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5-day International Commercial Contracts School Training Course

This specialist five-day seminar has been expressly developed to focus exclusively on the law and regulations governing business and contract law for cross-border contracts.

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23-27 September 2024 »
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Course overview

The 5-day International Commercial Contracts School offers a wide-ranging and detailed understanding of contract law, drafting techniques, negotiation tactics and the law of damages under common law with comparisons to civil law jurisdictions. 

Presented by an international specialist in the field, attending this course will enable participants to effectively draft and negotiate contracts with knowledge and confidence.

The programme is split into three comprehensive modules:

Module one: Business and contract law for international commercial contracts covers the formation and management of a business contract, the pre-contract documents, drafting contract terms and specific key clauses

Module two: International contract negotiation looks at preparing for negotiations and setting objectives, while considering national and organisational cultures and styles

Module three: Liabilities and damages in international commercial agreements focuses on identifying areas of potential risk, and exclusions and limitations of liability clauses

Attend the full week or SELECT which modules you would like to attend. To find out more and get individual module prices call Customer Services on +44 (0)20 7749 4749 or email info@falconbury.co.uk

This training course is part of our Commercial Contracts Training Course collection which has been designed for the in-house lawyer.

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will:

  • Understand how a contract is formed and what makes it binding and enforceable
  • Learn about the impact of common and civil law
  • Get to grips with pre-contract documents including NDA agreements
  • Consider constructive performance obligations and payment mechanisms
  • Master the defences to breach of contract
  • Expand your knowledge of termination and variation clauses
  • Enhance your negotiation skills and understand different styles
  • Identify areas of risk and learn how to mitigate against them
  • Discuss choice of law and dispute resolution options

Who should attend?

This course has been specificially designed for:

  • Heads of legal
  • In-house counsel
  • Contracts directors and managers
  • Commercial directors and managers
  • Senior business development executives
  • Private practice lawyers
  • Professional legal advisors

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The 5-day International Commercial Contracts School course will cover:

Module One: Business and Contract Law for International Commercial Contracts

Formation of a business contract

  • What is a contract?
  • Different legal systems to know about
  • Common and civil law
  • Contract, tort and equity
  • Making a binding and enforceable contract
  • Six components
  • Offer
  • Acceptance
  • Deeds

Pre-contract documents – sample agreement and checklist

  • Informal contracts
  • Standard terms
  • Letter of intent
  • Memorandum of understanding
  • Heads of agreement
  • Binding or non-binding and enforceability
  • Meaning and effect of using ‘subject to contract’ and ‘without prejudice’
  • Duty of good faith

Confidentiality and NDA agreements – sample document and checklist

  • Current practice
  • What is ‘confidential information’?
  • Recent cases
  • Quantifying loss
  • Checklist for protection

Practical drafting workshop: Pre-contract documents and enforceability

Getting to grips with how the law changes and what you thought you had agreed to

  • What are implied terms and where do you use them?
  • Working within government restrictions
  • Misrepresentation
  • International convention

Practical workshop: understanding and effecting drafting payment obligations

  • Advance/stage payments
  • Retention monies
  • The role of bonds
  • Credit insurance
  • Letters of credit

Constructive performance obligations

  • Specific performance
  • Condition precedents
  • Delivery
  • Force majeure
  • The doctrine of frustration

Managing the contract

  • Payment mechanisms
  • Contract guides
  • Service levels
  • Audit rights
  • Dealing with change
  • Delegation
  • Contract programme and governance
  • Change management

Practical drafting exercise: Drafting contract terms

In this session participants will practise drafting contract terms and receive practical advice and guidance on how they can develop in this area.

