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Social Selling

This training course will equip delegates with the practical skills and confidence to engage with customers and generate new business by exploiting free and easy to use social media channels and digital tools.

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  • Format: Bespoke training

Course overview

What is a Social Selling training course?

Social selling skills will help salespeople grow a sales pipeline and engage with customers… Is your business ready?

The 2 day Social Selling training course will equip delegates with the practical skills and confidence to engage with customers and generate new business by exploiting free and easy to use social media channels and digital tools. Sales professionals who use Social Selling will be able to increase their sales pipeline, improve engagement with customers and as a consequence will be more motivated. The days of giving salespeople an out of date cold calling list after a direct mail campaign or trade show are over!

Why should you attend?

Consumer behaviour is changing. Companies are being forced to change business models and how they engage.

  • Social Selling can enhance marketing and sales strategies
  • Cold calling, direct mail & printed brochures are expensive, time consuming and losing effectiveness
  • More and more customers, prospects and partners use social media, search engines, mobiles & ecommerce
  • Social Selling will improve your ability to identify and engage with customers, prospects and partners
  • The practical and straight-forward training will turn the complex into the simple and equip delegates with the practical skills needed to achieve competitive advantage and generate new business using Social Selling
  • All the social media channels and digital tools we use are free and easy to use – they are cloud services and can be accessed after the training on any PC, laptop, tablet or mobile

Intensive Social Selling training course that delivers

  • Motivated sales professionals who can immediately generate new leads and build pipeline by adopting best-practice Social Selling techniques
  • Confidence and empowerment based on acquiring practical hands-on skills

What are the objectives of the training course?

  • Rapid up-skilling of employees to confidently exploit social media and digital channels
  • Hands-on and practical training focused on achieving business outcomes
  • Bottom line impact – social media and digital tools used for increasing lead generation, prospect identification, competitor analysis, partner selection, customer engagement and customer service
  • Low-cost and powerful digital transformation using an easy to use social selling platform

Benefits of this programme

  • Gain hands-on, practical skills and the confidence to immediately use Social Selling in everyday work
  • Understand how Twitter, LinkedIn and Hootsuite can be used for business
  • Create an initial social media management dashboard (using the free version of Hootsuite) that can be used immediately for everyday work and enhanced over time
  • Understand why social media is an essential part of business, marketing and communications
  • Learn how to engage and influence prospects, partners and customers
  • Understand best practice Social Selling case studies

Who is this programme for?

This 2-day Social Selling training course is designed for executives, managers and directors from:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Business Development
  • PR & Communications

Sample programme

Day 1

  • Introductions – you, me, what do you want from the training?
  • Latest statistics, trends, demographics and research
  • The importance of listening & the importance of content
  • Best practice social media guidelines & behavior, how to build an online reputation, do’s and don’t’s
  • Examples of social media guidelines from leading companies and organisations
  • The difference between personal and official company social media channels
  • Overview of the main social media channels and digital tools and how they can be used for business
  • Practical Session – Twitter: Creating a personal Twitter profile, settings, Twitter search, identifying influencers, Twitter lists, creating and sharing content, monitoring clients, competitors & prospects, growing followers, Twitter ads, using Chrome extensions
  • Practical Session – LinkedIn: Creating and optimising a personal LinkedIn profile, settings, advanced search, identifying & engaging with prospects, creating and sharing content, connecting to clients & partners, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn ads, recommendations
  • Practical Exercise 1: Use Twitter to search and discover the latest news from your business sector. Identify six thought-leaders and add them to a Twitter list. Select the best single piece of content from the thought-leaders and schedule it to be published at 19.10 on your personal Twitter and LinkedIn profiles
  • Practical Exercise 2: Use LinkedIn to search and identify 6 new sales prospects. Do they have Twitter profiles? If so, add them to a new Twitter list. If not, how can you engage with them?
  • Q&A – End of day one

Day 2

  • Group Discussion – Recap of learning from Day 1
  • Practical Session – Hootsuite: Creating a free personal Hootsuite account, settings, importing Twitter & LinkedIn, creating real-time information streams from Twitter lists, identifying, monitoring and engaging with customers, partners and prospects, scheduling content, advanced search, geo-location search, scheduling content, automated analytics and reporting
  • Practical Exercise 3: Use Hootsuite to monitor the real-time Twitter list streams of your industry thought-leaders, sales prospects and industry keywords – what is being talked about? What are your competitors talking about?
  • Practical Session – Using digital tools: Using a variety of free digital tools, delegates will learn additional skills including how to identify when a prospect is most likely to be online and also their possible geo-location
  • Demo – Best practice prospect engagement – Having identified a prospect, listened to their interests and discovered when they are most likely to be online, how can you engage with them?
  • Demo – How to use Twitter and LinkedIn advertising capabilities for low-cost targeted campaigns
  • Social selling case studies – Delegates are shown and discuss 4 successful social selling case studies
  • Next steps – Delegates are shown a 4 week social selling plan to help embed learning
  • What have you learnt? – Each delegate confirms the top 3 things they have learnt
  • Q&A – End of course

Andy Black

Andy Black is Head of Digital for Whiteoaks and has over 20 years’ experience in exploiting technology, content and information to achieve strategic objectives. He has worked on a number of ground-breaking projects including the Excalibur rapid rebuttal database for the Labour Party, using Banksy imagery in the General Election social media campaign for the Lib Dems, managing Honda’s social media monitoring, directing social media campaigns for Vodafone and developing information services for Reuters, Jane’s Information, The Independent and the Daily Mail. Andy is currently working with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office on their communications and digital diplomacy training programmes.

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