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Medical Device Studies: Clinical Evidence Training Course

Gathering and using clinical evidence for CE marking and post-market compliance in line with the new MDR

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10-11 July 2024
+ 11-12 November 2024 »

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Course overview

Clinical evidence is crucial to bringing a device to market and is a very important aspect of post-market compliance to meet the requirements of current legislation. The collection of clinical data to demonstrate safety and performance is pivotal to CE marking a medical device and the collection of post-market data is key to the continued safety and performance considerations once the device is on the market.

This practical and intensive two-day course has been designed specifically for those who are involved in gathering clinical evidence required for medical devices. It will cover the full range of activities that should be applied during the collection of clinical evidence for both pre- and post-market studies and will also provide delegates with information on the European regulations for gathering clinical evidence and conducting medical device studies. Participants will benefit from advice and tips from industry experts on the practicalities of conducting studies within Europe as well as the types of clinical data to collect in order to be compliant with the new MDR.

This course is of our range of Medical Devices training courses - now also including Medical Devices Cyber Security training to help improve your data security.

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the regulatory requirements and guidance applicable to clinical evidence
  • Clarification on Clinical Evaluations (Literature Reviews)
  • Understand what is required in terms of clinical data prior to CE marking and post CE mark
  • Know what documentation is needed for the pre-and post-market phases of clinical data collection
  • Discover how to conduct a clinical investigation and post market clinical follow-up study
  • Plan how to prepare regulatory notifications to the competent authorities and obtain other necessary approvals
  • Understand the key aspects of pre and post market study setup, management, monitoring and close down
  • Discuss how to prepare a paper or presentation for publication and marketing
  • Understand the differences between drugs and devices

Who should attend

  • Personnel involved in setting up, managing and monitoring studies
  • Setting up, managing and monitoring studies
  • R&D
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory Affair
  • Those who conduct clinical evaluations/investigations/post market follow up studies
  • Those moving from Pharma to Medical Device studies

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The Medical Device Studies: Clinical Evidence course will cover:

The regulatory aspects of gathering clinical evidence for devices

  • An overview of the regulations governing the clinical evidence aspects of devices
  • How the regulations impact on clinical data for regulatory studies and post market studies
  • Standards and guidelines applicable to medical device clinical evidence, ISO, GHTF (IMDRF), MEDDEV and NBMED

Conducting a pre-market clinical evaluation and the literature review

  • The Clinical Evaluation (Literature Review)
  • What’s involved and how it should be conducted
  • What documents are required – how is clinical data used?
    Example documents and templates will be provided to help delegates understand this process

Conducting a pre-market (regulatory) clinical investigation

  • What types of studies and study designs are applicable to pre-market studies?
  • What to consider in designing and implementing appropriate pre-market studies

Documentation for pre-market (regulatory) clinical investigation

  • What documentation is needed?
  • How this should be produced and what detail is required
    This presentation will include template documentation for clinical investigation plans, investigator brochures, case report forms and consent forms

How to obtain the necessary approvals for pre-market studies

  • How to obtain Research Ethics approval
  • How to obtain National competent authority approvals
  • Other necessary approvals
  • What to provide, timescales and practicalities

Study management and monitoring of regulatory clinical investigation

  • Key aspects study set up
  • Management, monitoring and close down
  • Getting the best data

How to write a final study report for a regulatory clinical investigation pre-market study

  • Practical considerations for final study reports, publications and presentations of study results
    Examples and templates will be provided to help delegates understand the processes
  • How to prepare a paper or presentation for publication and marketing


  • Practical considerations for conducting PMCF studies
  • The differences between PMCF and regulatory studies
  • When to conduct PMCF studies and other PMC data requirements

Current key issues affecting clinical evidence for medical devices

  • The effect of changes to the directives and current initiatives throughout Europe

The differences between drugs and devices

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Janette Benaddi

Janette Benaddi is a business mentor, international speaker/trainer and consultant to the medical device industry. Janette has over 25 years’ experience of managing pre and post market clinical studies in both devices and pharmaceuticals. Janette has worked with several multinational organizations in various clinical, regulatory and marketing roles.

She has extensive experience of conducting clinical studies with medical device products as well as regulatory expertise for CE marking of devices. Specifically she has been involved in writing and reviewing hundreds of Clinical evaluation reports for the medical device industry, she has also provided training to Notified bodies in this subject.

Janette qualified as a registered nurse in 1984, she has a BSc in Management studies, a Diploma in Company Direction, and a Diploma in Management studies, holds a teaching certificate and is a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Director. Janette sits on several committees in the device community and industry and has been an instrumental advocate of improving and advancing medical device research in the UK. Janette has published several articles relating to medical device regulation and clinical studies.

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10-11 July 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
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11-12 November 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+01)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 14018

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Reviews of IPI's Medical Device Studies: Clinical Evidence training course

The presenters were incredibly knowledgeable in their subject areas and was able to convey complex information, in an easily digestible way. Overall, a very good summary of Clinical evidence for medical devices.

Jul 12 2023

Hannah Vince-Drew
Clinical Research Supervisor, Bedfont Scientific

Nov 24 2022

Janette is a very good speaker; she is very prepared and provided lots of contents and information during these 2 days.

Giulia Carli
Global Clinical Affairs Programme Manager, Corin Ltd

Nov 24 2022

Good knowledge and information provided

Valerie Hart
Clinical Development Manager, Dermal Laboratories Limited

Nov 24 2022

It was perfect.