Key clauses and how they are interpreted in different countries

  • Best efforts and reasonable endeavours
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Penalty clauses
  • Assignment clauses
  • Termination
  • Post-contractual obligations

Making defences to breach of contract

  • Misrepresentation
  • Duress
  • Mistake
  • Negligent misstatement

Termination and variation – understanding how and when contracts end

  • Duration
  • Remedying defaults
  • Events
  • Liquidation
  • Change of control
  • Post-termination
  • Variation of contracts

Limit contractual risk for your organisation

  • Identifying the areas of potential claims
  • Examining claims in contract
  • Examining claims in tort
  • What are the claims under other headings?
  • Insurance

Successfully resolving contractual disputes and exit

  • Drafting key provisions to minimise the risk of disputes
  • ADR clauses
  • Arbitration – institutional or ad hoc

Practical drafting exercise: standard contract terms

In this session participants will draft standard contract terms based on the skills and knowledge developed during the day under the guidance of the expert trainer.

Some typical agreements

This session will review the terms and conditions of some typical agreements to illustrate how to avoid the legal pitfalls and challenges faced.

  • Service
  • Supply
  • Manufacture
  • Licensing

Practical workshop: drafting and understanding boilerplate clauses with sample clauses and pointers

  • General provisions
  • Confidentiality
  • Costs
  • Assignment
  • Entire agreement
  • Notices
  • Law of the contract
  • Jurisdiction

Module Two: International Contract Negotiation

Essentials of negotiations

  • Effective negotiators
  • Negotiation models
  • Objectives
  • Strategies
  • Frameworks
  • Perceptions

Preparing for negotiations – setting objectives and selecting strategy

  • Preparation questions
  • BATNA/ZOPA/target
  • Power, interests and positions
  • Selecting a strategy
  • Creating value
  • Preparation in a hurry

Negotiating across national and organisational cultures

  • Mapping national cultures
  • Reconciling differences
  • High and low context
  • Types of collaborations
  • Trust

Negotiating styles

  • Recognising your style
  • Learn how to adapt your style for greater success
  • Identifying styles
  • Adapting styles
  • Practising different negotiating styles

Practical workshop: negotiation of legal and commercial clauses

Communication skills

  • Effective listening
  • Effective telling
  • Body language
  • Silence
  • Telephone and Internet

Situation tactics or ploys and counterploys

  • Creating the right atmosphere
  • Seating
  • Threats/insults
  • Interruptions
  • Emotional appeals
  • Making and reinforcing a final offer
  • Encouraging closure

Negotiation clinic: discuss recent challenges you have faced

Get your queries answered on recent challenges you have faced in negotiations and learn how to overcome them.

Personal action plans

Module Three: Liabilities and Damages in International Commercial Agreements

Identifying the areas of risk

  • The areas of potential claims
  • Claims in contract
  • Claims in tort
  • Claims under other headings

Warranties, representations, guarantees and indemnities

  • Differences
  • Which to use and when
  • Remedies for breach
  • Relationship with entire agreement
  • Indemnities – examples
  • The court approach and contra proferentem
  • Types of guarantees – performance and on demand

Exclusions and limitations of liabilities

  • Liability for personal injury or death
  • Liability for late delivery and/or performance
  • Maximum aggregate damages
  • Fundamental breach
  • Different country examples

Liquidated damages and penalties defined – comparative analysis

  • Recoverability of liquidated damages and penalties
  • Rules of interpretation and evidence requirement
  • Types of contract to which the rules do or do not apply
  • Types of clause to which the rules do or do not apply
  • Templates with comparative clauses
  • New Supreme Court rule on liquidated and ascertained damages and penalties – Cavendish vs Makdessi

Workshop: Exclusion and liquidated and ascertained damages clauses

Force majeure, frustration and economic hardship

  • The concept of force majeure
  • Changing circumstances and unforeseen events
  • Hardship clauses
  • Defining the events
  • Typical claims
  • The termination period
  • Re-execution/renegotiation
  • The doctrine of frustration

Workshop session: drafting exercises

During this session, delegates will be given drafting exercises to put what they have learnt into practice.

