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Change Management for In-house Lawyers Training Course

Proactively managing change can be challenging and sometimes complicated. This highly focussed course will give you the latest best practice tools and techniques you need to have alongside your legal knowledge and skills in order to succeed.

19 September 2024 »
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Course overview

‘Change is the law of life and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future’ - John F. Kennedy

At its core, ‘change management’ is about how to proactively use specific tools and techniques to transition employees and teams, or an entire organisation, to a desired future state with the minimal of disruption and resistance. 

Change is hard and humans are naturally resistant to it, so most organisations continue to struggle with effectively implementing it successfully and efficiently. It's crucial to have the skills and knowledge to manage change and minimise the resistance to organisational change, by using structured approaches based on years of research.

Change management empowers in-house lawyers to proactively address legal challenges, mitigate risks, and contribute strategically to the organisation's success in a dynamic business environment. This highly focussed course will provide the latest best practice tools, knowledge and techniques that lawyers should have alongside their legal knowledge and skills.

This course is also relevant to other business leaders and executives who need to manage change necessary for 21st century innovation.

This training course is part of our collection of Strategy & Negotiation Training Courses which teach negotiation, communication, leadership, financial and management knowledge and skills.

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will:

  • Learn how to manage change efficiently
  • Understand the methods needed to implement change successfully
  • Get to grips with overcoming resistance and changing culture
  • Improve your skills of persuasion and communication
  • Gain insights into how to measure the effectiveness of change
  • Recognise the importance of rewards and recognition in change management

Who should attend?

This course is especially relevant to:

  • In-house and private practice lawyers
  • Heads of legal departments
  • Commercial and business development managers
  • Board members, company directors and senior executives

Plus all those who have a change management role within their business. 

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This course will cover:


  • Introducing the topics to be covered

Background, research and theory

  • Lewin’s 3 step unfreeze, change, refreeze process
  • Kotter’s 8 step process for change
  • Kubler-Ross change curve
  • Chip and Dan Heath’s three rules for change (see-feel-change)
  • Recent survey results

Overcoming resistance: persuasion and compulsion

  • Culture – norms and behaviours
  • Motivations for change
  • Imparting information, changing behaviours and improving performance

Communication and engagement

  • Understanding the needs of colleagues, clients and other stakeholders
  • Assessing and responding to stakeholder needs
  • Communications planning
  • Aligning to corporate objectives

Measurement, rewards and recognition

  • Metrics to understand the effectiveness of changes
  • Creating “before and after” success stories
  • Formal and informal incentives, gaming

Final questions

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Helene Russell

Hélène Russell, founder of The Knowledge Business, is a UK solicitor (non-practising) and specialist in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation. After 8 years in practice, primarily in clinical negligence litigation defence, she has worked as a self-employed knowledge management consultant for 13 years. Hélène specialises in practical tools to improve the efficiency and profitability of real-life law firms.

Hélène has extensive experience in business strategy, project management and teaching leadership skills. She runs a popular 'KM Strategy + coaching' course in UK and has written short form and lengthy strategies for a variety of law firms, as well, of course, as writing her own business’s strategy. Hélène has spoken at various events, including Ark’s KM Legal, Lexpo-18, for UWE, St Andrew’s University, BLS and Allice, and chaired international conferences.

She runs a global online KM training and networking group and is a core committee member organising the annual UK Knowledge Mobilisation Conference and Chair of CILIP’s Knowledge and Information Management Special Interest Group. Hélène has an executive MBA with distinction (which included a strategy module), and she is the sole author of two textbooks, contributor to five of Ark’s multi-author books and is currently contracted to Facet Publishing to write a handbook on KM Strategy.



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19 September 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 14238

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