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Employment Law in Practice from Recruitment to Termination Training Course

Raise your knowledge of the latest employment law along with significant case law and learn how to deal practically with the numerous issues an employer regularly faces.

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9-10 October 2024 »
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Latest update from our expert speaker

Employment law and its application are ever-changing beasts. Are you up to date with what could be on its way?

  1. The Employment (Allocation of Tips) Bill (a private member's bill) is due to have its third reading in the House of Commons. If passed, this bill will provide enhanced protection to staff members, by entitling them to keep 100% of the tips they earn. This bill includes any agency workers that an employer hires. For employers, this means complying with a new statutory code, it will be unlawful to withhold tips from staff. This includes any service changes added to card payments.  While it won’t come into force in January, it looks promising that the bill will gain Royal Assent and be formally passed in 2023.
  2. The Employment Relations Flexible Working Bill is also making it’s way through the legislative process, when passed this will mean that employees would no longer need to explain to their employers what impact it would have on business ops and how this could be managed. It will also allow staff to make two flexible working requests a year and will become a day-one right. Consultation should take place between the employee and employer to discuss the flexible working requests before a decision is reached. This allows room for a compromise (e.g. part accept a request) and reduces the deadline for providing a decision on a request.
  3. The Carer’s Leave Bill has already been introduced to parliament and is expected to complete all stages in 2023. The bill will make carers leave a day one right and will allow employees to take unpaid time off work to provide or arrange care for a dependant with a long-term care need.
  4. Finally The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Bill may also be coming into force at an unspecified date in 2023. The private member's bills will change the law so that pregnant women and new parents receive greater protection from redundancy. Currently, employers are obliged to offer a suitable alternative vacancy to an employee who is on maternity leave before redundancy can be considered. If passed, the Bill would extend the level of legislative protection given to new parents and pregnant women against workplace discrimination.

Why you should attend

This event has been specifically designed for people managers and HR professionals to give an overview of employment law in an accessible, user-friendly format – mixing knowledge with a solid, practical approach – so you have the most up-to-date information and practical skills to take back to your workplace.

Over two days, the course will logically take a journey through the employment life cycle and consider along the way the key areas of impact from recruitment to termination. More often than not, people are the most expensive and important asset in an organisation and now that the fees regime at the Employment Tribunal has gone and the number of Employment Tribunals brought year on year continue to rise, careful management is all the more important.

Although there is substantial knowledge-based learning during this event, the two days are designed to be engaging and participative as well as informative. The course will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with all the important employment issues so you can act effectively and positively manage people within the law. Attending this programme is an invaluable use of a busy HR professional’s or Line Manager's time. 

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop your knowledge of the latest employment law and practice
  • Understand how the law is applied both procedurally and practically
  • Be up to date with this fast-changing area of the law and its implications
  • Raise your competence and profile within your organisation
  • Look at how to improve what you do in your workplace to avoid conflict
  • Communicate and give advice as to how you and your colleagues can comply and stay within the confines of the law
  • Learn the tips and techniques that sit behind successful execution of some of your key practices

Who should attend?

All HR advisers and specialists from business partners to HR directors as well as people managers and Line Managers will find this a highly useful two days.

This course is also applicable to directors of SMEs who need to fully understand their people management responsibilities and the risks to avoid.

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The Employment Law in Practice from Recruitment to Termination course will cover:

Module 1: When employment begins

This is the first critical point in any employment life cycle, getting the right people into the right roles with the right potential. In this module we will look at what you need to know in terms of legislative impact.

  • Equality Act 2010
  • Data Protection Act 2018 /GDPR
  • Safe interviewing
  • Employment status issues
  • Contracts of employment: part-time, fixed-term, zero hours, etc

Module 2: Discrimination and equality

Expanding on the topics covered in the first module we will focus on what the legislation requires of employers when it comes to avoiding discrimination and promoting equality.

  • Discrimination
  • The protected characteristics
  • Types of discrimination
  • Reasonable adjustments relating to disability
  • Harassment
  • Bullying
  • Equal pay
  • Gender pay gap

Module 3: Managing change

Things rarely stay still for long in any workplace. In this module we will explore how to deal with some of the more common impacts on employees when it comes to change.

  • Reorganisation within your company
  • Changing terms and conditions

Module 4: Employee complaints

However good an employer you are, there are always issues employees want to raise where they are dissatisfied or have concerns or complaints. This module explores how to deal with these circumstances.

  • Grievances – what the law requires
  • Grievances – the ACAS code and procedural issues
  • The right to be accompanied
  • Investigations
  • Appeals
  • Understanding whistle-blowing – the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998

Module 5: Capability

If managing performance starts with recruitment it ends with formal capability or under-performance management. In this module we will explore how to achieve fair and lawful management of poor performance.

  • Capability – what the law requires
  • Capability – the ACAS code and procedural issues
  • Capability – lessons to learn from case law
  • Performance improvement plans
  • Appeals
  • Gross negligence

Module 6: Conduct

Misconduct and gross misconduct issues need to be managed in accordance with good policies and procedures. The ACAS code gives important guidelines for employers and failure to follow can lead to increased compensation in a successful unfair dismissal claim at the Employment Tribunal.