Direct, indirect and consequential damages

  • Types of damages
  • Damages for breach of contract
  • Back-to-back contracts
  • Physical damages
  • Costs and expenses
  • Waste
  • Loss of profit
  • Consequential losses and expenses
  • Loss of opportunity, expectation and amenity
  • Examples of clauses from common and civil law

Choice of law governing the contract

  • Legal basis
  • Applicable law in the absence of choice
  • Limits of choice of law
  • Natural place of jurisdiction
  • Choice of forum clauses
  • Limits of choice of forum clauses

Litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution

  • Choice of arbitration
    • Drafting of an arbitration clause
    • Avoiding pathological clauses
  • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Conciliation, mediation and ADR
  • Enforcement

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Arun Singh OBE

Arun Singh (Prof) OBE, FRSA is an international lawyer and consultant to an international law firm. He was formerly a partner and head of commercial law at KPMG Legal and partner at Masons (now Pinsent Masons).

Arun has advised on disputes and collaborations in a wide range of jurisdictions including Europe, countries in West and East Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Syria, the US, Caribbean, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Thailand and Singapore. Arun is cited and ranked in the Chambers Guide to the world’s leading lawyers. He concentrates on international investment, joint ventures, licensing of technology, research and development, M&A, energy, outsourcing and corporate governance in developed and emerging markets; he also handles international legal risk management matters. Arun advises a range of international organisations and is a visiting professor in International Business, Leadership and Negotiations at Salford University Business School, senior associate at Oxford University’s Institute of Legal Practice and teaches international leadership and negotiations at the University of Cambridge. He has facilitated programmes in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US.

He is a recognised corporate educator and a non-executive director of two international investment companies – one of which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, chairing the Audit Committee and Investment Committee.

He was appointed an OBE by HM the Queen in January 1999 for services to international trade, investment and intercultural management. Arun is an editor and contributor to a number of publications including Business and Contract Law (a Thorogood Special Report) and How to Lead Smart People – Leadership for Professionals (Profile Books), a facilitator for company programmes and an experienced speaker at international corporate conferences.

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23-27 September 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
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Reviews of IPI's 5-day International Commercial Contracts School training course

Arun's teaching provided a very generous amount of up-to-date case law and precedents. Arun made the whole experience very enjoyable. He is a very personable and intelligent man with a lot of experience and knowledge to impart. Everything that I was expecting to be covered based on the course programme was achieved.

Sep 25 2023

Kerrie-Lee Bearman
Legal Advisor / Contracts , va-Q-tec

Oct 4 2021

Overall, it was a great webinar. The topics covered during the webinar were presented effectively and were very relevant to me. The duration of the webinar was sufficient for the material covered. As a result of this webinar, I gained new knowledge applicable to my work. It was a great presentation made by Mr. Singh. He is also knowledgeable in the topics covered during the five-day course and very accommodating in answering questions.

Kimberly Gamez

Oct 4 2021

The contents were interesting, the presentations were equally good and the trainer has mastery over the subjects given.

Leonilde Balate
Legal Advisor, Banco de Moçambique

Oct 4 2021

The course was very well conceived and will help me with my daily activities as legal adviser in contract drafting and other related issues.

Nadia Barros
Lawyer, Bank of Mozambique

Sep 22 2019

The speaker was excellent both in his presentations and mode of teaching. The course content was good and I particularly the group work.

Angela Ugo Michael-Ogie
Legal Officer, Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC

Sep 22 2019

The content and presentation were clear and the speaker was helpful and respectful.

Haitham Al Tamimi
Senior Commercial Officer, SOHAR Port and Freezone

Sep 22 2019

I am now better equipped to understand the confidentiality clauses, to better approach arbitration clauses and negotiation skills (body language and how to reach an agreement in regards to price, for instance). The speaker has a lot of experience to share and I particularly liked the practical workshops.

