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How to Advance and Accelerate Clinical Trials Training Course

This course has been specifically designed to review ways to accelerate the clinical trial process and will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the opportunities available and how to implement them with an expert in the field of pharmaceutical business development.

7 December 2023
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Clinical trials are prospective biomedical or behavioural research studies on human participants, designed to measure interventions related to new treatments to warrant further investigation. There are four types of clinical trials:

  • Pilot studies and feasibility studies
  • Prevention trials
  • Screening trials
  • Multi-arm multi-stage (MAMS) trials

Clinical trials look to prevent, detect and/or treat disease. The goal of a clinical evaluation programme is to determine the efficacy and safety of a potential new drug compound.  Invariably clinical trials are time-consuming and heavily influenced by a series of manual interventions which are designed into the study enrolment, set up and protocol execution document.

The course will address options to consider ways to speed up the clinical trial process with emerging technologies, utilising smart packaging and software automation tools, such as artificial intelligence (AI). It will also review the advantages of being adaptive to work with different business models ie: decentralised clinical trials, direct-to-the-home and/or a hybrid combination of home/clinic. 

This course has been specifically designed to review ways to accelerate the clinical trial process and will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the opportunities available and how to implement them with an expert in the field of pharmaceutical business development.

Benefits of Attending

  • Share, learn and discuss information on emerging technologies for clinical trial application
  • Hear recommendations for consideration
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Learn how to improve the timeline of setting up a clinical study  
  • Boost patient outcomes and reduce the timeline for drug approval   
  • Gain a tangible competitive advantage, return on investment (ROI)
  • Drive innovation and improvement within your organisation

Who Should Attend

Pharmaceutical companies, emerging Biotech enterprises and Contract Research Organisations.

Personnel in the following roles and departments:

  • VP Clinical Operations
  • VP Digital Strategy
  • Clinical Administration
  • Clinical Research Assistants
  • IT
  • Data Management
  • Financial Director/Manager
  • Patient Advocate
  • Head of Procurement
  • Project Team Managers
  • Business Development Managers

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The How to Advance and Accelerate Clinical Trials course will cover:

Welcome and Introduction

Defining a Coherent Patient Recruitment Strategy

  • Choosing the right marketing mix and vendor profile
  • Working with specialist digital providers to improve the process

Identifying “Active” Real-World Patient Groups Pre-Screened and Ready for Enrolment

  • Sourcing active patient data
  • Speeding up the enrolment and study set-up time

Utilisation of a Clinical Trial Feasibility Tool

  • Taking early decisions to make the right long-term choice regarding the  demographic reach for each study
  • Working with data analytics to drive the decision-making process

Boosting Patient Engagement and Retention Rates via an Automated SaaS Payment Fulfilment System - Milestone Based

  • Take away the upfront financial burden for a patient
  • Consider a patient-centric approach to boost the engagement and retention of patients when using fintech payment technology

Supporting the Patient Journey

  • Provide a global (digital) concierge service which enables a patient to travel to a clinic
  • No out-of-pocket expense incurred

Enhancing your Relationship with Site(s) via an Intuitive Automated Payment System

  • Better relationships can deliver better support loyalty and overall performance
  • Work with sites to create a win/win collaboration agreement 

Providing Accurate and Real-Time Visibility of Patient Compliance, when Engaged in a Study via Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

  • RPM software/hardware can provide critical data points relating to patient compliance rates
  • An integrated digitalized approach to compliance can help drive up the efficacy and accuracy of reporting contained within a clinical study protocol

Adoption of a Digitalised Electronic Investigational Site File (eISF)

  • Adoption of new, SaaS software can help to improve the manual labour cost and speed up the documentation process related to an investigational (quality management) site file

Shared Experience, Learning and Future Actions

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Graham Howieson
GH Consutling

Graham Howieson is a pharmaceutical business development consultant, inventor and entrepreneur. He is a highly experienced  and competent leader, with an International pedigree covering UK, EU, USA and Asia. An industry pioneer with a forward thinking  approach to design and the  delivery of new innovative drug delivery and smart packaging solutions for over twenty five years. Worked extensively and exclusively  within the  pharmaceutical space with leading global enterprises such as: Glaxo Smith Kline, Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sanofi . Building value by solving technical, engineering, regulatory, compliance  and  brand communication related issues. Working to fulfil a client brief, in terms of the budget, timeline, return on investment for commercial use.

Alongside he has acquired a range of specialist skills which encompass the development of new, emerging technologies to improve the delivery of clinical trials , areas of interest include: intellectual property, digital engagement, bespoke software, SaaS, automation, AI, machine learning, remote compliance monitoring, patient engagement/retention, omni-channel communication, wearables, video enablement tools, VR, hybrid and virtual (supply chain) modelling. The primary objective with all  technological advances is to achieve process improvement and increased speed of delivery, aligned with a multi-sensory patient experience.  

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7 December 2023

Live online

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