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3-day Mini MBA for In-house Lawyers Training Course

Business skills are a completely different ball game from the technical role of practicing law, but in-house lawyers must have these skills to succeed in a business setting. This inspirational 3-day programme draws on the latest MBA thinking to focus on real issues confronting todays in-house legal departments.

15-17 July 2024
+ 16-18 October 2024 »

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Leadership and management skills are a completely different ball game from the technical role of practicing law, but in-house lawyers must have these skills to succeed in a business setting.

By enhancing your management skills and your understanding of the main challenges facing business leaders today, you will understand how you can better support and advise your business from a legal viewpoint.

This course will enable you to discover key frameworks, tools, techniques and concepts to enhance your business knowledge and excel in your role as a valuable in-house lawyer. Overall it will enable you to become a more rounded business professional.

The expert trainers will share their own experiences from working in law and as business managers. By attending this intensive course, you will benefit from their considerable expertise and have time to explore new skills and ways of working to ensure you succeed in a demanding role.

Are you ready to build your skill-set as a lawyer by increasing your business knowledge?

Key topics covered in this comprehensive and interactive seminar include:

  • Business strategy concepts and frameworks
  • Operational effectiveness: process and quality management
  • Balancing demands on legal services with business goals
  • Building teams, motivation, engagement and a better culture
  • Managing finance and understanding KPIs

This training course is part of our collection of Legal Function Training Courses for the in-house lawyer.

Benefits of attending

By attending this course you will:

  • Enhance your core management and leadership techniques
  • Understand how to enable effective change management
  • Learn key business strategy concepts and frameworks
  • Achieve better outcomes by applying project management techniques
  • Understand the challenges facing businesses today and how the legal dept can provide support
  • Establish a motivated and engaged legal team
  • Get to grips with corporate culture and use it to your advantage
  • Develop your finance and accounting principles knowledge
  • Enhance your budgeting skills
  • Identify creative options for fee arrangements

Who should attend?

This 3-day event has been specifically designed for the legal professional who wants to succeed in their role, including:

  • Heads of legal departments
  • Legal directors and managers
  • Senior corporate counsel and advisers
  • Key corporate law team members
  • Private practice lawyers seeking to switch to an in-house role

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The 3-day Mini MBA for In-house Lawyers course will cover:


Module 1: Business strategy and strategic planning

Business strategy

  • Key business strategy concepts and frameworks
    • Includes understanding its purpose, value, and alignment with departmental strategies
    • Includes Blue Ocean/Kim & Mauborgne; Porter/USPs, Grant, Johnson & Scholes
  • The strategic process – investigate, create, implement, embed
  • Challenges facing businesses today
  • Understanding customer value, including customers inside your organisation

Operational effectiveness and efficiency

  • Introductions to
    • Process management
    • Quality management
    • Knowledge management
    • Risk appetite and corporate culture
  • Using these strategies to:
    • streamline your legal services inside your organisation, and
    • understanding tensions between profitability, efficiency and risk inside your organisation

Developing a strategy for legal services

  • Understanding the needs and demands for legal services
  • Aligning legal services goals with the goals of the business
  • Delivering value for the business
  • In-house capability decisions
  • When to engage with external providers

Module 2: Leading and managing strategic change

People management and leadership skills

  • Team-building, collaboration, culture and trust
    • Understanding and leading global and virtual teams; building trust; encouraging collaborative behaviours; understanding cognitive biases; psychological safety
  • Building motivation and engagement
    • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations; trust; autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Leadership and influencing skills
    • Leadership styles; leading versus managing; becoming comfortable with leading; influencing in 360°

Leading strategic change

  • Managing change
    • Including Kotter, Lewin and ADKAR models
    • Overcoming common problems
  • Successful strategy implementation and the importance of communication, transparency, coaching and influencing skills