Orquídea Massarongo-Jona
Head of Legal, Companhia Moçambicana de Gasoduto, SA

Sep 22 2019

I was hoping to enhance my skills when it comes to drafting legal contracts and to have in-depth knowledge on the key clauses in a contract. I believe that this was accomplished through attending the course. The content was very valuable. Presentation was simple and to the point. Speaker was knowledgeable and made the very complicated topics fun and exciting.

Ibrahim Ahmed Al Balushi
Legal, Oman Post

Sep 22 2019

It was all perfect.

Reem Sultan Salim Al Habsi
Legal Associate, Oman Post

Sep 23 2018

The content was good, the presentation was perfect and the speaker was exceptional.

Raphael Anthony Agbasi
Legal Advisory, Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC

Sep 23 2018

He [the speaker] made the learning atmosphere very interesting with workshops and practical examples and role plays. A very detailed and extensive course with a very useful content. I learned a great deal about drafting contracts under English law and the essentials of negotiations.. Arun was an excellent speaker and the environment was exceptional.

Mette Bredvig Sandberg
Legal Counsel, Monjasa A/S

Sep 24 2017

Very warm atmosphere, intensive course and a lot of information

Evheniia Harkusha
Legal Advisor, Zeo Alliance Venture Corp

Sep 24 2017

It was worth it. A lot of things to think about and what to change and how to apply it to my practise.

Jevgenijs Golinejs
Head of Lawyers Group, SOL Business Services SIA

Sep 24 2017

I really enjoyed the course and I got a lot out of it. Speaker had a real knowledge about english law

Haitham Al-Omairi
Senior Commercial Officer, Sohar Port and Freezone

Sep 24 2017

Extremely relevant subject for me as a sales manager of large international projects. Arun is very knowledgeable and a strong presenter.

Sune Christensen
Sales Manager, FLSmidth AS

Sep 24 2017

Very informative

Sara Al Bahrani
Commercial Manager, Sohar Port and Freezone

Sep 25 2016

I thought the course was an excellent English law refresher with informative updates. Arun was the most engaging speaker and his presentation style held my concentration throughout

Elizabeth Board
Head of Property & Dispute Resolutions, TECOM Investments FZ-LLC

Sep 25 2016

I am very pleased

Kalliori Katsani
Legal Manager, Altomare S.A

Mar 6 2016

The course is a must attend, speaker was excellent. Value for money spent.

Mavis Dede Allotey
Deputy Projects Manager , Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority

Mar 6 2016

Content was exactly as required, very well explained, delivered and presented. I found Arun to be incredibly knowledgable and approachable.

Emma Holt
Gulf Agency Company

Sep 25 2016

Arun is amazing and fun. Excellent in grabbing and maintaining attention

Faisal Bin Nasim
Senior Legal Counsel, GULFTAINER CO LTD

Sep 25 2016

All perfect. The speaker has great experience and the way of delivering the information is perfect

Omar Al Ghamdi
Legal Counsel, Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co Ltd

Sep 25 2016

Excellent course

Hisham Alwazeer
Alsalam Bank

Sep 25 2016

The course has been an added value for me as I will now be able to look into areas of the contract I did not specially look into. The course has been entertainingly presented. Maybe more videos!

Patrizia Maters
Qatar Foundation

Mar 6 2016

Professor Singh is very experienced, combining that with knowledge of the law and practical cases

Sandra Opoku
Manager, Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority

Mar 6 2016

Very informative and insightful

Tarasi (Tato) Chantladze
General Counsel, Liberty Bank

Mar 6 2016

Pleasant to listen the instructor, breaking complex matters down to understandable information. Challenging, using the time of the course well.

Julia Vetter
Contracts Manager, dnata Travel/Emirates Group

Mar 6 2016

Very good

Joshua Nimako
Manager , Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority

Sep 27 2015

Great, brilliant, entertaining speaker that made it easy to follow and stay alert even though we went on for whole 5 days

Charlene Holmström
Legal Counsel, Johnson Matthey Formox AB

Sep 27 2015

The course was very well facilitated, interactive and above all, Mr Arun Singh is a great mentor. A great learning experience. A lot of doubts in technical skills were sorted out. Enjoyed and gained a lot of knowledge to treasure.

