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An Introduction to the Medical Device Regulation

This seminar provides a detailed introduction to the European medical device legislation. It will explain the Regulation and which products are covered, the involvement of Notified Bodies, how to choose one and outline what a manufacturer must do.

10-12 Nov 2021 + 4 more dates

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  • Format: Live online, Classroom
  • CPD: 18 hours for your records
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Course Overview

This seminar provides an invaluable overview of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR). The interactive programme will explain the new legislation and which products are covered, the involvement of Notified Bodies and how to choose one and will outline a manufacturer’s responsibilities. It will also cover the documentation necessary to apply for the CE mark.

This is an excellent introduction from leading experts in the field and delegates should expect three days of intensive training.

For a more advanced follow-on course from this, please see our Advanced Regulatory Affairs for Medical Devices which you may also be interested in.

Who should attend

Past delegates include those working in regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and technical support. This event will be of particular interest to all personnel who are new to the medical device industry, all those who intend to place a medical device on the market and anyone who requires an overview of the medical device sector.

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The An Introduction to the Medical Device Regulation course will cover:

What is a medical device?

  • Definition
  • Examples

Europe and the MDR – overview of the regulations applicable for bringing a medical device to market

Economic operators and other parties

  • Who are they?
  • How do they interrelate?
  • What are their responsibilities?

Classification of devices

  • What are the classes and how do we classify devices?

Conformity assessment procedures

  • The routes to CE marking
  • What is required for each class of device?

Workshop 1: Classification

Manufacturers’ responsibilities

  • Technical file and design dossier requirements

Quality systems

  • EN ISO 13485: 2012 and 2016
  • The requirements for a quality system

Labelling of devices

  • Use of language and symbols
  • Instructions for use

Workshop 2: Labelling

Clinical evaluations

  • European regulatory environment
  • When are clinical investigations necessary?
  • What is required by the competent authority, Ethics Committee and Notified Body?

Workshop 3: CE marking

Medical device vigilance

  • Adverse event reporting
  • Reporting requirements
  • Post-market surveillance (PMS)

Workshop 4: Vigilance

Drug/device combinations

  • Drug or device?
  • Examples of classification

Devices incorporating material of animal origin

  • Animal-derived materials legislation
  • Directive 2003/32/EC

The revision to the regulations for medical devices

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Janette Benaddi

Janette Benaddi is a business mentor, international speaker/trainer and consultant to the medical device industry. Janette has over 25 years’ experience of managing pre and post market clinical studies in both devices and pharmaceuticals. Janette has worked with several multinational organizations in various clinical, regulatory and marketing roles.

She has extensive experience of conducting clinical studies with medical device products as well as regulatory expertise for CE marking of devices. Specifically she has been involved in writing and reviewing hundreds of Clinical evaluation reports for the medical device industry, she has also provided training to Notified bodies in this subject.

Janette qualified as a registered nurse in 1984, she has a BSc in Management studies, a Diploma in Company Direction, and a Diploma in Management studies, holds a teaching certificate and is a Chartered Scientist and Chartered Director. Janette sits on several committees in the device community and industry and has been an instrumental advocate of improving and advancing medical device research in the UK. Janette has published several articles relating to medical device regulation and clinical studies.

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Will Burton

Will Burton, Director of Russell Square Quality Representatives (RSQR) Ltd, is engaged in providing a range of consultancy and training services to the international medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry sectors. Prior to founding RSQA in 1995, Will was the Professional Services Manager of the Manufacturer Registration Scheme Business Unit of the UK Medical Devices Agency (now MHRA).

He is a Pharmacist, Medicinal Product Qualified Person, Medical Device Expert and registered international lead assessor. He managed the UK team of medical device expert assessors performing worldwide quality systems audits of medical device manufacturers against the requirements of the Department of Health’s Quality Systems Documents which formed the foundation for ISO 13485. He has very extensive auditing and quality systems experience and was closely involved in the selection, training and monitoring of UK Notified Bodies. He continues to perform QMS audits to ISO 13485 worldwide and has lectured internationally on related topics.

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Theresa Jeary

Theresa Jeary holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical Science and is eligible to be a Pharmaceutical Qualified Person. Theresa has over 25 years’ experience working in both the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industries and has worked in a variety of roles across the full development cycle from product concept and early stage development, process transfer, validation and regulatory departments, and has been involved in the development of many commercially available medicinal and medical device products.

She has over 10 years Notified Body experience working at BSi as a technical expert and until January held the position of Head of Notified Body at LRQA. Her area of technical expertise is in device-drug combinations and borderline classifications, and she has completed many successful consultations in this area with many European Competent Authorities and EMA.

Theresa now works as a consultant to the Pharmaceutical and Medical device sectors and is a frequently invited speaker on medical device legislation and combination products.

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10-12 Nov 2021

Live online

09:00-16:45 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:00-17:45 Paris (UTC+01)
04:00-11:45 New York (UTC-05)
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8-10 Feb 2022

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18-20 May 2022

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1-3 Aug 2022

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8-10 Nov 2022

Live online

09:00-17:15 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:00-18:15 Paris (UTC+01)
04:00-12:15 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 11759

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Until 04 Oct

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Reviews of IPI's An Introduction to the Medical Device Regulation training course

Excellent!! Speakers were very knowledgeable and approachable.

