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Project Management for Pharma Professionals Training Course

The leading project management course designed specifically for the pharma/bio industries – also applicable to those working in medical devices and animal health Includes: Interactive workshop sessions

★★★★★ "Perfect balance between lectures and exercises."

17-18 June 2024
+ 26-27 September 2024, 9-10 December 2024 »

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Course Overview

Drug and device development is a complex process which needs effective project management. With ever-increasing pressures in the industry, the use of project management can provide essential tools and techniques, including agile, and be a key factor in the successful completion of bringing a drug or medical device to market.

This interactive two-day course has been designed to provide you with a thorough understanding of both technical and interpersonal project management skills. 

Interactive exercises are used to aid the learner in the application of project management concepts and principles so they can easily use the tools to improve the success of existing or future pharmaceutical projects.

The programme will include a number of sessions where you will be able to apply some of the techniques to a simulated pharmaceutical case study as well as your own projects. You are therefore encouraged to bring a real project you are currently involved in or will be working on to which you can apply some of the concepts and techniques. There is no need to disclose any confidential information about your project.

Benefits of attending:

  • Acquire an in-depth understanding of technical project management methodologies and techniques to apply to pharma/bio projects, including agile project management
  • Learn how to incorporate these project management processes into everyday working practices and your current projects
  • Understand how to blend together both the technical aspects of project management and the essential interpersonal skills
  • Discover how to build core competencies to become an even more effective project manager
  • Discuss how to get the best results in a project team environment

This training course is part of our collection of Leadership & Management Training Courses which focus on leadership, innovation, strategy, communication, finance, problem solving and conflict management, to name a few key areas.

Aims and objectives

The objective of this course is to ensure you gain a comprehensive understanding of the tools and techniques of project management and discover how they can be applied straight away to your own pharma/bio or medical device projects. The programme has been specially designed to ensure that you:

  • Understand technical project management tools and techniques and can apply these to your work
  • Examine the competencies appropriate for an effective project manager
  • Identify the project critical path and use this information to assist in planning decisions
  • Gain a better understanding of the essential personal skills which are necessary to achieve project objectives

Who should attend

This course has been specifically designed to address the needs of pharma/bio professionals as well as those in the medical device and animal health industries.

The programme will benefit both newly appointed and established project team leaders/managers wishing to refresh or update their skills.

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The Project Management for Pharma Professionals course will cover:

What is a Project / Project Management in the pharma/bio industry?

  • Defining the key characteristics of project management and their importance to the bio/pharma industry
  • Using a project management process for improving the success of your own projects, including agile project management
  • Sharing experiences and lessons learned from previous bio/pharma projects

Setting clear project objectives and defining the scope of pharma/bio projects

  • Aligning the project objectives with the strategic and financial business objectives
  • Defining the result, the cost and the time
  • Understanding the importance of having an overall strategy for your projects

Detailed project planning of pharma/bio projects

  • Identifying the key project activities using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Allocate responsibilities using the responsibility matrix
  • Planning a realistic schedule using Gantt analysis and setting clear milestones
  • Budget planning, Communication plan, Quality plan
  • Implementing risk management and contingency planning for your project
  • Experiences of project management software and tracking systems

Project implementation and control for your projects

  • Identifying the possible causes of problems in pharmaceutical/bio projects
  • Effective communication and how to manage stakeholders
  • Overcoming enablers and constraints of your projects
  • Implementing project control and reporting systems
  • Monitoring project activities and performance

Project review and closure

  • Close the project
  • Identifying the critical success factors and learning from mistakes

Pharma/bio leadership skills

  • Defining the role and skills of effective pharma project leaders
  • Improving your interpersonal skills as a leader

Motivate to achieve project milestones

  • Understand how to motivate different people and what motivates your project team
  • Completion of a self-evaluation questionnaire

Building pharma/bio project teams

  • How to modify your leadership style to get the best results in a project team environment
  • Building a high performance team

Project communication and cross-cultural communication skills

  • Effective communication and how to gain project buy-in
  • Preventing and overcoming misunderstandings and dealing with conflict
  • Communicating effectively with the project stakeholders including cross culturally

Project time management

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Laura Brown
LB Training and Development Ltd

Dr Laura Brown is an independent pharmaceutical project management and training consultant and Senior Lecturer for the MSc in Clinical Research at the School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff. Laura has more than 20 years’ experience of managing projects in the pharmaceutical industry and has worked for several companies including GSK, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Good Clinical Research Practices and Phoenix International. Laura has completed an MBA, with specialisation in project management. She is also the external project management expert for a pharmaceutical e-learning MSc module in project management and the author of two books on the subject including the leading title, Project Management for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

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17-18 June 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13704

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  • EUR 1,439
  • USD 1,639

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26-27 September 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13876

  • GBP 799 999
  • EUR 1,159 1,439
  • USD 1,327 1,639

Until 22 Aug

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9-10 December 2024

Live online

Course code 14084

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  • EUR 1,159 1,439
  • USD 1,327 1,639

Until 04 Nov

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Reviews of IPI's Project Management for Pharma Professionals training course

The webinar gives a very good basic understanding of the project management challenges and efficient ways to overcome them. It was very useful for me and motivated me to learn more. The speaker is clearly an expert in the field and a very good teacher. I can definitely recommend it for anyone starting their careers as a project manager.