Jennifer Vales
Legal Counsel, Drydocks World Dubai

Sep 27 2015

The course was rich with a variety of relevant topics. The speaker was very clear and engaging.

Chineze Nnama
Legal Supervisor, Sahara Group Limited

Mar 8 2015

For me, everything went well.

Huda Al Jabri
Sohar Industrial Port Company

Mar 8 2015

Thank you for your nice and professional programme. You are excellent!

Mansoureh Masaeli
Commercial Legal Manager: Contract, MTNIrancell

Mar 8 2015

It was informative, indicative, lovable and important.

Wubetu Assefa Gebeyehu
Director, Legal Services Directorate, Bunna International Bank Share Company

Mar 8 2015

Was a great course, very well facilitated by Prof. Arun. He made the learning atmosphere extremely interesting with all his workshops and practical examples and role plays. I enjoyed the course thoroughly and would love to attend some more.

Gillisanne Maria Velho
Legal Manager, Drydocks World-Dubai

Sep 27 2015

The course was very useful and an eye opener. Speaker excellent with knowledge of experience.

Tamer Saber
Egypt Asset Commercial Advisor, Shell Egypt

Sep 27 2015

The course is generally an eye opener

Ismail Olajide Muftau
Associate, Jackson, Etti & Edu

Mar 8 2015

Very good, in general.

Carla Tavares
Head of Corporate Legal Services, TECOM Investments

Mar 8 2015

A good basic introductory course on common law contract. Good exercises and group work.

Zoharah Omar
Human Resource and Legal Advisor, Elektrisola (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Mar 8 2015

The course was good as it gave me some basis on English law

Diane Adou-Coulibaly
Senior Group Officer Legal, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated

Mar 8 2015

Provides a very good overall view of the most contractual aspects we usually face in our contracts

Ahmed Refaat
Director/Commercial Procurement, Etisalat

Mar 8 2015

Very useful course to be recommended for all legal staff and contracts managers

Karim Moselhy Sherif
Director/Indirect Procurement, Etisalat

Sep 28 2014

The presenter was active and used different methods to explain the content. It was also very interactive.

Maryam Ahmad Alkuwari
Counsel (Operations and Infrastructure), QATAR PETROLEUM 

Sep 28 2014

Excellent. Fit my expectations.

Peter Kiernan
Contracts Manager, Construction Development Company

Sep 28 2014

The content was well balanced. There were good group discussions and everyone had a good time to interact. The examples given (case studies) were useful to understand the topics.

Albertus Maritz Van Wyk
Business Planning Manager, ORYX GTL Limited

Sep 28 2014

One of the exhaustive courses I've ever attended. The speaker has an excellent knowledge of the subject matter.

Shilpak Sethi
Manager – Legal , NBK Capital

Sep 28 2014

The content was well covered and presentation was engaging and interesting. Professor Singh was excellent.

Pia Han Lindberg
Compliance and Contracts Manager, Gulf Agency Company

Mar 9 2014


Nisreen Al Khambashi
Legal Advisor, The Wave Muscat

Mar 9 2014

I believe the course was well defined to my needs. The instructor explained it very clearly with examples which was easy to relate to and understand.

Irene Castelino
Contracts Engineer , Dubai Petroleum

Mar 9 2014

The course was very good, but could have been at a different environment for 5 days. The presentation and Arun was excellent.

Prasad Palanichamy
Al Khaleej Sugar

Mar 9 2014

Just excellent

Agharahim Guliyev
Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V.

Mar 9 2014

Excellent. Totally impressive.

Jemima Irre Aryere

Sep 28 2014

In general, I enjoy attending the course. I made relationships with other colleagues in the field from different companies.