May 12 2021

Morag Appleton
Pharmacovigilance Manager, Dermal Laboratories Ltd

May 12 2021

A very good all round course. I learnt a lot and will take the information away with me to use in my dealings with Medical Devices.

Jennine Walker
Clinical Affairs Manager, Dermal Laboratories Ltd

Nov 11 2019

Very knowledgeable speakers. The content was excellent, it is a difficult task to try and squeeze so much information into just three days!

Sarah Coverdale
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Robinson Healthcare Limited

May 15 2019

Good content, good activities, good presentations and very experienced speakers.

Luis Mendoza Burgos
Head of Global Patient Safety, Ipsen Ltd

May 15 2019

it was very interesting and detailed. The speakers were understandable and kind. I particularly found that Janette was inspiring.

Joan Wan
RA Pharmacist, Guerbet

May 15 2019

The course was well laid out in terms of topics and depth. Each topic was touched on in day one, but knowledge and understanding was built upon each day, which increased retention. The speakers were all very knowledgable on their subjects and easy to approach with any questions.

Isha Hodgson
Test Lab Supervisor, Becton Dickinson

May 15 2019

Before the course I knew very little on MDR and now my visibility has hugely increased. The content was heavy but just right. The presentation and speakers were balanced and paced perfectly. I can not say anything to improve.

Jeffrey Watts
Principal Quality Engineer, BD

May 15 2019

It was a well organised course with knowledgable speakers. The content is very broad but to the point.

Emma Van Til
Regulatory Affairs Associate , Ophtec B.V.

Nov 11 2019

After completing the course, I feel much more aware of the current regulatory environment surrounding medical devices. Overall, I would say that this training achieved what was intended. I particularly liked the workshops that allowed us to apply what we learned and apprecaiated how many resources were provided to us through the course of the training. The topics selected were pretty comprehensive, I found that the collective expertise of the presenters was top class and the information was generally well represented. I would definitely opt to attend another Management Forum training event – very professional and well organized.

Liz Renzaglia
Product Excellence Assistant, Oystershell NV

Nov 11 2019

All of the speakers were engaging and demonstrated expertise and knowledge of the subject. They encouraged discussion and debate regarding new regulations and used a range of teaching styles. The resources issued were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the workshops as an opportunity to learn from the experience of the speakers and course participants.

Marcella Capper
Head of Medical Devices, Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Nov 11 2019

I hoped to achieve an overall picture of the new Medical Device Regulation and I think I accomplished that. The level of detail was very good and the topics touched on all of the key areas. Janette was excellent. She had very good practical examples throughout the course and made sure she spoke to all of the people attending – it was not dependent on the experience of the participants. I can highly recommend any course with Janette to my colleagues, she made everyone feel welcomed and at ease. There were lots of practical examples and the topics flowed logically. The course provided me with a very good overview of the MDR with valuable practical examples.

Eeva Dickens
QA Compliance Specialist, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Europe Ltd

May 15 2019

Very comprehensive, complete overview, interesting topics, great speakers, good organisation as well!

Steven Vinkx
Quality Engineer, Quality by Design

Nov 12 2018

Very practical and useful course which provides a general view of the MD regulation in Europe.

Emmanuelle Tourte
Head of Regulatory Compliance & Data Management, Guerbet

May 14 2018

Good, informative, friendly, flexible.

Jo Mair
Project Manager, University of Edinburgh

Nov 20 2017

Good presenter, I really understood the course.

Ramandeep Walia
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Limited

Nov 20 2017

Great course!

Tracy Leong
Quality Lead, BTG

Nov 20 2017

Good selection of speakers and comprehensive

Martin Aigner
Quality Product Owner, Baxter AG

May 8 2017

The course was excellent with extremely knowledgeable presenters who were open to discussion and had good real world examples during the presentations

Daniel Jacob

May 8 2017

Content was very informative and the speakers were brilliant, knowledgable

Christina Obafemi
Walgreens Boots Alliance Services Limited

May 8 2017


Mirusha Thanaseelan
Regulatory Affairs Associate , Weifa AS

Nov 8 2016

Enjoyable, informative,

Sorcha Murphy
Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd.

Nov 8 2016

Very good comprehensive overview. Speakers show experience and motivations. Presentations helpful.

Beata Bulawa
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Grunenthal GmbH

Nov 8 2016

High class speakers, very knowledgeable

Michelle Pugh
Quality Manager, Inivata Ltd

Nov 8 2016

Appropriate level of detail

Oliver Gazeley
Sector Project Manager - Med/Sci, DCA Design International Ltd

Nov 8 2016

Very well organized, speakers very competent

Francesca Porchia
Regulatory Affairs Specialist , Abiogen Pharma S.p.A.

May 9 2016

Good course

Ali Mohammed AlHawas
Saudi Food and Drug Authority

May 9 2016

It was informative

Abdullah Khalaf Siran
Saudi Food and Drug Authority

Nov 8 2016

Very good

Lene Ultved
Customer Feedback Professional, LEO Pharma

May 9 2016

It is a good course to start for anyone interested in medical device regulations

Thamer Abdullah AlArwan
Saudi Food and Drug Authority


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