Module 3: Project management and teamwork

Introduction to project management and working with stakeholders

  • Essential skills of project management
    • An introduction to waterfall project management and agile projects
  • How to plan, execute, control and manage a project to achieve set goals
  • Managing risks and monitoring progress
  • Avoiding pitfalls and staying on target
  • Working with and getting buy-in from stakeholders

Module 4: Finance for business

Accounting principles

  • A general overview of accounting principles and how they should be applied (with examples)
  • Identify specifics within UK-GAAP / IFRS where applicable in general accounts

Understanding the statement of cashflow, profit and loss and the balance sheet

  • Case study using an anonymous set of accounts
  • The key factors and what they mean
  • Identify how different statements within a set of accounts are related to one another

Identifying accounting scenarios that illustrate good performance – profitability and solvency

  • Examples of key performance indicators that demonstrate performance levels
  • Discuss what KPI’s mean
  • The ranges of KPI’s in terms of output that determine good performance or otherwise
  • Practical: consider KPI’s that relate to your business

Identifying accounting scenarios that might raise legal concerns

  • Focus on insolvent accounts
  • Work-In-Progress (WIP) measurement
  • Overdrawn Directors Loan Accounts (DLA)
  • VAT and the principle of timing with invoicing

Module 5: Managing finance and the legal department

Managing a budget for the legal department and external expenditure

  • The importance of an 80/20 approach to analysis
  • Owning a budget
  • Involvement in constructing a budget and understanding the mechanisms in that construction
  • Identifying and understanding variance from the norm

Managing fees with external law firms

  • Understanding margin from the departments cost base and pricing accordingly
  • Communicating with client on costs
  • Tracking costs
  • Recording time
  • Money-on-Account
  • Credit control

Traditional fee arrangements and more creative options

  • Hourly rates vs fixed fees.
  • Ensuring fixed fees create margin.
  • Retainers and MOA

Work-In-Progress – the great unknown

  • Understanding and measuring WIP
  • Managing WIP
  • WIP as part of fee-earner performance

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Rupert Hawke
Hawke Legal

Rupert Hawke, founder of Hawke Legal, has a business degree and is a qualified management accountant. He spent the first 10 years of his career working in multi-national business. In 2007 he was appointed Finance Director of Cartwright King Solicitors – then a regional East Midlands firm. Firstly as FD and then as Managing Director (appointed 2013), Rupert oversaw CK’s journey to becoming a national law firm with 18 offices nationwide offering a wide range of legal services and renowned for a great culture, quality staff, and cutting edge IT systems.

Through his wide-ranging managerial experience in the legal sector, Rupert is a leading authority on law firm financial / strategic management and its application, and has contributed to numerous publications and spoken widely including for The Law Society.

After 12 years at Cartwright King Rupert decided he wanted a new challenge and started Rupert Hawke Legal – a consultancy that utilises the mass of experience and contacts Rupert has developed in his leading role in the legal sector.

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Helene Russell

Hélène Russell, founder of The Knowledge Business, is a UK solicitor (non-practising) and specialist in Knowledge, Learning and Innovation. After 8 years in practice, primarily in clinical negligence litigation defence, she has worked as a self-employed knowledge management consultant for 13 years. Hélène specialises in practical tools to improve the efficiency and profitability of real-life law firms.

Hélène has extensive experience in business strategy, project management and teaching leadership skills. She runs a popular 'KM Strategy + coaching' course in UK and has written short form and lengthy strategies for a variety of law firms, as well, of course, as writing her own business’s strategy. Hélène has spoken at various events, including Ark’s KM Legal, Lexpo-18, for UWE, St Andrew’s University, BLS and Allice, and chaired international conferences.

She runs a global online KM training and networking group and is a core committee member organising the annual UK Knowledge Mobilisation Conference and Chair of CILIP’s Knowledge and Information Management Special Interest Group. Hélène has an executive MBA with distinction (which included a strategy module), and she is the sole author of two textbooks, contributor to five of Ark’s multi-author books and is currently contracted to Facet Publishing to write a handbook on KM Strategy.



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15-17 July 2024

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16-18 October 2024

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04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
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