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Understanding and Implementing Corporate Governance Frameworks - Building a Stronger Organisation Training Course

This intense corporate governance training course is designed to help you build your knowledge of using corporate governance to build a more effective, productive and stronger organisation

13 September 2024
+ 6 December 2024 »

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Course overview

This corporate governance training course will help you understand what corporate governance is, how it has evolved over time, its purpose and how you can use it to build a more effective, productive and stronger organisation, which is key to every organisation's success. This training course will bring you up to date with the latest thinking and best practice so you're equipped to take your business to the next level. 

This training course is part of our series of Corporate Strategy Training Courses covering the essential skills and best practices for all Company Directors and Company Secretaries, as well as business leaders and entrepreneurs.

Why you should attend

If you work with boards, support meetings or are involved in the decision-making process in your organisation, this is the course for you. Whereas law and regulation can be seen as the ‘what’, governance is the ‘how’ and, as it is all about people and how they interact, it is applicable to all organisations.  

  • Get to grips with the latest trends in corporate governance
  • Understand the key roles and responsibilities in decision making
  • Examine the relationship between governance, corporate culture, ethics and different stakeholders
  • Clarify the purpose of corporate governance and its importance to effective decision making
  • Expand your knowledge of governance concepts and the frameworks which underpin them
  • Learn about best practice from multiple industries and develop practical approaches to implement them

Who should attend?

  • Business leaders
  • Company directors
  • Trustees
  • Company secretaries
  • Governance professionals
  • Legal professionals

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This course will cover:

  • The key concepts and principles of UK corporate governance
  • What's happening in the boardroom: who they are, what they do
  • The relationship between governance, corporate values and ethics
  • Risk management frameworks
  • Corporate reporting
  • Subsidiary governance

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Russell Shackleton

Russell Shackleton, CIA, CFE, MBA, FRSA, is a risk management and corporate governance expert consultant and trainer. He is an experienced advisor to Boards and sub-committees, and a tutor on the Financial Times Non-Executive Director programme.

He is an accomplished change agent and strategic thinker, as well as a civil and commercial mediator. He has an Executive MBA from Henley Business School and is a governance specialist with the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma.

Russell applies his operational experience allied with strategic thinking, exemplary leadership and team working skills to help businesses bring a structured change that is pragmatic, sustainable, and meets the needs and cultural fit of their organisation. He is passionate about empowering groups to achieve more than their component parts through effective stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

He has worked with many industries across the world, including manufacturing, FMCG, retail, automotive, supply chain logistics, food production/services, construction, textiles, engineering, infrastructure, energy, warehousing, transport, and charities.

Now based in the UK, he continues to serve organisations with an international footprint, culture or supply chain, both as an consultant / trainer or a Non-Executive Director and maintain those connections and knowledge. He speaks English and French.

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13 September 2024

Live online

13:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
14:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
08:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13910

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  • EUR 359 429
  • USD 411 489

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6 December 2024

Live online

13:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+00)
14:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+01)
08:30-12:00 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 14102

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