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Organisational Storytelling for Successful Business Leaders Training Course

A two-part deep dive into the benefits of storytelling for your organisation. Develop your skills to deliver engaging presentations to connect with people in an impactful way.

23 July 2024 / 30 July 2024
+ 7 October 2024 / 14 October 2024 »

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Course overview

Stories are how we understand the world and when we hear stories we are more engaged than when we’re just given facts and figures. 

This two-part practical training course is focussed on organisational storytelling for successful businesses.

Stories precipitate action in organisations and connect people in an impactful way to data, enabling leaders to facilitate complex cultural change more effectively. Developing your storytelling skills and learning how to compose attention grabbing narratives will help you engage better with your audience. Using these skills will enable your employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders understand your organisation and your aims better and inspire relationships and team-working. 

With lots of interactions, discussions and practical activities, this course will be relatable, and provide a safe, friendly space to practice your storytelling and receive helpful feedback from the expert trainer.

After the first session there will be practical exercises for all participants to complete before the second part of the course. These exercises will be discussed and reviewed during the second session, so you can leave at the end of the course with the confidence to apply your new learning back in the workplace.

This training course is part of our collection of Leadership & Management Training Courses which focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, communication, finance, problem solving and conflict management, to name a few key areas.

Benefits of attending

By attending this highly practical course you will:

  • Understand the benefits of storytelling
  • Recognise the components of a particularly persuasive story
  • Learn how to compose attention grabbing narratives
  • Identify stories and how they are used in your organisation
  • Get to grips with delivering stories to achieve your business goals
  • Explore the use of stories to engage with colleagues and clients

Who should attend?

This course has been specially designed for leaders across all functions who want to make their presentations more impactful and who want to facilitate the sharing of complex knowledge in an engaging and efficient way.

Leadership can happen at many levels and this course is suitable for managers and leaders at all levels, from senior leaders, to team leaders, to leaders in a specialist area of practice, aswell as project managers and business development managers.

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The Organisational Storytelling for Successful Business Leaders course will cover:

Understand the science and benefits of storytelling

  • What is a story? Stories and non-stories
  • The science - why humans find stories compelling
  • Components of a particularly persuasive story?
  • Identifying stories suitable for sharing in different situations
  • Oral v written stories – different tools & techniques

When and how to use storytelling within your business setting

  • Sharing complex knowledge and choosing when to use stories to support sharing
  • Tips and tricks for impactful narratives
  • The right time and place - when stories work best
  • Stories for unlearning, understanding complex situations and change management

Introduction to the homework exercises

Homework exercises

  • Identifying stories used in your organisation
  • Choosing, practising and telling your first stories

Review of practical exercises

  • Discussion of homework with feedback on storytelling practices
  • Practical skills for storytelling
  • Honing your practice
  • Growing your repertoire of stories

Ethics and other considerations

Final questions and discussion

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Helene Russell

Hélène Russell, founder of The Knowledge Business, is a UK solicitor (non-practising) and specialist in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation. After 8 years in practice, primarily in clinical negligence litigation defence, she has worked as a self-employed knowledge management consultant for 13 years. Hélène specialises in practical tools to improve the efficiency and profitability of real-life law firms.

Hélène has extensive experience in business strategy, project management and teaching leadership skills. She runs a popular 'KM Strategy + coaching' course in UK and has written short form and lengthy strategies for a variety of law firms, as well, of course, as writing her own business’s strategy. Hélène has spoken at various events, including Ark’s KM Legal, Lexpo-18, for UWE, St Andrew’s University, BLS and Allice, and chaired international conferences.

She runs a global online KM training and networking group and is a core committee member organising the annual UK Knowledge Mobilisation Conference and Chair of CILIP’s Knowledge and Information Management Special Interest Group. Hélène has an executive MBA with distinction (which included a strategy module), and she is the sole author of two textbooks, contributor to five of Ark’s multi-author books and is currently contracted to Facet Publishing to write a handbook on KM Strategy.



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