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Negotiation Skills for International Lawyers

This highly interactive, workshop-style programme devised especially for in-house counsel, solicitors, barristers and lawyers will help you and your team develop your negotiating sills to achieve the best outcomes.

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  • Format: Bespoke training
  • CPD: 12 hours for your records (depending on your requirements)
  • Certificate of completion

In-house training and consultancy services

This highly interactive, workshop-style programme devised especially for in house counsel, solicitors, barristers and lawyers will help you and your team:

  • Understand and develop your negotiation style
  • Enhance your skills to effectively influence negotiations to deliver desired results
  • Create win-win conclusions in your negotiations
  • Improve your ability to identify and work with different negotiation styles
  • Enhance your skills to dealing with difficult situations more effectively
  • Gain the knowledge and tools to deal with conflicts successfully
  • Appreciate the differences in styles and approaches across cultures

Master the skills to successfully negotiate and influence others to achieve results for you, your business and your clients.

Why you should attend

Negotiation, communication and mediation skills have significant importance in the daily working lives of lawyers. They are key to building effective relationships, both externally with other advisers and parties, and internally with work colleagues.

Success, both personally and in business, can depend heavily on the positive impact you make in negotiations. How much influence you have and your skills of persuasion are essential in your dealings with others. Self-awareness and awareness of others, especially in cross-cultural discussions, are also important aspects of successful negotiations.

Are you fully aware of your behaviour style and what skills you need to create that positive impact and influence within a negotiation scenario? This two-day, highly practical course will empower your skill-set.

Who should attend?

This highly practical in-house training programme has been designed specifically for in-house and private practice lawyers who want to learn how to improve their negotiation skills to achieve better outcomes and business results for themselves and their clients. It will give you the skills and knowledge to enhance your performance, while providing an ideal opportunity to practice these in the safe environment of the training room.

These skills are also essential for mediation advocates representing companies and individuals at commercial or workplace mediation.

Running this course at your organisation will enable you to:

  • Prepare more effectively for negotiations, round table meetings and conflict resolution
  • Develop your skills to listen and communicate better with clients, the business and colleagues to deliver desired results
  • Improve your influencing and persuading skills
  • Enhance your skills to deal with difficult people in a negotiation
  • Approach negotiations in a more professional manner
  • Achieve the most out of negotiations for your clients and the business
  • Recognise the importance of research and planning before any negotiation
  • Identify commonly used tactics and use them to your advantage
  • Gain an insight into different negotiation styles
  • Develop your own personal style of negotiating
  • Ensure you can identify, manage and turn differences into commercial advantage
  • Understand the process of mediation as a dispute resolution tool
  • Develop intervention techniques in the context of negotiation

Practical, interactive learning style

This course adopts a blended approach of theory and highly interactive skills teaching. Through the extensive use of three case studies from B2B and workplace negotiation situations, plus practical exercises, delegates will be able to practice newly learnt skills in a safe environment. The trainer adopts a facilitative, workshop approach and there is plenty of opportunity for questions and answers, and also discussion with peers.

Programme - day 1

Introduction to negotiation and communication skills 

  • Understand their use in professional relationships; internally in the workplace and externally with clients and other advisers
  • What are the major barriers to reaching a negotiated agreement for a transaction or settlement of a dispute?
  • How to listen to clients and the other side with empathy
  • How to build trust with your client or the business and the other party and their advisers

World class negotiation strategies: Part 1

  • Who, what and why of negotiation?
  • Up to date negotiation styles and techniques
  • Principled negotiation
  • How to create win-win situations for your client and the other party
  • The use of silence
  • Words to avoid, especially legalese

Developing your own personal style of negotiation as a lawyer

  • Identifying what kind of negotiator you currently are
  • What kind of negotiator is the other party and their advisers?
  • Widening your range of negotiating skills as a lawyer
  • What do all good negotiators have in common?
  • Influencing and persuading skills and building trust
  • Non-verbal communication and its importance in legal negotiations
  • Questioning techniques

Conflict resolution for litigators and those involved in early dispute resolution

  • Analysis and understanding of the conflict
  • Key skills and methods to de-escalate conflicts
  • Understanding the needs and interests behind the position of the parties
  • Maintaining a productive negotiating climate
  • Key skills for negotiating out of a contract or relationship
  • Round table meetings – when to use them and key skills for success
  • An overview of the mediation process as an alternative dispute resolution tool
  • The key elements of various phases of the B2B and workplace mediation processes

Interactive workshop 1: Negotiation skills in practice

A dispute has arisen in relation to a construction contract. Inter-personal, reputation and financial issues are at stake. Delegates will be assigned roles and will practice the skills taught to negotiate the contract

Feedback from the interactive session

Programme - day 2

World class negotiation strategies: Part 2

  • Creative problem-solving – balancing the law and pragmatism
  • Negotiating with difficult people
  • Getting past ‘no’
  • Techniques for negotiating:
    • face-to-face
    • by video conference
    • by telephone
    • by e-mail
  • Concluding the deal and reaching settlement

Interactive workshop 2: Workplace conflict and mediation

A conflict at work has arisen between two colleagues. HR have appointed a mediator to facilitate a resolution of the dispute. Delegates will be assigned roles and will practice the skills taught to resolve the dispute.

Feedback from the interactive session

Interactive workshop 3: Negotiation and dispute resolution

A dispute has arisen in relation to a distribution agreement. Interpretation, competition law, interpersonal and reputational issues are at stake. Delegates will be assigned roles and will practice the skills taught to negotiate the issue.

Feedback from the interactive session

Biases, heuristics and psychological factors

  • What are they?
  • How do we recognise them?
  • What impact do they have on negotiations?
  • The interaction between clients or the business and advisers
  • As lawyers, how do we counter them for us and our clients, or the business?

Cross-cultural styles in negotiation

  • Cultural trends
  • Business and legal adviser practices across cultures
  • Ethics and negotiations
  • How countries fall on the communication context continuum

Summary, discussion of next steps to embed the skills learnt, conclusion and final questions

Rebecca Attree

Rebecca is a Qualified Solicitor, experienced Civil and Commercial Mediator and Trainer, based in London. She worked for City law firms Richards Butler (now Reed Smith) and Laytons before setting up her own international commercial law practice, Attree & Co in 1995. Rebecca has extensive experience in negotiating and drafting cross-border collaboration and joint venture agreements and licensing software agreements. She has trained thousands of lawyers and business executives over the last 25 years, in Europe and beyond, on a wide range of commercial law topics.

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