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An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Training Course

This programme will give you an invaluable overview of the pharmaceutical industry, from discovery of the molecule through development to marketing.

★★★★★ "I hoped to find a comprehensive abstract about pharmaceutical industries and that's exactly what I f... more (37)"

13 September 2024 »
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Course overview

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are both complex and developing at a rapid pace. This intensive one-day course will give you an invaluable overview, refresher and update on all the important aspects from discovery of the molecule through development to marketing. The interactive programme will provide a step-by-step understanding of the main areas of drug development and will discuss the roles and responsibilities of key departments and how they work and interact together. 

There will be interactive discussion sessions throughout the day, led by our expert course leader, and you will come away with a good knowledge of the structure and function of these industries.

This course is part of our Regulatory Affairs Training course collection, which features updates on the latest regulations to registration procedures and strategies.

Who should attend?

This event will be of interest to all those looking to develop their knowledge of how the pharma/biotech industries work. It will be particularly helpful for those wanting to understand what other departments do, for new staff working in the industry and for non-scientific and administrative personnel.

Why you should attend

  • Increase your understanding of the pharma/biotech industries
  • Develop your knowledge of the stages of drug development from drug discovery through to marketing
  • Get to grips with the phases of clinical trials, regulatory processes and pharmacovigilance requirements
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of key departments and how they work together
  • Demystify the technical terminology and jargon

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This course will cover:

How the Pharma/Biotech Industries Develop Medicines

  • Overview of drug development
  • Framework of the industry – research, development and manufacture of pharma products on an international level
  • Difference between pharma and biotech drug development
  • Drug discovery
  • Non-clinical/pre-clinical – the importance of examining safety
  • Technologies and innovations across the industry

Demystifying the Jargon and Terminology

Roles and Responsibilities of the People in the Pharma/Biotech Industries

Clinical Trials

  • Phases of clinical research – phase 1 to phase IV and range of clinical trials
  • Setting up and running of clinical trials
  • Quality of the data – monitoring, auditing and compliance with GCP innovations in running clinical trials


  • Understanding safety reporting and signal detection
  • Definitions and periodic and drug safety update reports

Regulatory Processes

  • Overview of regulatory submissions and approval procedures for pharma/biotech products including EU and FDA procedures
  • The importance of ICH including the electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD)
  • The EU Clinical Trial Regulation

Commercial Considerations for how Medicines are Marketed and Sold

  • Marketing terminology and activities

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Laura Brown
LB Training and Development Ltd

Dr Laura Brown is a pharmaceutical management consultant and Senior Lecturer of the MSc in Clinical Research at the School of Pharmacy, University of Cardiff. Laura has more than 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry and has held senior positions with companies such as GSK, Hoechst Marion Roussel, Farmitalia and Phoenix International. She regularly writes on pharmaceutical drug development and regulatory issues including ‘The Planning of International Drug Development’ in the Clinical Research Manual and ‘The Impact of Brexit’ in the RQA journal.

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13 September 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13885

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Reviews of IPI's An Essential Overview of the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries training course

Laura is an exceptional expert in her field and it is great to have someone so knowledgeable and qualified to train on this topic.

Jan 19 2024

Kimberley Ormerod
Senior Group HR Manager, Boyds

Jan 19 2024

Laura is an exceptional expert in her field and it is great to have someone so knowledgeable and qualified to train on this topic.

Kimberley Ormerod
Senior Group HR Manager, Boyds

May 12 2023

I hoped to find a comprehensive abstract about pharmaceutical industries and that's exactly what I found

Fabrice GALZIN
Director marketing, Groupe ProductLife

Jan 20 2023

The content of the training was of great quality. Laura is an excellent speaker with much knowledge in this topic and there were many opportunities for interaction

Joana Reis
Medical Advice and Communications Specialist, Yacht BV

Sep 15 2023

Laura was a very experienced speaker who presented well. I liked the interactive parts.

Eve Megaw
Millicent Pharma

Sep 15 2023

Clear and precise presenter. Clear that Laura had a good an in depth knowledge of the industry. All very good and well presented. Enjoyed the webinar and would recommend to others.

Emma Fox
Office Manager, Theravance Suite 101

May 12 2023

Very good course and I am going to recommend another colleague attends.

Julie Hollowell
Contracts Manager, Alan Boyd Consultants Ltd

Jan 20 2023

I really liked finding out about the different phases of a clinical trial as this is something I didn't previously know and it was explained really well! I liked that there were areas where we could engage such as creating our own pharma company using our understanding from the course.

Eleanor Brumby
Marketing Assisstant, Alan Boyd Consultants Ltd

Mar 1 2022

very well presented... It was a good mix of presentation and interactive work.

