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Successful Leadership

Gain key leadership skills needed to fulfil your career with this 10 module on-line course, allowing 3 to 4 hours each module to be completed in your own time.

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  • 10 Modules

Course overview

It is now accepted that leaders are made not born and this course can prove it, and improve your leadership skills.

If you have the potential to lead you can benefit from a combined total of almost 100 years experience of advising leaders around the world and take an important step ahead in your career with Falconbury’s ten module on-line leadership course.

You’ll gain a valuable overview of leadership theory, both classic and cutting-edge, practical advice and proven techniques on translating theory into practice – winning trust, inspiring and motivating your team, overcoming problems and tapping into creativity. Above all, you’ll learn more about yourself, your own leadership style and how to turn it to your advantage.

How does this on-line programme work and what do you get?

  • Course access from anywhere through your own personal login and administration suite
  • Keep track of your progress as you go
  • Easy to use note taking and bookmarking facility to return to areas of interest and re-study
  • Individual modules or the full course can be downloaded as PDF files to print or file as you decided
  • At your convenience: at your desk, from your tablet or from your home computer
  • An optional on-line multiple choice assessment at the end of the course for you to ensure you are satisfied with the completion of your training
  • Certificate of completion awarded for your training records

    Course benefits include:

    • Boost your confidence through newly-acquired knowledge and techniques
    • Increase your value as a strategic contributor to the organisation
    • Empower yourself to deal with colleagues from a position of strength
    • Make a quantum leap in your career development

    Who should enrol

    • Newly-appointed team leaders seeking the best available advice at the start of their leadership career
    • Senior executives who believe they can learn from acknowledged experts and who wish to review their leadership style
    • Those with ambitions to lead in the future and the wish to give themselves the best-possible chance of success
    • Anyone who aspires to be a truly inspiring and effective leader

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    Certificate of excellence

    Participants are invited to undertake a final assessment in the form of an online multiple-choice paper. A pass rate of 80% and above is required to ensure that a high level of competency has been achieved within the subject area, where upon you will receive a ‘Certificate of Excellence’.

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    The Successful Leadership course will cover:

    • MODULE 1 - Leadership Questionnaire
      • Mastering the Art of Leadership
      • The Questions
    • MODULE 2 - What you need to know
      • Close-quarter leadership
      • Leadership theories, role models – and commonsense
      • Leadership and the achievement ethic
      • Leadership: the most valuable attributes of a leader
    • MODULE 3 - What you need to do
      • ‘Buy-in’, not by-pass: the rules of engagement
      • Performance management
      • Dealing with poor performers
      • Managing meetings
    • MODULE 4 - Getting the best from individuals
      • Great leaders develop more great leaders
      • Motivation and leadership
    • MODULE 5 - Getting the best from teams
      • Taking the business forward – leading the innovative team
      • Team management
    • MODULE 6 - Decision-making and problem-solving
      • Decision-making and problem-solving skills
      • Decisions – that’s what leaders are paid for…
      • Keeping things moving
    • MODULE 7 - Creativity and innovation
      • Leading innovation – taking the organization forward
      • Creativity and innovation
      • Planning and managing your projects
    • MODULE 8 - Communication skills
      • Communication and presentation skills
      • Listening and communicating to others – some basic rules
      • Thinking about internal communications
      • Channels of communication
    • MODULE 9 - Leadership gurus on leadership
      • John Adair – Action Centred Leadership (ACL)
      • Warren Bennis – ‘The Dean of leadership gurus’
      • Robert Blake and Jane Mouton – The grid people
      • Ken Blanchard – The one minute manager
      • Peter Drucker – Management by objectives
      • Fred Fiedler – The contingency theory man
      • Daniel Goleman – The emotional intelligence (EQ) man
      • Paul Hersey – the Situational approach
      • Manfred Kets de Vries – The psychology of leadership
      • John Kotter – The leader and change
      • James M Kouzes and Barry Posner – Leadership and followership
      • Nicolo Machiavelli – The Prince
      • Abraham Maslow – The motivation man
      • Douglas McGregor – The theory X and theory Y man (or carrot and stick approach)
      • David McClelland – Achievement, affiliation and power motivation
      • Tom Peters – The revolutionary leadership guru
      • WJ Reddin – Three Dimensional Leadership Grid
      • Tannenbaum and Schmidt – The leadership continuum
      • Abraham Zaleznik – Leadership versus management
    • MODULE 10 - Leadership questionnaire
      • Mastering the Art of Leadership
      • The Questions

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    John Adair

    John Adair works as an international consultant in leadership and management development and has been listed among the 40 men and women who have done most to change the face of management today.

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    James Farrant

    James Farrant is a Partner of The Farrant Partnership. He was a producer, director and series editor in broadcast factual TV before setting up his own communications and video production company. The Farrant Partnership specialises in internal communications and training. James Farrant also chairs and facilitates public and in-company seminars and conferences.

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    Mark Thomas

    Mark Thomas is a highly successful international business consultant and trainer who has worked with some of the world’s major businesses in the fields of strategy, change management, human resources and executive development. He is a highly experienced speaker and business presenter who has worked in over 40 different countries around the world. As a consultant he has successfully sold major consulting projects and development initiatives. In addition to his consulting work Mark has authored several books and is a regular conference speaker on strategy, change management, people management and other organisational issues. Prior to becoming a Partner with Performance Dynamics, he worked for several years with Price Waterhouse Management Consultants in London. He is also a visiting faculty member at leading international business schools. He also advised on the business and organisational change issues arising out of strategic reviews and both private and public sector re-organisations.

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    Mike Williams

    Mike Williams M.Sc. is an international management consultant who established his company, Michael Williams & Partners, in 1979 and now works closely with associate companies in Geneva, Vienna and Copenhagen. He is also a director on the Board of British Ceramic Tile, based in Devon, UK. His main clients include leading Business Schools, e.g. IMD at Lausanne and the Theseus Institute, located in Nice, as well as several universities and a wide range of companies and consultancies throughout Europe, Canada and the United States. Mike is a member of the British Psychological Society, the Institute of Directors and the Association of Management Education & Development.

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