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Project Management Skills

This *In-house* programme will help demystify the topic and introduce the key, easy to use techniques that will help you manage your projects successfully.

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  • Format: Bespoke training
  • CPD: 12 hours for your records (depending on your requirements)
  • Certificate of completion

Course Overview

Managers and their teams are increasingly finding themselves managing a variety of projects in addition to the day-to-day process they have traditionally supervised. As organisations strive to introduce new products, policies and procedures in order to maintain or achieve competitive advantage an enormous amount of responsibility falls on the managers whose task it is to make that change happen.

To be given responsibility for such a project can seem a daunting prospect. There is no reason why this should be so. Project management is the application of good management practice in a structured manner. This In-house course will help your team demystify the topic and introduce the key, easy to use techniques that will help you manage your projects successfully.

By the end of the programme your team will be able to:

  • Establish the components of the project life cycle
  • Identify the phases and characteristics of a project
  • Identify a work breakdown structure, estimate time required for tasks and allocate activities to key personnel
  • Produce an implementation plan and apply a range of project planning techniques
  • Set up systems to monitor, control and co-ordinate project activity
  • Identify potential risks and implement a plan to manage and review them
  • Communicate effectively with all who are involved in the project
  • Practice project management skills through a variety of exercises
  • Deliver an action plan for their continued development as project managers

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Sample Programme Day 1

Features of a typical project
  • What is a project – agreeing on a definition
  • Differentiate project, programmes and processes – exercise
  • Why do projects fail? (and what to do about it)
  • Project management health check (1)
  • Identifying the project governance level (introduction to PRINCE2 templates)
  • How is a project initiated?
Why do we have projects? – aligning projects with strategy
  • Identifying the key benefits
  • Making a business case
  • Drawing up a project brief
  • Identifying project stakeholders – exercise
  • Preparing a communication plan

How to set up a project team

The project board – defining the appropriate authority
  • Project manager’s role and responsibilities
  • Identifying other key roles
  • Key skills of project managers – small group exercise
  • Effective project management styles – self assessment and action planning
  • How to plan a project
How to produce a plan – the core ingredients
  • Introduction to project planning techniques e.g. Work Breakdown Structures, Gantt (Bar) charts and (small group exercise)
  • Precedence networks identifying (and managing) the critical path (paper based exercise) – participants draw up a simple network and identify critical path from information provided
  • Risk management
Benefits of risk management
  • Risk management model
  • Conducting a risk assessment – small group exercise on current project
  • Reviewing the risk register
  • Producing a PID (Project Initiation Document)

Sample Programme Day 2

What is a project team
  • Ingredients of a successful project team
  • What to look for in project groups
  • Review of Belbin Team Types (confidential expert report)
  • Decision-making in project meetings
  • Monitoring and control systems
Features of effective systems
  • Type and frequency of reports
  • Set-up meetings
  • Developing a budget plan
  • Monitoring key tolerances – time, cost and benefits
  • Get your project back on track
  • Project Management Health check (2)

Working in small groups participants have to design a project to a tight deadline, maximise the use of their resources, stay within budget and manage the risks

How is a project closed

  • Projects and the learning cycle
  • Submitting a project completed report
  • Post project reviews
  • Key point summary
  • Course review activity

Eddie Davies

Eddie Davies is a human resource development specialist as well as an experienced project manager, management consultant, trainer and coach. He gained hands-on experience as a project manager working as the Regional Marketing Officer for London’s 120 Jobcentres. Eddie is a registered PRINCE2 practitioner and both his CIPD studies and MA in Management extensively cover this subject area. He has over twenty years experience of teaching project management, team work and leadership skills at a variety of levels on customised in-house training programmes for public and non-profit sectors.

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