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Everything You Need for an NVQ in Management

This unique book is the definitive resource for anyone working towards, or considering, any level of NVQ or SVQ in Management, Operational Management or Strategic Management.

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All the relevant management techniques and principles are explained in a clear, practical style, structured around the recently revised National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership, and conforming to the requirements of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. After reading this book students will be well prepared and have everything needed to compile the portfolio of evidence and achieve the qualification.

Everything you Need for an NVQ in Management is also an extremely useful and comprehensive encyclopaedia of management techniques and principles for those not wanting to gain a qualification.

It is written specifically for supervisors and junior managers, middle managers and senior managers working within medium and large organisations who wish to increase their knowledge and understanding of business and further their careers, whether or not they are working towards a specific qualification. It would also prove useful to those running and working in small businesses and to business studies students in schools and colleges.

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Part 1: Managing yourself

Chapter 1.1: Planning and managing your own professional development

Chapter 1.2: Clear communication

Chapter 1.3: Managing your time

Chapter 1.4: Managing information and developing networks

Part 2: Managing the business

Chapter 2.1: Leadership, culture and vision

Chapter 2.2: Strategic management and business planning

Chapter 2.3: Operating within the law

Part 3: Managing change

Chapter 3.2: Innovation and opportunity

Part 4: Managing people

Chapter 4.1: Employing people

Chapter 4.2: Establishing and managing relationships

Chapter 4.3: Building and leading the team

Chapter 4.4: Developing and motivating others

Chapter 4.5: Ensuring productive meetings

Chapter 4.6: Effective negotiation

Part 5: Managing resources

Chapter 5.1: Financial planning, management and control

Chapter 5.2: Setting and working with budgets

Chapter 5.3: Managing resources

Chapter 5.4: Working with suppliers

Part 6: Managing progress

Chapter 6.1: Market research

Chapter 6.2: Marketing and selling

Chapter 6.3: Customer service

Chapter 6.4: Project planning and management

Chapter 6.5: Problem solving and decision-making

Chapter 6.6: Implementing and managing quality systems and procedures

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Appendix 1: The standards mapped to the chapters

Appendix 2: The chapters mapped to the standards

    Julie Lewthwaite

    Julie Lewthwaite has worked as a manager, writer and trainer in the retail, regional newspaper, and telecommunications industries, and for a local enterprise and economic development agency. She is currently working as a freelance writer.

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