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Effective Contract Management

A training programme for contract management and administration teams.

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  • Format: Bespoke training

Course Overview

This interactive in-house programme examines the contract after it has been signed, when it cannot be revised and has to be implemented as written. It focuses on giving your contracts team the necessary knowledge, tools and processes to be able to read and review contracts, which they were not involved in writing and therefore may be unclear as to what the intended interpretation was of each clause.

They will learn how to apply a logical, systematic and comprehensive approach to reading, managing and implementing a contract so that they are confident, and they fully appreciate what them and the other contracting party(ies), to satisfy the legal obligations laid out in the contract.


Day one

Module one: Before work commences – Reviewing the contract

  • Ensuring your contract is legally binding to deliver protection intended in a court of law
  • Checking the procedural clauses
  • Reviewing the express terms and identifying if, and how, they amend or deviate from implied terms
  • Establishing clarity of promises of contracting parties

Day two

  • Understanding the consequences
  • Managing the commercial risk

Module two: Pro-active management of commercial risks after commencement

  • Making contingency plans
  • Ensuring you keep to budget and satisfy contractual obligations

Catherine Hurst

Catherine Hurst Bsc(Hons), CIMDip, PgDL, is an independent training consultant in the contract and commercial fields. She was formerly a Commercial Manager at BAe Systems, following previous contract/commercial roles with GEC and Siemens. She has extensive practical experience of bid management, contract negotiation, contract and subcontract management as well as commercial risk management, both with UK and overseas customers and suppliers, in the private and public sectors.

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