Alicia Ladwig
Market Intelligence Manager, HELM AG

May 7 2021

A very well run course, speaker was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

Sarah Robbins
HR Advisor, PCI Pharma Services

May 7 2021

All fine

Jusna Begum
Medical Operations Coordinator, GW Pharmaceuticals PLC

May 7 2021

Nice and interesting presentation

Charlotte Billy
Biostatatiscien, Ceva Santé Animal

May 7 2021

I was impressed and happy with the content, presentation and speakers. [Laura] was very good and the training was interesting and even though it was a full day, it never felt boring or dull.

Cleagh Sinclair
Associate Director Business Development, Certara Germany GmbH

Oct 21 2019

Laura is great, very engaging and knowledgeable! I really enjoyed this training and will recommend it to my colleagues!

Katarzyna Mendela
Finance Assistant, PSE Ltd

Oct 21 2019

I enjoyed the course and particularly liked the small group and interactive exercises. It was very useful in terms of content and information, well presented, speaker was good and had a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Andria Pelava
Development Scientist, Iksuda Therapeutics

Oct 21 2019

The course exceeded my expectations. The course tutor was fantastic, covering a lot of information with a great tone, humour (at the right times) and interaction throughout. I really enjoyed the course and would recommend to others. Overall, an excellent day's training, managed very well by an obvious industry expert, with a great opportunity to network with industry people.

Andrew Veevers
Learning Development Manager, Brecon Anderson UK Ltd

Nov 9 2018

Laura was very attentive to the delegates' diverse work experiences and expectations and so knowledgeable!

Catherine Jeannot
Language Teacher-Pharmacy Faculty, Université Paris Sud

Nov 9 2018

A clear presentation . Speaker was pertinent and has an expert knowledge in pharmaceutical industry, updates the current events

Lingling DAI
Business Development Manager, LFB Biomedicament

Nov 9 2018

The speaker was very engaging, easy to listen to and made the course content easy to understand for newcomers - no jargon!

Tasmin Morgan
Operations Manager, Ridge Pharma

Nov 9 2018

The course was well organised, covered all areas of interest. The speaker had a lot of knowledge on the subject and she delivered the information well.

Yulia Degtyareva
Scientist, Philips

Nov 9 2018

I found the course very informative and enjoyable, Laura was very knowledgeable and made everything easy to understand.

Emily MacKenzie
Sponsorship and Partnerships Manager, British Society for Rheumatology

Nov 24 2017

The course was great, well prepared and well spoken.

Monica Milani
Redacteur Scientifique , GALDERMA Recherche & Developpement

Nov 24 2017

Very good content, engaging speaker

Yasmin Hubbard
Admin Associate III, International Medical Affairs, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Europe) Limited

Nov 24 2017

Very informative. The speaker kept everyone engaged by involving them in group task was a good way to interact and learn more about other areas of the industry

Kit Graham
Warehouse Operative, GW Pharm

Nov 24 2017

All areas were excellent. The booklet accompanying the presentation was very helpful

Grace McIntyre
Warehouse Technician, GW Pharmaceuticals

Nov 24 2017

Very enjoyable overall, I feel this will help my learning and development

Tanya Killick
Medical Administrative Associate, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Europe) Limited

Nov 24 2017

Very well organised course, with a very knowledgable and friendly presenter giving clear and concise information. Very useful to people new to the industry and a good revision for others.

Shona Rhydderch
Analytical Chemist, TauRx Therapeutics Ltd

May 12 2017

I felt that a newbie to Pharmaceuticals it was a perfect course for me to have a overview without being too complicated. There was a lot to cover and I think Laura delivered the course well and was happy to answer questions when asked.

Sharon Shoveller
Supply Chain Distribution Administrator, GW Pharma Ltd

May 12 2017

Overall I am very happy with the course

Paul Fitton
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Presspart

Nov 10 2016

I thought the course was good and I liked the fact that we was able to get to work with different people. The presentation was good, it was broken down step by step to give everyone a better understand and it was very easy to follow. The speaker was very professional.

Cher Kelly
Document Control Assistant , GW pharma

Nov 10 2016

Very good course- I would recommend to my colleagues

Hayley West
Preclinical Coordinator , GW Pharmaceuticals

Nov 10 2016

The course was insightful and carefully structured. The presentation was basic and effective through powerpoint. The speaker was excellent, clear and concise.

Dhirenkumar Mistry
Marketing, Arriello Ireland Limited

Nov 10 2016

Excellent, best course I have been on to date

Sharna King
G Pharm

May 13 2016

I thought the content was appropriate and very well presented but there was a lot to cover in one day. I thought Laura was excellent and presented very well and I thought the execution of the event was run smoothly and efficiently by Management Forum.

Susan Delaney
National Scientific Advice Administrator, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

May 13 2016

Very good content, but not enough time to discuss in more details, or to ask more questions

Sophie Ferruit
Scientific writer, Monachem

May 13 2016

The content and presentation were interesting and followed a logic pattern. The speaker was very clear and engaging.

Quazi Hussain
Vigilance Risk Management Student Placement, Mundipharma Research Limited

May 13 2016

All areas well covered, all questions answered. Pleasant speaker.

Leanne Gosling

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