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Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU (European Union) Training Course

This course will take participants through all of the necessary steps to obtain marketing authorisation for a feed additive in the European Union.

★★★★★ "Very clear talks. I liked especially the incorporation of the polls. That really help me translate t... more"

19-20 June 2023
from £1299.00

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  • Format: Live online
  • CPD: 12 hours for your records
  • Certificate of completion

Course overview

The EU has transformed its food legislation in the last two decades, creating the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and adopting a harmonised approach to food safety ‘from farm to fork’. The Feed Additives Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1831/2003), which applies to all feed additives and pre-mixtures, establishes a common procedure across the EU for authorising animal feed additives and lays down rules for their placing on the market, labelling and use.  Since the 2021, the new EU Transparency Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 has applied to all regulated products in the food chain, including feed additives. This means big changes to the way that food business operators/applicants write & submit their feed additive dossiers.

Obtaining marketing approval for a feed additive in the EU is complex and this practical and interactive two-day course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the entire regulatory dossier submission, taking participants through all the necessary steps to obtain marketing authorisation in line with the new EU regulation on transparency.

Presentations will cover the regulatory framework and data required to establish the characterisation, quality, safety and efficacy of the different types of feed additives. An important part of the programme will be devoted to working on case studies in the workshop sessions, which have been designed to help consolidate learning, and there will be ample time for discussion with our expert faculty. We will also focus on the Transparency Regulation and explain the new procedure for feed additive approvals.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the EU regulatory framework and relevant legislation
  • Understand the roles of the EU Commission, the EURL, EFSA and Member States, and learn about how the new EU Regulation on Transparency will affect the feed additive approval process
  • Discuss types of feed additives and acceptable claims
  • Clarify the data required – product characterisation safety, quality and efficacy
  • Get to grips with EC, EURL and EFSA guidelines and guidance documents
  • Learn how to conduct a strategic data audit and gap analysis
  • Better manage EU registration projects
  • Master the art of writing successful feed additive dossiers
  • Discuss post-submission hurdles – dossier validation and EFSA clock-stops
  • Know how to interact with the EU Commission, Member States and EFSA

This course is part of our Regulatory Affairs Training course collection, which features updates on the latest regulations to registration procedures and strategies.

Who should attend?

  • Managers working in:
    • Regulatory affairs
    • Marketing
    • R&D
    • Product development
  • Scientists in CROs where clients demand EFSA-compliant studies
  • Those seeking to review special problems in the registration of feed additives in the EU

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The Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU course will cover:

  • EU Regulatory Framework - the Basic Legislation and Procedures
  • EU Transparency Regulation – main changes and outline of new procedures
  • EURL and EFSA Guidance Documents, EFSA Open Portal
  • Workshop: Strategic Planning - Matching Commercial and Regulatory Objectives
  • Notification of studies on the EFSA Open Portal
  • Section II - Characterisation and Quality Requirements
  • Workshop: Building Section II
  • Workshop on microorganism safety & whole genome sequence requirements
  • Section III - Safety for Target Animals, Consumers, Users and the Environment
  • Workshop: Building Section III
  • Section IV - Efficacy
  • Good Study Design - Ticking the EFSA Boxes
  • Workshop: Building Section IV
  • Writing and Managing the Dossier, e-submission food chain platform
  • Final Discussion, Questions and Answers

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Rocío Duchén Bocángel
Pen & Tec Consulting

Rocío Duchén (MSc) is a chemist, with experience in research, technical translation and consulting. Rocío has worked in research fields including biochemistry, natural products and food additives, as well as in the development and validation of analytical methods. She is currently a Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager at Pen & Tec Consulting and, since her incorporation in 2017, she has broadened her experience on dossier preparation and study monitoring for the registration of food and feed EU regulated products, including technological and zootechnical feed additives, renewals, food additive applications and novel food consultations. Her day-to-day experience in the EU regulatory context gives her the chance to keep up to date on the latest updates to the food law, authorities’ procedures, guidance documents and newest online tools available for applicants willing to register their products in the EU.

More details

Caroline Idowu
Pen & Tec Consulting

Caroline Idowu (MChem) is a chemist by background and has been working at Pen & Tec Consulting since 2019. During her time at Pen & Tec and her current role as Regulatory Manager, she has been involved in a wide range of projects along each stage of the EU authorisation process for both animal feed and food including food improvement agents and novel foods. She has experience in assessing the regulatory feasibility of new products, data auditing, dossier compilation/submission and report reviewing. She is focussed on working closely with clients at every stage of their regulatory journey to help bring their products to market.

More details

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19-20 June 2023

Live online

08:30-16:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
09:30-17:00 Paris (UTC+02)
03:30-11:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 12213

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Reviews of IPI's Registration of Animal Feed Additives in the EU training course

Very clear talks. I liked especially the incorporation of the polls. That really help me translate the new info to case studies

Jun 16 2021

Eline Klaassens
Product Manager Human Health, Baseclear

Jun 16 2021

Overall talks were very good and I learned a lot (as I'm kind of new to this area). I liked that so many questions could be answered from the participants. online tools was also very good.