Eman Abdulrahman S. Alghamdi
Legal Advisor, Dallah Albaraka Holding Co

Sep 28 2014

Very good, I will recommend it to other members of staff

Baker Al-Haboob
Senior Legal Advisor & Corporate Governance, Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden)

Sep 28 2014

The course is a new vision and has reshaped my understanding of commercial agreements. It has however drawn my attention to the increasing need to be careful in employing some words commonly used but not truly understood.

Nasiru Idris Shall
Company Secretary/Head, Legal Services, Premium Pension Ltd

Mar 9 2014

Overall good, could have been more practical.

Amal Al-Busafi
Legal Counsel, Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Nawras)

Mar 9 2014

Very good

Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Dowish

Mar 9 2014

Lovely presenter, Arun is a lively presenter. He could connect with all and was very open to questions. He made the course very real and rewarding. Took me to basics.

Chimenem Stilo Ogbonda
Manager, Legal Services, Phase3 Telecom Limited

Mar 9 2014

It has been helpful

Nicholas Seyram Darbi

Mar 9 2014


Salman Al Marzooqi

Mar 9 2014

Overall good. More practical.

Amal Al-Busafi
Legal Counsel, Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Nawras)

Mar 9 2014

The course is good as it exposes a lot of details that we wave or neglect while drafting. Arun was awesome. He brought the course to bear. Very good in his explanations and examples. He was humble and very professional, made me feel we had been friends for ages without me knowing. I look forward to meetin Arun again.

Chimenem Stilo Ogbonda
Manager, Legal Services, Phase3 Telecom Limited

Mar 9 2014

Content was good. Presentation and speaker content outstanding.

Damir Garifullin
contract engineer, Gazprom neft middle east B.V.

Sep 28 2014

Content is good. Presentations need more detail. Speaker good but need to simplify language.

Shimaa Sebak
General legal Manager, Telecom Egypt

Sep 29 2013

Overall the course was very good

Donny Kertaputra
AVP Contract Transaction, Telkom Indonesia

Sep 29 2013


Nicholson Okwori
Legal Officer, Vodacom Business Africa (Nigeria) Limited

Sep 29 2013

Very impressive

Chidozie Uzowulu

Sep 29 2013

Very interactive lots of practical examples in the presentation which are very helpful

Kamilya Bakaeva
Chief specialist , Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company

Sep 29 2013

Very important for lawyers who don't have much experience

Salim Rashid Al Kitbi
Legal Counsel, Tawazun

Sep 29 2013

The presenter/facilitator was first class. The audience was wonderful. The content was cutting edge.

David Lanre-Leke
Company Secretary/General Counsel, Galaxy Backbone Plc

Sep 29 2013


Donny Kertaputra
AVP Contract Transaction, Telkom Indonesia

Sep 29 2013

It was beyond my expectation. Prof. Arun had delivered excellent presentations on the course materials.

Agung Wijanarko
AVP Legal Support, Telkom Indonesia

Sep 29 2013

Very interactive and practicable. Presentation was excellent.

Kamilya Bakaeva
Chief specialist , Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company

Mar 10 2013

Very good course, I'll recommend it.

Sulaiman Alsudais
Legal Counsel, National Technology Group

Mar 10 2013

Teacher was extremely informative and encouraged us to think, whilst still being very entertaining and funny this course.

Rayan Al-Saheh
Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C.

Mar 10 2013

The course translates complex legal issues into easy and understandable concepts. Very useful!

Simon Jenkins
Contract Manager, SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd

Mar 10 2013

Exiting, detailed and extensive course. The content is very useful. The speaker raises key points. I learned a great deal about drafting contracts and negotiating methods.

Hiba Al Shriedeh
Advocate trainee, ObeidatFreihat

Sep 29 2013

Very good presentation and a lot of learning

Mohamed Al Ali

Sep 29 2013

Excellent! Would love to work with him again. Showed good depth and knowledge of subject matter and has great presentation skills.

