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Presentation Skills Masterclass

This one- day course will challenge your current thinking and behaviour in all areas of communicaiton. Through a host of practical exercises, tools and techniques you will explore the impact of your communication style in winning over people, situations and business.

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  • Format: Bespoke training
  • CPD: 6 hours for your records (depending on your requirements)
  • Certificate of completion

Why should you attend?

See the speaker present

See Nick Looby’s recent TEDx Talk on YouTube ‘Walking off the Communication Map’

In today’s overwhelming ocean of varied communication the chance to present to a captive audience should be considered an incredible opportunity. Too often we are confronted by presenters who haphazardly share information which is instantly forgotten, does not influence you or your business and is little more than a waste of your time. This potential for impactful change can no longer be approached with tired slides, uninspiring content and presenters who lack inspiring authenticity.

Communicating in a way that ensures your message actually gets through, deeply resonates and creates positive results has never been more important for you, your audience and your career. This workshop will enable you to become exceptional at ensuring your message lands with impact and carries with it your passion, power and enthusiasm.

The art of communicating with an audience requires a blend of outstanding content, personality and the skills to deliver like a professional. This workshop will enhance all of your skills so you can achieve more powerful outcomes from each and every one of your future presentations.

Who should attend

This one-day workshop is specifically designed for all of those who have to powerfully communicate with any size of audience through a formal or informal presentation. The workshop is a must-attend for:

  • Leaders of all levels – organisational, project, team
  • Managers, new and experienced
  • Functional or department heads
  • Supervisors
  • Technical support specialists
  • Advisors and consultants
  • Anyone who wants to inspire a future audience

During the workshop each delegate will be asked to present a number of times. We create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for you to increase your influence, your impact and empower the professional presenter within.


The importance of understanding your audience and realising your goals

  • Evaluating who your audience are and how they like to be communicated with
  • Exploring what you want to achieve for your audience and personally
  • How to prepare a presentation that addresses all of these needs

How to hook any audience and begin your show with immense power

  • Engagement strategies – what will wake up your audience’s ears
  • Building rapport and setting the mood for the magic that follows

The art and power of storytelling from stage

Why you should be telling more stories

  • The essentials of effective and authentic storytelling

Which visuals work and which simply do not resonate with any audience

  • Exploration of slides to avoid – the mistakes we all make
  • Visuals that add value to your double act

How to turn complex material into gold that your audience will love

  • Strategies for dealing with technical and ‘dry’ content
  • Helping your audience visualise and participate

Your authentic voice and how this will separate you from your competition

  • Nick’s ‘life-changing’ Authenticity T-Shirt exercise
  • Why authenticity is your secret weapon

The body language secrets of the professional presenter

  • What your body is saying about you and how to control your non-verbal behaviour
  • Reading the audience – techniques to discover the un-spoken conversation

Effective Question Time – allowing your audience to explore your expertise

  • How to respond to any type of question
  • Professionally dealing with the presentation saboteurs

Closing your show, ensuring your message gets through and makes a lasting impact

  • Powerful conclusions that make you stop and think
  • Calls to action that get things done

Run Presentation Skills Masterclass Bespoke training for your team

1 day

Typical duration

Pricing from:

  • GBP 350
  • Per attendee
  • Course tailored to your requirements
  • At your choice of location, or online


We don't have any currently scheduled dates for this course but we can customise it to your requirements and deliver it on an in-house basis for any number of your staff or colleagues.

Contact our in-house training expert Aleksandra Beer to discuss your requirements:

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