Eline Klaassens
Product Manager Human Health, Baseclear

Jun 16 2021

I thought the webinar was very informative, doing it virtually allowed more info to be given and me you did not need to travel. The speakers had great knowledge, spoke clearly and answered all questions.

Lauren Park
Principal Investigator, Roslin Nutrition

Jun 16 2021

All the webinar was very interesting and useful, but I liked particularly the workshops sessions with concrete examples.

Responsable réglementaire, ALL4FEED

Jun 16 2021

This webinar was really helpful for me, although I'm a bit new in this registration process I think that now I will be able to do it. The content and the presentations were complete and detailed and the speakers were experts in this matter and answered all of our questions, they were also really friendly which is always nice. It was a same that we couldn't meet in person.

Mònica Longares
Regulatory services specialist, Lucta, S.A.

Jun 16 2021

Overall talks were very good and I learned a lot (as I'm kind of new to this area). I liked that so many questions could be answered from the participants. online tools was also very good.

Eline Klaassens
Product Manager Human Health, Baseclear

Jun 16 2021

Excellent speakers, different styles but all very good.

Dora Rodriguez
Regulatory Affairs Director, Jefo Nutrition Inc.

Jun 16 2021

Very useful, gave me the needed information, excellent speakers.

Elina Koskinen
Orion Corporation

Jun 16 2021

The content was very useful and all speakers were at adequate level. Workshops helped me a lot to digest the content of presentations.

Athanasios Karalis
Product Stewardship Manager, IMERYS INDUSTRIAL MINERALS S.A

Jun 5 2019

It was a friendly atmosphere and the content , pace and the subjects were expertly chosen. I would gladly attend another course from Elinor and Ana. Both of them had a lovely attitude and clearly experts in their areas.

Cana Eisenhauer
Regulatory Manager, Kaesler Nutrition

Jun 5 2019

Very knowledgeable. Excellent.

Kehinde Aigberua
Consultant, Quality Auditor, Elanco Animal Health

May 23 2018

[The speakers] were both very good and engaging. A very good, informative course that was well delivered.

Harry Ancill
Regulatory Affairs Assistant, Probiotics International Ltd

May 23 2018

The speakers were very knowledgeable and well prepared and equipped to answer questions. The exercises were very helpful. The course was well researched, up to date and very useful.

Jason Keegan
Regulatory Research Specialist, Alltech

May 23 2018

Excellent presentation. Good interaction, very clear explanation.

Kalinka Grozeva
Quality Control Director, Vetagro S.p.A.

May 23 2018

Very dense in information, as expected. The experience of the speakers makes a lot of different because many different examples were presented.

Simone Midori Costa
Registration Specialist, Trouw Nutrition

May 23 2018

[The course had] clear structure, very lively presentation. Definitely worthwhile coming.

Günther Becker
Director, OXEA GmbH

May 23 2018

Nice package, but I think there were a bit too much information in two days.

Jouni Heikkinen
Laboratory Director, Biosafe - Biological Safety Solutions Ltd/Oy

May 17 2017

My expectations were met and course was very well organised

Elisa Salvetti
Marie S. Curie Research Fellow, University College Cork

May 17 2017

Excellent content, excellent speakers.

Pauliina Halimaa
Product Manager, Bioinformatics, Biosafe - Biological Safety Solutions Ltd/Oy

May 17 2017

Extremely satisfied. I have learnt a lot about the feed additives and the regulatory frame work. Truly appreciated the speakers and their clear presentations.

Mohammed Boularas
Senior Associate Regulatory Affairs, Zoetis Belgium S.A.

May 17 2017

Interesting and relevant course.

Sophie Nixon
Veterinary Research Manager, Probiotics International Ltd

May 19 2016

Excellent content, some information on the slides was a bit small to read, but overall excellent content

Stephanie Allen
Regulatory Affairs Associate, Danisco UK Ltd

United Kingdom

  • Danisco UK Ltd
  • Devenish Nutrition Limited
  • Elanco Animal Health
  • Ferro Metal & Chem Corp, LTD (Phibro Animal Health)
  • knoell Animal Health Limited
  • Probiotics International Ltd
  • Roslin Nutrition
  • Roslin Nutrition Ltd
  • SRUC
  • Volac International Ltd.


  • Aveve Biochem
  • Huvepharma
  • Kemin
  • Kemin Europa SA/NV
  • Nutrition Sciences NV
  • Versele-Laga
  • Zoetis
  • Zoetis Belgium S.A.
  • Zoetis Belgium SA


  • BaseClear
  • Nutreco
  • Nutreco N.V.
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  • Nutreco Netherlands BV
  • Orffa Additives B.V.
  • Trouw Nutrition


  • Alzchem AG
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  • Kaesler Nutrition
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  • Teknofarma S.r.l.
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  • Elanco Austria GmbH


  • Jefo Nutrition Inc.




  • Elanco Animal Health


  • Herbonis Animal Health GmbH


  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

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