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Liabilities, Damages and other Contentious Issues in International Commercial Agreements Training Course

This course will give you an enhanced understanding of the detailed law of damages and liabilities for the purposes of negotiating and drafting international contracts governed by English law.

★★★★★ "Very helpful for my practice as inhouse legal counsel. Arun is a very skilled teacher and was able t... more (80)"

9-10 September 2024
+ 2-3 December 2024 »

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Course overview

Now is not the time for weaknesses in your commercial contracts - reduce your exposure to risk and liability in two essential days of training.

In today’s tough economic environment, risk and liability must be kept to a minimum for businesses to survive. During the negotiation of international commercial agreements, the exact exposure in relation to damages is often not properly identified, anticipated or understood. Frequently, the contracting parties are:

  • Unaware of the true nature of the law of damages in the chosen governing law of the contract
  • Unaware of the fundamental differences of approach in the common law and civil law systems
  • Unaware that their attempts at limiting or excluding their liability may be ineffective

This specialist two-day seminar has been specifically developed to focus exclusively on this subject. The seminar offers a wide-ranging and detailed understanding of the law of damages under English law with comparisons to civil law jurisdictions. Presented by Arun Singh, an international specialist in the field, the seminar will enable participants to effectively draft and negotiate contracts with knowledge and confidence.

The course has been designed to give a practical solution to your drafting challenges. Throughout the course the expert trainer uses a balanced mix of theory, exercises, discussion and sample clauses to ensure the learning is embedded, so you can meet your commercial objectives.

This training course is part of our Commercial Contracts Training Course collection which has been designed for the in-house lawyer.

Benefits of attending

By attending thsi course you will:

  • Learn how to identify potential legal risks and their implications
  • Expand your knowledge of pre-contract documents and pre-contractual liability
  • Get to grips with confidentiality agreements
  • Understand the differences between warranties, representations, guarantees and indemnities
  • Explore exclusions and how to limit damages
  • Examine the concepts of force majeure and economic hardship
  • Clarify direct damages, indirect damages and consequential loss
  • Consider the limits of choice of law and choice of forum clauses

Who should attend?

This course has been specially designed for:

  • Lawyers working in business, government and private practice
  • All those working in a legal context but not necessarily having law as their underlying professional qualification, including contracts managers, commercial managers and directors

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This course will cover:


  • Key differences in civil and common law
  • Identifying potential legal risks
  • Fundamental distinctions
  • Emerging trends
  • Drafting approaches
  • Introduction to comparative exercises

Pre-contract agreements – background and drafting

  • NDAs, MoUs, letters of intent
  • Pre-contractual liability
  • Good faith
  • Confidentiality agreements – binding?
  • Templates of pre-contract documents
  • Redrafting template documents

Warranties, representations, guarantees and indemnities

  • Differences
  • Which to use and when
  • Remedies for breach
  • Relationship with entire agreement
  • Indemnities – examples
  • The court approach and contra proferentem
  • Types of guarantees – performance and on demand

Exclusions and limitations of liability

  • Liability for personal injury or death
  • Liability for late delivery, performance or similar
  • How to limit the maximum aggregate damages
  • Fundamental breach vs breach of fundamental obligation
  • Specific examples of limitation of liability clauses from different jurisdictions
  • Exclusions, limitations and maximum liability

Force majeure, frustration and economic hardship

  • The concepts of force majeure and economic hardship
  • Doctrine of frustration
  • Changing circumstances and unforeseen events
  • Hardship clauses
  • Defining the events
  • Typical claims
  • The termination period
  • Re-execution/renegotiating
  • The legal effect

Comparative workshop session

Practical workshop where, using a case study as a basis, clauses will be examined that are interpreted differently in different jurisdictions, including:

  • Force majeure
  • Exclusion clauses
  • Approaches to interpretation
  • Limitation of liability
  • Liquidated damages and penalties
  • Drafting techniques