Mar 11 2024

Andrii Domanskyi
Senior research scientist, Orion Corporation

Sep 28 2023

Perfect balance between lectures and exercises.

Gabit Nurumbetov

Jun 19 2023

The speaker has great expertise and exposure in the Pharma field. - I was very appreciative to receive some of this insight and apply it.

Monika Stampfl
Project Manager , Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Sep 28 2023

Content was very good, you get a lot of information. Great idea to break into groups to work on the topics. Presentation was good, visuals and videos. Speaker was good and knowledgeable.

Dawn Parsonage
Senior Associate Global Compliance & Planning, Kyowa Kirin International plc

Mar 13 2023

Overall - the content, presentation and speaker was very good!

Nanyamka Braham
Head of Regulatory Affairs and Development Project Lead, ProQR Therapeutics

Mar 13 2023

The webinar covered all relevant aspects of project management and is a great opportunity to get an overview and to find areas where you want to deepen your knowledge. Laura seems to be an expert in the field. I really liked how the webinar was tailored to people with a pharma background.

Rike Brunner
Project Manager for Global Animal Health Product Development, Klifovet GmbH

Dec 8 2022

Webinar content is comprehensive and suitable for professionals with different level of experience, presentation and speaker are interesting and attention-holding

Dragana Kostic
Product development project manager, Hemofarm AD, Pharma industry

Dec 8 2022

Very engaging, good pace, loved the examples and practical advice she gave. Some courses I've taken on project management were very dry and lacked the human component of managing projects effectively. She brought in valuable content that was easily applied. Even though she was ill, she kept her energy high and interactive with the group. Very knowledgeable about the content! Loved the interaction, group brainstorming. Good mix of didactic and audience participation. Loved that this was specific to pharmaceuticals. Very practical, with a good mix of easy to understand technical and human management side for better leadership and team dynamics. Liked the short videos to emphasize some points.

Trish Hanrahan
Sr Sales Training Manager/OCM Marketing, Sunovion Pharma

Jun 20 2022

Very good clear organisation, I appreciated the fact that I got the links in advance

Wiridiana Potocka-Bielska
Medical Affairs Officer, Britannia Pharmaceuticals

Dec 8 2022

It was very engaging and there was not a single moment where I felt as though I was getting bored or waiting for the session to be over. There was a range of different material to suit everyone's learning styles.

Mariam Dad
PV Officer, Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Sep 8 2022

Very well documented, friendly, passionate and open with us.

Iolanda Toma
Portfolio Manager, Antibiotice SA

Dec 8 2022

The atmosphere was good

Pauline Hinz
Strategic Supply Chain Manager, Cheplapharm GmbH

Sep 9 2021

Really clear and helpful. It was a very good training course

Misha Ladva
Manager, PharmaLex UK Services Limited (Tring Office)

Sep 9 2021

Overall, I thought the webinar was very good. It was general enough where it could benefit everyone regardless of how much project management experience you had, but detailed enough to keep the interest of those with more project management experience.

Brian Spry
Project Manager, Fresenius Kabi USA

Sep 9 2021

I felt this webinar was very thorough with excellent content and exercises. The presenter was also excellent - well informed, competent and interesting.

Helen Carlile
Project Manager, Thirty Five Bio

Sep 9 2021

Precisely the content I was looking for, presented at an appropriate pace and delivered well by Dr. Brown.

Lyndon Marble
Syner-G Pharma Consulting, LLC

Sep 9 2021

Very nicely presented, organised but not boring at all. Thank you so much.

Sara Karbanova
PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s.

Dec 10 2020

The course was really complete and helpful. Practise exercises are really useful and the course is very interactive, so makes it more attractive.

Hector Perez-Montoyo
Director of Biological Research and Project Manager, Ability Pharmaceuticals SL

Dec 10 2020

Laura is great speaker and teacher. Unequivocally the best.

Kristyna Benediktova
Project Manager, Zentiva k.s.

Dec 9 2019

Laura Brown was really dynamic. She used good examples and support and I was pleasantly surprised to see a good interaction in the group.

Laura Champion
Principal Drug Product Development Scientist, MedinCell

Jul 1 2019

Laura is a brilliant trainer with a deep understanding and experience in Pharma industry.

Tomoe Felder
Manager, Clinical Excellence Operations, Clinical Development, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG

Jul 1 2019

The speaker definitely keeps your attention and makes it interesting – it is clear that she has been an expert in the field for years.