Jiwoo Hwang
Student, Dongguk University

Nov 9 2020

Very good course ! It worked very well to have it online and be able to see the speaker and the presentation at the same time!

Christa Myhre
RA Specialist, Radiometer Medical Aps

Nov 9 2020

Very good course! It worked very well to have it online and be able to see the speaker and the presentation at the same time!

Christa Myhre
RA Specialist, Radiometer Medical Aps

May 13 2019

This course was extremely helpful and relevant. The trainers were very knowledgeable and experienced.

Jessica Allen
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, JRI

Nov 14 2019

I appreciated the interactive way of presenting and the incorporation of questions and examples. I learned a lot.

Sandra Tobisch
Clinical Trial Manager, BSN medical GmbH / Essity

Nov 14 2019

A very interesting course, good for networking. Speakers were very prepared and good in enhancing discussions.

Barbara Acca
CRA Lead/ CTM, Cepheid

May 16 2018

I got what I needed. Theory and practical examples, Thank you!

Karmela Kopcic
Senior Associate for Medical Devices, Croatian Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED)

Nov 14 2018

Great knowledge within the area of clinical studies and MDs. Interactive and willing to share their knowledge and experience. Entertaining to listen to, I never got bored despite listening for 2 days. Great!

Anne-Christine Nilsson
COO, Glycobond

Nov 14 2018

Great course to give an overview of a very big topic

Louise Corcoran
Director of Quality and Regualtory Affairs, FIRE1

May 16 2018

Very well organised. Speaker is really experienced and knows how to teach in a friendly manner.

Diana Villanueva
Project Manager, Precision for Medicine

May 16 2018

I got what I needed. Theory and practical examples, Thank you!

Karmela Kopcic
Senior Associate for Medical Devices, Croatian Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices (HALMED)

May 16 2018


David Browne
Development Technician, Biovotec

Nov 14 2018

Overall it was a great opportunity to get more awareness on clinical studies with medical devices. The documentation provided was very clear and provided valuable input for setting procedures in my company. The speakers were very open to interaction and there was enough time for discussion. The combination with hands-on tasks was also key to understand the content.

Ricardo De Sa
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Definiens AG

Nov 14 2018

For me the course content was pitched well for the time allowed. I thought the presenters did a great job of managing the participants expectations.

Stephen Rowe
Managing Director, SGR Consulting Services Ltd

May 16 2018

Very experienced and knowledgable [speakers]. Excellent.

Dawn Chesher
Regulatory Affairs Director Consumer Healthcare, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

May 16 2018

I am very happy about the training, the atmosphere and the venue. Janette was great and very friendly.

Sébastien Malaise
R&D Manager, Sinclair

Nov 29 2017

Effective overview of clinical investigation, quite intensive

Gianluca Colucci
In-House Clinician, Intertek

Nov 29 2017

Very useful course with excellent speakers

Suna Horner
Associate Medical Manager, HRA Pharma UK & IE Ltd.

Nov 29 2017

Knowledgable speakers

Faye Murray
Product Manager Diagnostics, Owen Mumford Ltd

May 9 2017

Excellent, really enjoyed the course.

Jenny Nilsson
Medical Co-ordinator, Glycorex Transplantation AB

May 9 2017

Great course - ticked all the boxes I had - would definitely recommend it to anyone starting out in this field - only wish I'd known about this and the other courses you offer earlier

Julia Herbert
Clinical Director, Femeda Ltd.

Nov 29 2017

This course was very beneficial for me. Overall the information given and the way the speakers shared that information was very satisfactory.

Marguerite Rizkallah
MD Regulatory Affairs Manager, Benta SAL

Nov 29 2017

Gives a good overview and interesting discussions. Lots of uncertainties in the business but good to discuss

Åsa Odhagen Rosvall
Evidence Strategist, Mölnlycke

Nov 29 2017

Open, knowledgable and clear with good detail

Mina Patel
RA Manager, Medtrade Products Limited

Nov 29 2017

Good overall overview of clinicals

Julie Eyers
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Boston Scientific

Nov 22 2016

the course was excellent, due to small group size (9+2) discussion and interaction with presenters and participants was possible all the time and also allowed customising of its content. A stimulating meeting.

Mirko Hechenberger
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Merz Pharmaceuticals GmbH

May 11 2016

Overall, it was a really good course and the speakers were really good as well

Sandra Beltran-Rodil
Manager, Regulatory Affairs , TEVA UK Ltd

May 11 2016

I really enjoyed my two days. I am much clearer on my understanding of the Clinical requirements for a medical device and the sequence of events and steps that need to be followed.

Priti Darjee
Associate Director Regulatory Affairs, UK, Teva UK Ltd

Nov 22 2016

Content was good within the objectives of the course. Well presented. Good speakers

Teresa Lopes
Manager Medical Devices, BioTop Medical

Nov 22 2016

This is the best course I have attended for a long time! Well done!

Phil Rosher
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Dermal Laboratories Ltd

Nov 22 2016

Course was tailored to suit the needs to the the group. And personal requests were taken into account. Presentation was good, and broken up into easy digestible parts

Tony Wilson
Clinical Research Associate, Biomet UK Healthcare Ltd

United Kingdom

  • Allergan
  • Allergan UK Limited
  • BBI Solutions
  • Bedfont Scientific
  • Biogen Idec Ltd
  • Biomet UK Healthcare Ltd
  • Cepheid
  • Cerapedics Inc.
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  • DePuy Synthes
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  • Dermal Laboratories Ltd
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