Anthony Eneh

Sep 29 2013

Very good presentation and a lot of learning

Mohamed Al Ali

Sep 29 2013

Everything is good

Huseyn Abdinzada
Lawyer, United Enterprises Azerbaijan

Sep 29 2013

Excellent speaker and presentation, course content needs more visual appeal.

Rizal Bador
Legal, Qatar foundation

Sep 29 2013

It should be part Q/A and not during for every topic as I found it took too much time on Q/A

Ali Almuhannadi
Qatar Trainee, Qatar foundation

Sep 29 2013

Great interactive course from very good speaker who covers all actual issues from A-Z

Marieke Witkamp
legal counsel, Gasunie

Sep 29 2013

Prof Arun presentation is excellent and beyond my expectation

Agung Wijanarko
AVP Legal Support, Telkom Indonesia

Sep 29 2013

Content - very informative and useful for my work. Presentation - most interesting and interactive. Speaker - a really brilliant person, could not have asked for someone better.

George Jacob

Sep 29 2013

Useful, nice, informative.

Amr Abonnour Aksh
Assistant Manager for Structured Contracts Department, Al Khaleej Sugar

Sep 29 2013

I liked it very much

Huseyn Abdinzada
Lawyer, United Enterprises Azerbaijan

Mar 10 2013

Well arranged and properly presented

Adebayo Azeez
Director, Legal & Regulatory Services, Phase3 Telecom Limited

Mar 10 2013

The content is rich, the presentation opt, speaker mastery.

Collins Onumajuru
Chief Legal and Commercial Office, Helios Towers Nigeria Limited

Sep 30 2012

Revealing, educative, interactive and interesting. For the first time, learning was made exciting....I wish it would never ended!

Blessing James Laburta
Legal Officer Tenders, Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation

Sep 30 2012

Very useful, interactive and focused on the needs of an in-house counsel dealing with commercial contracts.

Salima Fiandaca
Legal Manager, Helsinn Healthcare SA

Sep 30 2012

Quite frankly it was really an exceptional environment to evaluate my technical skills in terms of International Commercial Contracts. I am very proud to be a participant of this Unique event. Despite certain sample agreements and clauses were circulated to the attendees, in my assertion it was not quite sufficient. There is no negative comment to patch on Professor Arun Singh. He is undoubtedly a Genius in Legal Training.

Mohammed M. Hazik Marikkar
ParaLegal - Group Legal Department, Independent Petroleum Group

Sep 30 2012


Emil Ibrahimov
Contract Management Section Manager, Azercell Telecom LLC

United Arab Emirates

  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO)
  • ADL Legal Group
  • al husam group
  • Al Khaleej Sugar
  • Al Khaleej Sugar LLC
  • Black & Veatch International Company
  • dnata Travel/Emirates Group
  • Dnata World Travel
  • DP World Head Office
  • Drydocks World Dubai
  • Dubai Petroleum
  • Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) LLC
  • Etisalat
  • Gulf Agency Company
  • Gulf Agency Company Ltd
  • Juma Al Majid Group
  • MOPA
  • Navtech Marine Services
  • Nawah Energy Company
  • Seddiqi Holding
  • Seddiqi Holdings
  • Serco MELABS
  • Tawazun
  • TECOM Investments
  • TECOM Investments FZ-LLC
  • The Legal Boutique
  • Total UAE LLC
  • Wärtsilä Gulf FZE


  • Galaxy Backbone Plc
  • Helios Towers Nigeria Limited
  • Jackson, Etti & Edu
  • Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
  • Phase3 Telecom Limited
  • Premium Pension Ltd
  • Sahara Group Limited
  • Sahara Group Ltd
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank PLC
  • Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC
  • Starcomms Plc
  • The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd
  • Vodacom Business Africa (Nigeria) Limited
  • WTS ADEBIYI & Associates