Direct, indirect damages and consequential loss

  • Types of damages
  • Damages for breach of contract
  • Back-to-back contracts
  • Physical damages
  • Costs and expenses
  • Waste
  • Loss of profit
  • Consequential losses and expenses
  • Loss of opportunity, expectation and amenity
  • Examples of clauses from common and civil law
  • Direct, indirect damages and consequential loss

Q&A Interactive Session: Identifying types of damages

Liquidated damages and penalties defined – comparative analysis

  • Recoverability of liquidated damages and penalties
  • Rules of interpretation and evidence requirement
  • Types of contract to which the rules do or do not apply
  • Types of clause to which the rules do or do not apply
  • Templates with comparative clauses
  • New Supreme Court rule on liquidated and ascertained damages and penalties –
  • Cavendish v Makdessi

Choice of law, jurisdiction and arbitration Part 1 – choice of law and jurisdiction

  • Legal basis
  • Applicable law in the absence of choice
  • Limits of choice of law
  • Natural place of jurisdiction
  • Choice of forum clauses
  • Limits of choice of forum clauses
  • Brussels and Rome Regulations – post Brexit
  • Direct applicability and the chosen law rule

Choice of law, jurisdiction and arbitration Part 2 – arbitration and dispute resolution

  • Choice of arbitration, drafting of an arbitration clause, avoiding pathological clauses
  • Alternative dispute resolution – conciliation, mediation and ADR
  • Enforcement: The New York Convention and beyond

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Arun Singh OBE

Arun Singh (Prof) OBE, FRSA is an international lawyer and consultant to an international law firm. He was formerly a partner and head of commercial law at KPMG Legal and partner at Masons (now Pinsent Masons).

Arun has advised on disputes and collaborations in a wide range of jurisdictions including Europe, countries in West and East Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Syria, the US, Caribbean, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Thailand and Singapore. Arun is cited and ranked in the Chambers Guide to the world’s leading lawyers. He concentrates on international investment, joint ventures, licensing of technology, research and development, M&A, energy, outsourcing and corporate governance in developed and emerging markets; he also handles international legal risk management matters. Arun advises a range of international organisations and is a visiting professor in International Business, Leadership and Negotiations at Salford University Business School, senior associate at Oxford University’s Institute of Legal Practice and teaches international leadership and negotiations at the University of Cambridge. He has facilitated programmes in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US.

He is a recognised corporate educator and a non-executive director of two international investment companies – one of which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, chairing the Audit Committee and Investment Committee.

He was appointed an OBE by HM the Queen in January 1999 for services to international trade, investment and intercultural management. Arun is an editor and contributor to a number of publications including Business and Contract Law (a Thorogood Special Report) and How to Lead Smart People – Leadership for Professionals (Profile Books), a facilitator for company programmes and an experienced speaker at international corporate conferences.

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9-10 September 2024

Live online

09:30-16:30 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-17:30 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-11:30 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13877

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2-3 December 2024

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09:00-17:00 UK (London)
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Reviews of IPI's Liabilities, Damages and other Contentious Issues in International Commercial Agreements training course

Highly recommend!

Mar 18 2024

Kate de Gastyne
Senior Compliance Analyst, Regal Rexnord

Mar 18 2024

Arun was amazing. He was a clear and entertaining speaker who was clearly very passionate about the subject. The course was fantastic and we had a really interesting group of people attend which helped see from different points of view.

Mikaela Morley
Contracts Manager, Sygnature Discovery Limited

Sep 13 2023

Very helpful for my practice as inhouse legal counsel. Arun is a very skilled teacher and was able to clearly explain the concepts and difficulties.

Marielle Sterk
Legal counsel , Digital Realty

Jun 19 2023

Prof. Singh is very engaging as a presenter and attempts to include all participants in discussions which makes the course more interesting. He was able to explain the nuances between legal terms used on daily basis and he clearly presented every topic. Also, his style of presenting, attitude and clever sense of humor made the course very enjoyable.

