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Positive Persuading and Influencing Skills for Pharma Professionals

This two-day workshop will give you an opportunity to improve and enhance your persuading and influencing skills within business

16-17 Nov 2021 + 2 more dates

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  • Format: Live online
  • CPD: 12 hours for your records
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This two-day workshop will help you to build confidence and acquire the necessary skills to increase your personal effectiveness in dealing with colleagues, clients, bosses and stakeholders across the pharmaceutical industry. Dynamically designed and delivered, the interactive programme focuses on best practice tips and techniques that will allow you to strengthen and perfect your influencing ability in three key areas:

  • Improved inter-dependent working across functions and even cultural boundaries
  • Increased self-awareness – gaining insights in how you come across to others
  • Great communication, self-projection and influencing skills

Attending this seminar will help you to understand and define behaviours which lead to effective interpersonal communication at different levels, both inside and outside the organisation.

Benefits of attending:

  • Identify some of the more challenging obstacles to effective communication
  • Learn how to prepare for one-to-one and one-to-group communication
  • Acquire and practise communication skills which lead to improved relationships in the workplace
  • Explore strategies for handling difficult people and situations
  • Learn how to work with individuals from different functions and cultural backgrounds
  • Develop a personal effectiveness ‘action plan’ for the future

‘Influencing and Persuading – Art or Skill?’ Our expert speaker Robert Hersowitz writes about the importance of influencing and persuading skills within business and outlines four components to learning how to become an effective influencer. Click here to read about the course and see how will it benefit your career.

Who should attend?

This course will be relevant for anyone working in the pharmaceutical, medical device or animal health industries who wants to improve their influencing skills in the workplace, including:

  • Experienced line managers and leaders
  • Newly appointed managers
  • Functional or department heads
  • Project or team leaders
  • Technical support specialists
  • Advisers and consultants

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The Positive Persuading and Influencing Skills for Pharma Professionals course will cover:

Introduction, welcome and objectives

  • Defining personal effectiveness (scene-setting, terms of reference – behaviour and personality – group work and discussion)

Behavioural influences (self-awareness)

  • Factors which influence human behaviour at home and at work
  • Family and parents – genetic, gender and generation influences
  • Culture and ethnicity
  • Understanding the difference between negative manipulation and influencing with integrity

Understanding the diverse forces which influence motivational response

  • Mindsets
  • Gender
  • Generation and age
  • Nationality and regionality
  • Behavioural styles
  • Leadership and management styles

Communication models that work

  • An introduction to EI (emotional intelligence) – EI self-mapping tools
  • How to read and interpret other people’s behaviour
  • Calibrating – pacing and/or leading – neuro-linguistic programming concepts and skills
  • Defining and distinguishing positive and negative behaviours
  • Examining and exploring passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour
  • Techniques for assertiveness
  • Analysing behaviour patterns – self-others using the people mapping and behavioural toolkit

Communication skills workshop

  • Developing communication strategies that work
  • The 4-Box Model
  • Planning communication: starting, maintaining and ending discussion
  • Techniques for involving others
  • Listening skills: theory and practice – open and closed questions, summarising and clarifying
  • Learning to say no, handle criticism, express criticism, make requests
  • Preparing for difficult conversations with colleagues, peers and other stakeholders
  • ‘Selling’ ideas, getting buy-in and commitment from others
  • Influencing a group of individuals who represent different ‘style challenges’
  • Influencing people from other cultures and backgrounds
  • E-persuasion and influencing – using IT tools such as email and teleconferencing to persuade and influence from a distance
  • Dealing with difficult customers, colleagues, bosses and staff
  • Techniques for self-projection
  • Handling aggressive as well as passive individuals
  • Working with non-verbal communication
  • Managing conflict and stressful communication – response vs reaction
  • Evaluating performance and planning for improvement – follow-up

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Robert Hersowitz

Robert Hersowitz has established an international reputation as a management and management development consultant. He has spent the past thirty years designing and delivering programmes and workshops to a wide variety of organisations in Europe, the USA, the Middle East and Africa. His expertise is broadly based, working with middle and senior management in the private and public sector. He has trained and coached over 30,000 managers and executives.
Other assignments include long-standing projects with clients in the airports, industrial gases, information technology, financial services, pharmaceutical industries, govt., military and voluntary sectors.
He is a regular contributor to conferences as a keynote speaker and seminar leader both in the UK and abroad. He has written and published several articles and has contributed to a number of books on themes of Human Resource Development, Virtual Teams and Self Managing Teams for Prentice Hall and HRD Associates

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16-17 Nov 2021

Live online

09:00-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:00-18:00 Paris (UTC+01)
04:00-12:00 New York (UTC-05)
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  • GBP 999
  • EUR 1,439
  • USD 1,630

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17-18 May 2022

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09:30-17:30 UK (London) (UTC+01)
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Until 12 Apr

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14-15 Nov 2022

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Until 10 Oct

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Reviews of IPI's Positive Persuading and Influencing Skills for Pharma Professionals training course

The goal was to better understand different people obectives and learn tools to improve my interactions with co-workers/clients. The course provided a good tool set to assess people's interests and practically apply different interaction strategies. The presentation was well structured and Robert was very knowledgeable and able to incorporate attendees' questions. There was a good balance between presentation, group discussions and practical role play.