Elena Núñez
Pharmaceutical Development Manager, Takeda

Jul 1 2019

It was a good course, the speaker was knowledgeable, glad to come back with interesting templates and tools.

Anne-Lise Glotin
Project and CMO Manager, MEDINCELL

Jul 1 2019

A good speaker!

Allen Lee
Associate Director, PharmaEngine

Jul 1 2019

This course was very informative and covers all aspects of project management as well as personal leadership skills. It gave us many tools and advice to apply in our practice to be successful project manager. We had a very dynamic group, very international and with various background so it was very inspiring for the group exercises. Laura is a very good speaker and trainer, she gave good dynamics to the group.

Flore-Anne Mayne
Medical Information Specialist, Janssen Biologics

Jul 1 2019

Both the content and the speaker show a high level for the topic 'Pharma project management'.

Elena Núñez
Pharmaceutical Development Manager, Takeda

Jul 2 2018

Brilliant, well tailored and appropriate for all pharma professionals.

Kim Adams
Medical Adviser, Boehringer Ingelheim

Jul 2 2018

Laura delivered the training very well and made it both informative and enjoyable. Very good, very well delivered by Laura.

Claire Keatings
Portfolio Manager , Benchmark Animal Health

Dec 6 2018

Great training, with a seasoned speaker. Anecdotes are always a great way to learn.

Diane Sampson
Project Manager , ENYO Pharma

Dec 6 2018

Very good course to help new and experienced project managers in the pharma sector. The speaker is very knowledgeable and touches the more important points in this vas subject. The course is very interactive and motivating.

Hamidou Traore
Project Manager RA, Laboratoires SMB S.A.

Jul 2 2018

Very engaging - inclusive respectful of group pace. Fast paced at the end but not a problem as we have the notes.

Amanda Lewis
Project Manager, Ipsen Biopharm Ltd

Dec 6 2018

It was an overall good course

Maria Pereira
Research Scientist, PhD, Novo Nordisk A/S

Dec 11 2017

A very good starter course led by an experienced speaker with a good balance of lecture/workshops type seminars

Edward Dziadulewicz
Medical Science Liaison, Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Dec 11 2017

Great! Topped up my understanding and reminded me of long forgotten things

Andrew Dean
Regulatory Consultant, Apothecom Limited

Jul 6 2017

Really interesting to exchange with other people. Course very international. Work team exercise was really good to learn about PM.

Yordina Govinden
Senior Regulatory Affairs Officer, Sanofi Pasteur

Dec 11 2017

I enjoyed it

Evelyn Redondo
Logistics Manager, AZAD Pharmaceutical Ingredients AG

Dec 11 2017

Good overall summary of main items to consider for Project management. Good practice tools

Daniela Ferrari
Assistant Coordinator Foreign Registrations, Kedrion SpA

Dec 11 2017

Good speaker and presentation. I appreciated video and exercises

Michela Saisi
PMO Senior Specialist, Kedrion S.p.A

Jul 6 2017

Generally I was satisfied with the course. It enabled me to identify some field for improvements in my work and provided tools to achieve that.

Silvija Cindrić Katić
Project Manager - R&D Project Management, Xellia

Jul 6 2017

The course was very informative and gave us useful insights of the project management process / tools to employ in addition to team management ideas.

Constantina Chronopoulou
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Medochemie Ltd

Jul 6 2017

I think the course covered many aspects, not only project management but also communication and leadership behaviours. Laura is a very experienced and professional speaker and she shared many personal experiences which makes the course more interesting as well.

Karin Nordbladh
Clinical Research Manager, McNeil AB - A Johnson & Johnson Company

Jul 6 2017

Laura brought a lot of positive energy into the room, which helped to get through a very large number of slides. I enjoyed the course.

Thorsten Laux
International Project Leader, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Dec 11 2017

Good especially the second day on soft skills

Sauro Bonellli
Scientist, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Jul 4 2016

Well organised, great content, lots of reading and research materials

Aman Dhanoa
PV Administrator, Hospira UK Ltd

Jul 4 2016

Fantastic speaker. Highly recommend to persons who are/will be in charge of Project manger. Very well-organised presentation and introduce us various options to learn more by self-study.

Takatoshi Ozawa
Project Manager, Kowa Research Europe Ltd

Dec 8 2016

Overall good with a lot of information in a short time

Stina Lindman
Senior Scientist, Camurus AB

Dec 8 2016

Very useful course for both those with and without experience

Lisa Hughes
Deputy QPPV - PV Operations, Actavis UK Ltd

Jul 4 2016

A good overview of project management skills that allow you to consolidate knowledge you already have and a good taster for those who don't. The presentation was very professional using various media and the speaker was very engaging.

Susan Lau
Senior Regulatory Advisor, Subiaco Associates Ltd

Dec 8 2016

It was well delivered

William Hind
Pharmacology Projects Manager, GW Pharmaceuticals

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