Saudi Arabia

  • Al-Elm Information Security Company
  • Baud Telecom Company (BTC)
  • Capital Market Authority
  • Dallah Albaraka Holding Co
  • Elm Information Security Company
  • Integrated Telecommunications Company Limited
  • National Technology Group
  • Nupco
  • S-Chem
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma'aden)
  • Saudi Aramco Shell Refinery Co Ltd
  • Saudi Industrial Projects Co. Pepsi Cola
  • Tawuniya


  • CCED
  • Oman Post
  • Oman Shipping Company
  • Oman Shipping Company S.A.O.C.
  • Omani Qatari Telecommunications Company (Nawras)
  • Sahar Askalan Legal Advocacy & Consultancy
  • Sohar Industrial Port Company
  • Sohar Port and Freezone
  • The Wave Muscat


  • Aspire Zone Foundation
  • Construction Development Company
  • Dolphin Energy Ltd
  • Qatar foundation
  • Qatar Telecom (QTel) QSC
  • Qatari Diar
  • QFC Regulatory Authority
  • Sidra Medical and Research Center


  • Alsalam Bank
  • Aluminium Bahrain
  • Aluminium Bahrain (ALBA) BSC
  • Gulf International Bank B.S.C.
  • Premier Group WLL
  • Tatweer Petroleum - Bahrain Field Development Company W.L.L.
  • The Bahrain Petroleum Company


  • BRB International BV
  • Entuli Law Firm
  • European Space Agency, ESTEC
  • Gasunie
  • Nouryon
  • Shell Chemicals

United Kingdom

  • BIAL - Portela & Ca, S.A.
  • Drydocks World-Dubai
  • SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
  • va-Q-tec
  • Wm Morrisons Supermarket Plc


  • Azercell Telecom LLC
  • Bank Respublika OJSC
  • SOCAR Midstream Operations Ltd.
  • United Enterprises Azerbaijan


  • Antonio Puig, S.A.
  • Dr. Victoria Howe
  • Fusion for Energy
  • Isdin


  • ABB A/S
  • FLSmidth AS
  • Monjasa A/S


  • Ali Sharif Zu'bi
  • Hadidi & Co
  • ObeidatFreihat


  • Independent Petroleum Group
  • Kuwait Petroleum Corp
  • NBK Capital


  • Banco de Moçambique
  • Bank of Mozambique
  • Companhia Moçambicana de Gasoduto, SA


  • ORYX GTL Limited
  • Telecom Development Company Afghanistan Ltd


  • Shell Egypt
  • Telecom Egypt


  • Electricity Company of Ghana
  • Ghana Ports & Harbours Authority


  • Eni Indonesia
  • Telkom Indonesia


  • GAZPROM NEFT Middle East
  • Gazprom neft middle east B.V.


  • Helsinn Healthcare SA
  • Single Buoy Moorings Bureau D'Etudes SAM


  • Jan DE NUL nv


  • Port of Djibouti LLC


  • Bunna International Bank Share Company


  • Liberty Bank


  • AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


  • Altomare S.A


  • Fresenius Kabi Oncology Limited


  • MTNIrancell


  • Shufersal Ltd


  • West Japan Engineering Consultants, Inc.


  • Maersk Oil Kazakhstan GmbH


  • SOL Business Services SIA


  • Nasco Insurance Group


  • Mabruk Oil Operations MOO (x-CPTL) LYBIA


  • Elektrisola (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


  • Sui Southern Gas Company Ltd


  • Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd

Sao Tome And Principe

  • Banco Internacional de Sao Tome & Principe

South Africa

  • South African Department of Foreign Affairs


  • Johnson Matthey Formox AB


  • Thai Oil Public Company Limited


  • Ecobank Transnational Incorporated

Trinidad And Tobago

  • The Sports Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd




  • Uganda National Oil Company Ltd

United States of America

  • SRC, Inc.


  • Lukoil Uzbekistan Operating Company

Virgin Islands (British)

  • Zeo Alliance Venture Corp

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