Aleksandra Ristic
Legal Counsel, TMF Group

Mar 20 2023

Excellent course and content, valuable to be a part of

Ryan Ward
Commercial Manager, EPC-UK

Nov 30 2023

The course was delivered very well, engaging us through active participation. Mr Singh has extensive experience in the course topics, and he skilfully illustrated explained concepts through numerous examples and anecdotes.

Szymon Wesolowski
Legal Officer, Fusion for Energy

Sep 13 2023

It was a very good refresher and learnt some really good points (especially on direct, indirect, losses, indemnities and force majeure). Very engaging and informative. Overall very pleased.

Isha Mirza-Bari
Senior Contracts Specialist and Solicitor, Simbec Orion

Nov 23 2022

The course content is rich and expository. The presentation was excellent, the speaker made the course very easy to understand by ensuring participation by everyone

Adebola Oluwadeyi
Senior Counsel, BB Dan-Habu & Co

Sep 26 2022

Prof. Singh is the best speaker I've ever met. I'm very thankful to him because he is able to share his huge knowledge and provide extremely good advices while always being polite, pragmatic, focused on the result and with an elegant sense of humor which makes every training a unique experience. I was interested in improving my knowledge of the legal matters subject of the webinar and how they are seen under the civil law/common law perspective and this has been successfully accomplished.

Salima Fiandaca
Business Contract Manager, Helsinn Healthcare SA

Mar 5 2020

In addition to the relevance of the content and the excellent delivery, the set up of the course was conducive as the attendees were all from various backgrounds with different experience but much knowledge between them which encouraged open discussion and debate. As attendees we participated enough to feel involved but not feel under pressure. Arun is a hugely knowledgeable, interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed the course and felt that I learnt a lot.

Iona Sims
Commercial Lawyer, Bulkhaul Limited

Sep 14 2020

It was good and the speaker was excellent.

Katerina Sakka
Legal Expert, Pharmathen SA

Mar 5 2020

Enjoyable and glad I went. Arun engaging and willing to answer any questions - great.

Victoria Bayly
Lawyer, UEFA

Mar 5 2019

It was a very well-structured course with an excellent and experienced lawyer as a speaker. Ideal for in-house counsel as a refresher but also a good opportunity for networking with other legal counsel from different industries. I enjoyed Arun's positive way of lecturing, with many anecdotes and answering each question.

Sunia Ali
Legal Counsel, ROSEN Swiss AG

Mar 5 2019

Great course, great speaker. I am better equipped to negotiate international contracts and understand the other parties' minds.

Agnès Audoin
Legal Affairs Tech Ops & IT, IPSEN Pharma

Sep 17 2018

Engaging and entertaining. [The speaker was] very effective at presenting!

Elaine McDonnell
Commercial Manager, Bühler UK Limited

Mar 6 2018

The course content was comprehensive. Presentation was excellent. Prof Singh is an excellent teacher.

Radhika Mahass
In Legal Training,

Mar 6 2018

Very informative, entertaining and practice-orientated.

Anton Kachanov
Senior Legal Counsel, Yandex

Mar 6 2018

The content is very rich, the course is very organised. A huge part of its success is because of how good the speaker is.

Mai Ali
Lawyer, MBC FZ L.L.C.

Sep 17 2018

Lecturer with great communication skills, pragmatic approach and a great capacity to involve the audience and help them brainstorm on specific topics.

Vincenzo Gallo
Legal Counsel, CHEMO AG, Vienna, Lugano Branch

Sep 17 2018

This is a great training experience! The content is very well structured, the speaker is well organised and all the participants have the chance to work in teams, ask questions and debate on all the relevant topics. I had a great time! Thank you!

Emilia Dragomir
Contracts Advisor, Emerson SRL

Sep 17 2018

The course was very well conducted by Mr. Singh, mixing well theory and practice. Very complete and challenging programme. The course will help me to better understand and draft contracts governed by English law.

Sarah Fadlalah
Contract Administrator, Saipem Ltd

Mar 6 2018

Great course, hands on, very knowledgable speaker.