Nov 13 2019

Dominic Weyermann
Sales Manager , Celonic

Nov 13 2019

Thank you for the last two days. I will be looking forward to using the techniques which I learned in the real world.

Tomoe Felder
Manager, Clinical Excellence Operations, Clinical Development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG

Nov 13 2019

The course was a real eye-opener – I got much more out of it than I was expecting. It has completely changed the way I think about my interactions with colleagues and clients. The speaker was absolutely fantastic, clearly very knowledgeable and a good presenter.

Thomas Hills
Research Engineer, Calix

Jun 12 2019

The course was very interactive, which I thought was important. We learnt about different communication theories and communication strategies based on different types of personality and leadership. Most importantly, it was useful to practice these strategies and learn how to apply them in your everyday life/business. Very effective.

Anna Vassova
Marketing Executive , Falconbury Ltd

Nov 13 2019

It was very informative and I gained knowledge which can be used in practice.

Zanna Bondaryk
Senior Regulaotry Affairs Officer, Fresenius Kabi Limited

Jun 12 2019

Very good – and with a small group it felt more personalised. The speaker is very experienced.

Duygu Bayrakci
Head of Operations, Hoyer Petrolog UK

Jun 14 2018

Quality presentation and delivery from start to finish. Excellent - will recommend to bring a session to my country.

Troy Whorms
Director, Cayman Islands Government

Jun 14 2018

This has been a very enjoyable course in a great location. I have learnt about aspects of my personality which I was previously unaware. Presenter has good energy and gages the groups level of engagement well.

Anna Amin
RFP Writer, Principal Global Investors

Jun 14 2018

Well prepared, good and useful material, many examples, serious and funny at the same time. Really pleased that I attended this course...

Evridiki Christaki
Legal Expert, Eurocontrol

Jun 14 2018

Mark created absolutely brilliant atmosphere. He keeps attention very well. I was satisfied and never bored.

Mariya Kelina
Senior consultant at Kontakt Intersearch Russia, Agenstvo Kontakt Ltd

Jun 14 2018

Content quite rich, presentation interactive and lively, speaker very precise and focused on the main theme of training.

Josephine Wong-Muller
Head of Fin. Operations, Compliance & User Support, European Patent Office

Jun 14 2018

Good pace, took time if people didn't understand but not at detriment of others - good balance of A/V activities and feedback.

Mark Christodoulou
Head of R&D, Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Nov 22 2017

Great course, great speaker and great content.

Paul Whiteside
Quality and Compliance Manager, The Institute of the Motor Industry

Nov 22 2017

All good

Peter Smallwood
Business Development Manager, ITW Security & Brand Identity

Jun 14 2017

A very well prepared, designed and executed course. Definitely added value.

Torsten Mueller
Associate Director, Janssen R&D

Nov 22 2017

The content was anchored in reality and felt relevant to my day to day work life. The speaker used materials such as powerpoint and film clips, to illustrate certain points but what was so excellent was that the attendees own work/exercises became the course material/illustrations.

Marika Reay
Innovation Manager, Swiss Precision Diagnostics

Nov 22 2017

This is a very educational course helping to understand how the people think and believe in themselves

Michal Slomczykowski
Medical Director, Geistlich Pharma

Nov 23 2016

Excellent throughout

David Wells
Royal Holloway, University of London

Nov 23 2016

Really insightful

Teresa Morris-Spicer
Clinical Effectiveness Specialist, Bupa

Nov 23 2016

Presenter was very effective. Spoke to everyone individually.

Pooja Shah
Pharmacovigilance Manager, Cancer Research UK

Nov 23 2016

Great use of video and photo

Gary Cloke
Head of T&C, Vanquis Bank Ltd


  • Acorn Medical Writing Limited
  • Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Operations bv
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Bupa
  • Calix
  • Cambridge Display Technology
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Carclo Tecnical Plastics
  • Falconbury Ltd
  • Ferring Pharmaceuticals
  • Fraedom UK Limited
  • Fresenius Kabi Limited
  • Hoyer Petrolog UK
  • ITW Security & Brand Identity
  • Molins
  • Molins Plc
  • Mudano
  • Mylan
  • Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • Optimus Sourcing
  • Oscar Mayer Ltd
  • Pfizer R&D UK Ltd
  • Principal Global Investors
  • Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Sitryx Therapeutics
  • Swiss Precision Diagnostics
  • The Institute of the Motor Industry
  • Vanquis Bank Ltd
  • Vivergo Fuels


  • Biogen
  • Celonic
  • Cilag AG (Johnson&Johnson)
  • Geistlich Pharma
  • Janssen R&D
  • Nestlé Skin Health
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG


  • Cofinimmo
  • Euroclear SA NV
  • Eurocontrol
  • GSK
  • Terumo BCT

Cayman Islands

  • Cayman Islands Government
  • Ministry of PLAHI


  • Dechra Veterinary Products
  • Sanquin Plasma Products B.V.


  • Elanco Animal Health


  • Lundbeck A/S, H


  • Bluereg Pharma Consult


  • European Patent Office


  • Polarized Ltd


  • Jackson, Etti & Edu


  • Agenstvo Kontakt Ltd

Saudi Arabia

  • Capital Market Authority


  • Amadeus Scandinavia AB

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