  • Disciplinary – what the law requires
  • Disciplinary – the ACAS code
  • Progressive vs gross misconduct
  • Disciplinary – lessons to learn from case law
  • Suspension
  • Investigations
  • Appeals

Module 7: Ill health

Most employees at one time or another have to take time off when they are ill. In some cases this time mounts up and, whether it is short-term or long-term, could need your intervention as the employer.

  • Absence management
  • Short-term and persistent absence
  • Long-term absence
  • Disability-related absence
  • The ‘sickie’
  • Return-to-work procedures
  • Rehabilitation
  • Occupational health
  • Access to medical reports
  • The fit note
  • Ill-health dismissal

Module 8: Family-friendly issues

This is an area heavy with legislation and process. The aim of this module is to ensure you understand what the rights are.

  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Parental
  • Shared parental
  • Ante natal
  • Dependant
  • Flexible working
  • Working-time issues

Module 9: When employment ends

An inevitable conclusion to some employment journeys is dismissal and fairness is imperative in these circumstances.

  • The five potentially fair reasons to dismiss as set out in the Employment Rights Act 1996
  • Managing fair dismissal both procedurally and substantively
  • Settlement agreements – what to say
  • Avoiding undue pressure
  • Settlement agreements – the documentation

Module 10: Redundancy

The right to redundancy payment was introduced in 1965 and since then a variety of other rights in relation to redundancy have entered our legislation through statute and case law.

  • The situations that may give rise to a redundancy
  • Lay-off and short-time working
  • Process
  • Selection
  • Consultation – individual and collective
  • Notification to the Secretary of State
  • Statutory redundancy pay and/or enhancements
  • Alternative employment
  • Time off
  • Automatically unfair redundancy

Module 11: TUPE

Business sales, acquisitions, mergers and service provision changes are all too commonplace, particularly in certain industries and business sectors. In this module an overview of the legislative and practical aspects will be explored.

  • When does TUPE apply – identifying a ‘relevant transfer’
  • What are the employee protections enshrined in the legislation?
  • Identifying relevant employees
  • What transfers?
  • Pre-transfer dismissals
  • Post-transfer dismissals
  • Harmonisation
  • Employee liability information obligations
  • Information and consultation of appropriate representatives
  • Effect of the employee objecting

Module 12: Employment Tribunal

With the removal of the Tribunal fees regime, the number of claims dramatically increased. In this module we will consider:

  • What to do when ACAS call
  • ET1 and ET3
  • Preparation
  • Bundles
  • The hearing

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Toni Trevett
CompleteHR Ltd

Toni Trevett is a director of CompleteHR Ltd, an HR consultant, and a coach, mediator and trainer specialising in HR/people management skills, employment law, management development and personal development. She has experience of working with a variety of large and small organisations and has considerable experience of work in both the public and private sector. Clients include British American Tobacco, Schlumberger, Stihl, Shell, The Telegraph, Dairy Crest, Bywaters, NATS the ACCA, AAT and many more.

She was formerly a human resources director within the BAA plc group. She is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a member with over 20 years standing of the Employment Tribunal judiciary, hearing cases in London and the South East. In addition to her training work she conducts investigations and hearings for clients on disciplinary, grievance, discrimination, harassment and bullying issues and is also a workplace mediator.

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9-10 October 2024

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Reviews of IPI's Employment Law in Practice from Recruitment to Termination training course

Excellent webinar!

Jun 12 2023

Shelly Gagen-Block
Vice President, Talent & Culture, Avire

Oct 14 2020

Very good and insightful.

Joe Farrant
HR Business Partner, West Park Portfolio Service LLP

Oct 30 2019

I hoped to achieve a greater understanding of employment law in relation to performance management, redundancies and consultations and I definitely accomplished this and more. The course content was relevant and informative and the speaker was excellent.

Helen Doyle
HR Advisor, Peter Brett Associates

Oct 30 2019

The course covered everything that I needed to know and was very enjoyable, made even more so by the fact that the speaker was easy to listen to and made things entertaining.

Helen Faulkner
Accountant, Clesse UK Ltd

Oct 30 2019

Great presenter who fully engaged with the group.

Jeremy Lane
People & Culture Adviser, British Horseracing Authority

Oct 30 2018

There was a huge amount of content covered but I left feeling really informed on the breadth of topics and it had a great balance of learning from Toni, sharing experience between ourselves and discussion. I felt the content met the needs of the course delegates.

Rebecca Charnley
HR Business Partner, Marks and Spencer

Oct 30 2018

Highly recommended course to those new to HR or in need of a refresher. Valuable content and interactive to keep engagement high. Two days was the perfect length for this course!

Brittany Duncan
Senior HR Advisor, Endemol Shine UK

Oct 30 2018

Excellent content, employment law can be a 'dry' subject but the speaker make the course interesting, interactive and, at times, humorous. Would recommend this course to colleagues.

Sharon Devlin
HR Manager, ConvaTec Ltd

Oct 30 2018

I really enjoyed the course and found it to be interesting and informative. It was well paced and the level of insight varied depending upon the needs of the group.

Matthew Kneale
Generalist – HRBP, Nexen Petroleum UK Ltd

Oct 30 2018

Toni was fantastic. Made what could easily be a dull subject fun and engaging throughout.

Kris Taylor-Rush
HR Business Partner, Five Guys

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  • British Horseracing Authority
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