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An Introduction to Health & Safety - how to identify and avoid safety management icebergs Training Course

An essential guide for directors, managers, and all those with health & safety responsibilities within a business.

5 July 2024
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Course overview

Health & Safety in the workplace is an area where all companies need to be fully up to date with current best practice.

As a director or manager of a business, you have responsibilities. Are you up to date with the latest best practice? Do you have the relevant knowledge and understand what actions may be needed to protect your workers and your business effectively?

This interactive webinar explores health and safety management from the managers perspective. Dealing with key areas of risk that may not on first sight seem important but can become safety management icebergs.

A safety management iceberg is a potential issue which seems innocuous at first sight, yet which can cause immense damage if you run into it. It can harm not only the company and its employees but, in some cases, can also get senior managers into deep trouble. 

For example, it is a well-accepted principal of law that the accused must be considered innocent unless, and until, the accuser (the prosecution) can prove their guilt beyond all reasonable doubt. But the exception to the principle occurs when the charge is that a company failed in its duty of care to an employee – and this is a charge the HSE uses on a regular basis.

In such a case the law requires only that the prosecution (the HSE) prove that there was an accident in the workplace which resulted in somebody being injured. To avoid a finding of guilt, the company must prove that it did all it reasonably could to avoid the accident. If the company cannot meet this challenge they face substantial fines, and their senior staff may potentially be at risk of prosecution and heavy penalties.

Many companies, and H&S officers, misunderstand the challenge posed by these icebergs. This webinar will make sure you're fully up to date with what is expected of you to avoid these situations.

This training course is part of our collection of Facilities Management Training Courses which offer a wide range of topics to help assist you in navigating potential risks in relation to fire safety, industrial accidents and all the vital aspects of facilities and property management.

Benefits of attending

  • Navigate health & safety management from a practical viewpoint
  • Identify some common risk areas in your business
  • Understand the possible consequences and penalties for breaching H&S regulations
  • Get to grips with Duty of Care and what it means for your business
  • Learn how to avoid H&S management pitfalls that can lead to expensive legal proceedings

The speaker, a specialist safety management consultant and qualified accident investigator, will use case studies and real-world examples throughout this webinar to help bring the subject to life, ensuring delegates gain a full understanding of this important area.

Who shoud attend?

In short, everyone who has a responsibility for health & safety in the workplace, including:

  • Directors
  • Managers
  • H&S staff and
  • H&S consultants

and all those that are in a position to promote a positive health & safety culture at work.

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The An Introduction to Health & Safety - how to identify and avoid safety management icebergs course will cover:


  • What is a 'safety management iceberg'?
  • An overview of how to identify potential risk areas in your business

A management perspective of health & safety

  • Is H&S a bureaucratic cost centre or can it help a company save money?
  • Common myths surrounding health & safety
  • The pitfalls of 'just give it to the consultant and then it's their problem' strategy

Identifying key specific high-risk areas

  • Do you and your team have the knowledge to understand your workplace risks?
  • Lack of staff training in H&S and the possible consequences
  • Working at height
  • Fleet/vehicle management
  • Lone workers
  • Use of contractors
  • Use of non-standard, casual, unpredictable, irregular and temporary workers
  • Voluntary organisations - implications for charities

Legal issues in practice

  • Possible conflict between H&S and employment legislation
  • The company’s fundamental duty of care
  • Breaching that duty of care – the possible consequences
  • The 'legal boobytrap' – what it is and how to avoid it
  • Individual prosecution for breaching H&S – how can that happen?
  • Disqualification of directors
  • Manslaughter – both corporate and gross negligence – what’s the difference?

Summary and final questions

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Andy Farrall
Management & Safety Training Ltd

Andy Farrall FIIRSM, CMIOSH, MIIAI, MIoL, is a chartered safety consultant and qualified accident investigator who is not only a Fellow of the International Institute for Risk and Safety Management (among other professional accomplishments) but who is also accredited on the UK Occupational Safety and Health Consultants’ Register (OSHCR). He has a wide range of personal experience in fields as diverse as law enforcement (having worked as a specialist investigator with two élite law enforcement agencies, including dealing with complex international fraud); emergency services (including a project, commissioned by the Irish National Ambulance Service College, to develop specialist courses for their officers and paramedics); safety management consultancy; and health & safety training.

By drawing on this wealth of practical knowledge he has designed, and now presents, a series of very informative webinars on topics of real value to professional managers.

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5 July 2024

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4 October 2024

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