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Strategic Customer Planning

Learn from an expert and discover the keys to developing and implementing a strategic account plan. Master the crucial steps of key account planning, the keys to analysing customer relationships and the special techniques of bonding mechanisms.

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This report guides you through the myriad challenges faced by industrial, consumer product and service companies in today’s uncertain world. Each chapter explores a different part of the strategic customer planning process, explaining the methodology and planning techniques and structures, using examples, formats and checklists to help you implement key account plans. In particular:

  • Learn how to analyse the threats and take advantage of the opportunities emerging from key new markets such as India and China.
  • Learn how to deliver additional value to justify price differentials.
  • Explore the effective steering of customer relationships and use of CRM systems.

Strategic Customer Planning is very much a ‘how to’ Report, providing you with the tools to compile a plan tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements. Charts, checklists and diagrams all smooth the process.

This report will help you master:

  • The crucial steps of key account planning
  • The keys to analysing customer relationships
  • The special techniques of bonding mechanisms
  • The latest technologies for competitive strategic development
  • New developments in CRM systems

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CHAPTER 1: The Key Account Planning Process

  • The purpose and benefits of the key account process
  • The steps of key account planning
  • Key account vs. marketing planning
  • Using the key account plan
  • The structure of the key account plan
  • The role of the customer

CHAPTER 2: The Customer Fact File

  • Structuring the fact file
  • Data capture
  • Storing and accessing the data
  • Managing information
  • The account profile

CHAPTER 3: Analysing Performance Data

  • Internal and external assessment

CHAPTER 4: Customer Relationship Analysis

  • The customer base map
  • Analysing customer relationships
  • Using bonding mechanisms
  • Relating the customer base map to the customer relationship model

CHAPTER 5: Conducting The SWOT Analysis

  • The purpose of the SWOT analysis
  • Analysing strengths and weaknesses
  • Spotting external opportunities and threats
  • The SWOT analysis

CHAPTER 6: Picturing The Future

  • Developing a long term vision
  • Setting account objectives
  • Long term objectives, goals, gap analysis

CHAPTER 7: Creating The Future

  • Characteristics of good strategies
  • Sources of competitive strategy development
  • Competitive strategy development
  • Tactical action planning

CHAPTER 8: Implementing The Key Account Plan

  • Gaining internal and customer commitment
  • Achieving excellence in implementation
  • Implementing effective monitoring and control

CHAPTER 9: Account Planning Formats

  • An example of a completed account plan
  • Account planning formats

Alan Melkman

Alan Melkman MBA, BSc(Eng) is Managing Director of Marketing Dynamics Ltd. He specialises in customer and strategic account management, the implications of Internet based technologies for the marketing and sales function, effective selling and strategic and marketing planning. He has been a consultant for over 30 years, working for many organisations across a number of markets and cultures.

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