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Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry

A 6 MODULE SELF-MANAGED DISTANCE LEARNING COURSE – An insider’s guide to the pharmaceutical industry for anyone new who wants to enhance their knowledge on working in the pharma, bio-tech or life sciences sectors. Gain key skills needed with this 6 module course requiring 3 to 4 hours study each module.

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  • 6 Modules

Course overview

Understanding the dynamics and drivers of the industry YOU work in is key to understanding how and why key decisions are made within your organisation.

In turn, this enables you to appreciate your potential impact on the overall success of the organisation. With this in mind, Falconbury have developed this on-line course which delivers a complete insider’s guide to the pharmaceutical industry; it’s history and background, the process of discovery, clinical trials, taking the drug to market; the challenges and opportunities facing the industry now and in the future.

If you are new to the industry, or are in a support role or otherwise would like to broaden your understanding of the environment in which you work, then this 6 module course is essential for your development.

This course is part of our Regulatory Affairs Training course collection, which features updates on the latest regulations to registration procedures and strategies.

Who should take this course?

Anyone working within the industry who is new to it or who would like to broaden their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and who works in any of the following functions:

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Certificate of excellence

Participants are invited to undertake a final assessment in the form of an online multiple-choice paper. A pass rate of 80% and above is required to ensure that a high level of competency has been achieved within the subject area, where upon you will receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

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The Understanding the Pharmaceutical Industry course will cover:

  • MODULE 1 - Introduction to the Prescription Pharmaceutical Industry
  • MODULE 2 - Drug Discovery and Development - Part 1
  • MODULE 3 - Drug Discovery and Development - Part 2
  • MODULE 4 - Commercial Functions - Part 1: Business Development and Pricing
    • Business Development
    • Pricing
  • MODULE 5 - Commercial Functions - Part 2: Marketing, Sales and Distribution
  • MODULE 6 - Current and Future Trends

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John Ansell
John Ansell Consultancy

John Ansell is a biochemistry graduate with a Masters degree in Business Studies. John began his 20-year career in international marketing and business development in Holland with Organon, worked for Schering AG and Fisons in the UK, and again in Holland, with Solvay. Finally, from 1985 to 1989 he worked at Glaxo Holdings, on Zantac. Subsequently, as an independent industry consultant, John has worked for over 100 clients on commercial strategic projects. He is a frequent speaker, and has also acted as chairman of over 30 industry conferences. John is the author of more than 40 articles and reports on strategic industry issues.

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