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Mastering Negotiations

All the skills and techniques you need to stay one step ahead: the book provides a clear framework for effective negotiation and shows you how to develop your negotiating skills to achieve the best possible results and profitable agreements that stick.


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With so much of modern business and enterprise relying on the ability to reach mutually beneficial agreements, the so called ‘win-win’ situation, the modern manager needs to be able to plan, deliver and follow through on critical negotiations.

This book provides the core skills needed to succeed and:
  • Focuses on all aspects of negotiations at the senior level
  • Provides a framework for effective action
  • Develops negotiating skills to an advanced level, showing managers how to achieve the best possible agreement and how to make sure it lasts.

This training course is part of our collection of Leadership & Management Training Courses which focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, communication, finance, problem solving and conflict management, to name a few key areas.

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1. Alternative approaches to negotiation

  • What is there to master?
  • So what is negotiation?
  • How we learn to negotiate
  • Alternative approaches
  • You always have a choice
  • Summary and concluding remarks

2. Mastering the planning stage

  • British Electronics: a case study
  • What is there to plan?
  • Task issues
  • Process issues: making best use of time
  • Process issues: co-operative negotiations
  • British Electronics: a solution to the case study
  • Summary and concluding remarks

3. Mastering competitive negotiations

  • Why can’t all negotiation be win/win?
  • The phases of competitive negotiation
  • Summary and concluding remarks

4. Mastering co-operative negotiations

  • Why co-operative?
  • An alternative approach?
  • Co-operative negotiations with problem people
  • Summary and concluding remarks

5. Mastering persuasion

  • So why is persuasion important?
  • How do we persuade people?
  • The skills of persuasion
  • Common persuasion traps
  • Persuasive behaviour
  • Summary and concluding remarks

6. Mastering power in negotiation

  • Does power work in negotiation?
  • So what is power?
  • Some surprising findings
  • Practical remedies for dealing with power
  • Summary and concluding remarks

7. Mastering commonly made mistakes in negotiation

  • Why concentrate on mistakes?
  • Control skills
  • Relationship skills
  • Achievement
  • Summary and concluding remarks

8. Mastering non-verbal behaviour

  • Is there a body of fact behind body language?
  • Types of signal
  • The eight categories of non-verbal behaviour
  • Summary and concluding remarks

9. Dealing with problems in a negotiation

  • What are the problem areas?
  • Inadequate planning and preparation
  • Dealing with planning problems
  • Poor control
  • Relationship management
  • Failure to achieve
  • Summary and concluding remarks.

10. Summary checklists

  • Negotiating style
  • Planning checklist


Eric Evans
Eric Evans

Eric Evans is an internationally experienced seminar presenter and author. Prior to establishing his own consultancy practice, he was executive consultant with Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse. A former Supplies and Commercial Manager with Dunlop, he has wide experience in the public and private sectors and is now an active consultant in both the UK and overseas, specialising in purchasing and commercial projects, especially involving negotiation skills.

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ISBN 978 185418057 5
208 pages

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