Anna Damgaard Jensen
Head of Legal , AOP Orphan Pharma

Sep 18 2017

The speaker has deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Eduarda da Costa
Lawyer, Novabase Serviços - Serviços de Gestão e Consultoria, SA

Sep 18 2017

Clean presentation with a deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Eduarda da Costa
Lawyer, Novabase Serviços - Serviços de Gestão e Consultoria, SA

Sep 18 2017

Good, practical content. Interesting presentations and a lot of room for questions.

Bernard van Den Beld
Corporate Legal Counsel, Marel Meat Prosesing

Mar 6 2017

Very engaging, challenged your way about thinking. Very approachable speaker.

Suzanne Finchett
Legal & Contracts Administrator, Amoria Bond

Mar 6 2017

Complete, clear, good group, appropriate number of participants, appropriate level of legal knowledge.

Etienne De Lempdes
Deputy Legal Director, TEREOS

Sep 18 2017

Overall training was very interesting.

Sofia Zaki
Corporate Lawyer, Vinci Construction Grands Projets

Sep 18 2017

Entertaining course, very good presentation.

Michał Karasiewicz
Legal Counsel, EMEA, Chr. Hansen Holding A/S

Mar 6 2017

Very engaging in relevant discussion

Anna Fitzmaurice
Legal Adviser, Eusa Pharma Inc

Sep 22 2016

Very pleasantly surprised. Overall worthwhile

Fabian Frank
Junior In-house Legal Counsel, Market Logic Software AG

Mar 1 2016

Good overview of the subject. Good mix of theory and workshops. Thought provoking and informative speaker.

Peter Duncan
Legal Counsel, DeepOcean UK Ltd

Mar 1 2016

The course is very useful and enhanced my experience

Yazan Al-Hyasat
Legal Advisor, Abdul Latif Jameel Co.

Mar 1 2016


Toomas Niinemäe
Manager, Sales & Business Development, Fortum Eesti AS

Mar 1 2016

Relevant, well presented and from different perspectives

Magnar Igland
Legal Counsel, DeepOcean UK Ltd

Mar 1 2016

Very informative and helpful session. Would highly recommend the speaker and the course.

Caitlin Forsyth
Contracts Analyst, ITF

Sep 21 2015

A great course covering many subject areas

Nic Vincent
Director, Olympus KeyMed

Sep 21 2015

It was a very well structured 2-day course, providing lots of information on different legal systems in a very immediate way

Angeliki Tsapatsari
Contracts Officer, Ajilon Technology Aerospace B.V

Mar 2 2015

Very good. Clear. Useful.

Mazie Vincelli
Head of Legal ECT Europe, Johnson Matthey plc

Mar 2 2015

Content was well balanced to challenges of real life of contracts manager. The presentation was informative, interactive, inclusive. The speaker was knowledgeable, experienced and encouraging.

Anton Kreventsov
Contracts Manager, Gazprom Neft Middle East B.V.

Sep 21 2015


Olivia Vandenbrande
Legal Representative, Ae NV

Sep 21 2015

Expectations were met and very good. Just maybe to fast in explanation.

Shaila Rojo Diez
Industria Turbo Propulsores S.A.

Sep 21 2015

Well organised and very good speakers, almost over-polite

Maria Stefania De Santis
Legal Expert , Eurocontrol

Sep 21 2015

Very calm and realistic discussion of the topics

Kingsley Osuh
Legal Counsel, The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited

Sep 21 2015

Very well organised and the facilitator was very interesting

Evridiki Christaki
Legal Expert, Eurocontrol

Sep 21 2015

Speaker was good with an in-depth knowledge of subject. Course was intense and well presented.

Athanasia Papadopoulou
Procurement Assistant, ESA/Ajilon

Mar 2 2015

Arun is both knowledgable and entertaining. This made the sessions enjoyable even for some difficult legal issues.

