people management
  • Introduction
  • The 50:50 rule
  • Needs and motivation
  • McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y
  • Managers/leaders and motivation
  • Getting the best from people
  • Summary and six-month follow-up test

3 The leader as decision-maker
  • Key elements of effective thinking and decision-making
  • Other useful approaches
  • The concept of value in decision-making
  • Decision-making and weighing up the options
  • Summary and six-month follow-up test

4 Communication and presentation
  • Introduction
  • Issues in communication
  • Listening
  • Reading skills
  • Writing skills
  • Speaking and presentation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • One-to-one interviews
  • Managing meetings in person/online
  • Within your organisation
  • Summary and six-month follow-up test

5 Personal reminders and thoughts worth thinking
  • Introduction
  • Leadership: Personal reminders
  • Teambuilding: Personal reminders
  • Leadership: Thoughts worth thinking
  • Teambuilding: Thoughts worth thinking
  • Motivation and people management: Personal reminders
  • Motivation and people management: Thoughts worth thinking
  • The leader as decision-maker: Personal reminders
  • The leader as decision-maker: Thoughts worth thinking
  • Communication and presentation: Personal reminders
  • Communication and presentation: Thoughts worth thinking

John Adair

John Adair is internationally acknowledged as having had a significant influence on management and leadership development in both the business and military spheres. He has seen military service, lectured at Sandhurst, worked extensively as a consultant, held professorships in Leadership Studies and authored critically acclaimed management and leadership books which have sold in their hundreds of thousands. He has lectured at conferences all over the world.

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Neil Thomas

Neil Thomas is Chairman of the Falconbury group of companies that comprises, Falconbury Ltd (, Management Forum ( and Thorogood Publishing Ltd ( He has been involved in publishing and seminars/training for most of his business life.

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