Reshma Sharma
Senior Crown Counsel, Attorney Generals Chambers

Mar 2 2015

It was really useful and the speaker was great - he has a special way with presentations

Malaz Alouch
Associate Lawyer, MBC Group

Mar 2 2015

Content was good and the information that was covered was useful and pitched well for audience

Zoe Kinsey-Martin
Solicitor, EADS UK Ltd

Mar 2 2015

Very good speaker, inviting the participants and the exchange of experiences

Juliette Opoczynski
Senior Lawyer, Ethypharm

Mar 2 2015

Content was well structured with the presentation. The speaker was very professional, knowledgeable and was presenting in a nice way taking care of all participants, whilst equally involving them in the discussion.

Andrea Potparevic
Junior Legal Counsel, CLS Construction Legal Services GmbH

Sep 25 2014

Speaker is very good and very interesting as well as his presentation

Florence Mas-Pastor
Global Legal Director, Arkadin

Sep 25 2014


Omar El Barrage
Associate Lawyer, MBC FZ-LLC

Sep 25 2014

Not being from a legal background, the course was challenging. However, I did not feel out of my depth and Arun and fellow attendees allowed for a good mix. Arun was very good and content was never rushed or too demanding.

Derek Melrose
Commercial Manager, Amalgamated Construction Ltd

Mar 3 2014

Useful, entertaining, definitely learned something

Sandra Zimmermann
Legal Counsel , Octapharma AG

Sep 25 2014

Very educating and enlightening

James Khanoba
Legal Counsel, Shell Pet. Dev. Co. of Nig. Ltd

Sep 25 2014

A very useful course for in-house lawyers working in international environments. A very knowledgable speaker.

Daria Maksimova
Legal Counsel, none

Sep 25 2014

It is fit for purpose

Felix Ugwumadu
Senior Legal Counsel, Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd

Mar 3 2014

Presentation and speaker were very good and the presenter learned attendees' name. Course content was very good.

Sandie Richardson
Insurance Manager and Assistant Company Secretary, Bristow Helicopters Ltd

Mar 3 2014

The course was really very helpful, lots of information

Khaled Al Tenaiji
Senior Legal Counsel, ETISALAT

Sep 25 2014

Good course content and presentation wise. Possibly could have moved at a quicker pace.

Alex Low
Contracts Manager, Seajacks UK Limited

Mar 3 2014

Lively and well structured presentation and well thought course with explanatory examples and case law, capacity of speaker to adjust course to attendees

Ludovic Dendane
Director of Legal Affairs & Intellectual Property, Transgene

Sep 26 2013

Very good

Mai Al Ayoobi
Senior Counsel, Kuwait National Petroleum

Sep 26 2013

The speaker was very patient with different perspectives of the contracts. Presentation based on different legal approaches and showed great knowledge on the contract terms and conditions and communication with the delegates of the course.

Ivonne Castro Bustamante
Lawyer, CEPSA E.P. S.A.

Sep 26 2013

Very good

Gadilbek Mursaliyev
Legal Council, Tengizchevroil LLP

Mar 7 2013

Excellent course all round - very well structured and presented. Arun is an expert in his field and successfully captures his audience

Eleri Hallett
Legal & Contract Manager, SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd

Mar 7 2013


Abdulla A Al-Ghailani
Vice President Legal & Insurance, Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company

Mar 7 2013

Rich content giving in-depth overview on English Law. Excellent presentation and an outgoing and easy to talk to speaker.

Fromageries BEL SA

Mar 7 2013

Useful, interactive and thought provoking.

John Whitehead
Group Director, Legal & Corporate Affairs, MBC Group

Sep 26 2013

Good speaker and good content, I enjoyed both days of training.

Emma Opara

Sep 26 2013

The pace of the course was great and did not feel drained after the course but yet we were able to cover a lot of material. Arun managed his time well.

Oresa Charles
Senior Attorney at Law, Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad & Tobago

Sep 26 2013

Good content spaced over the 2 days, clearly presented.

Joanne Hassel
Principal Procurement Engineer, Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd

Sep 26 2013

I think the content of the course id good speaker is very good

Jessica Jiang
Lead Sub Contract Specialist, GE Oil & Gas

Mar 7 2013

Very nice and useful

Olga Belozertseva
Head of Contracting and Claims Subdivision, Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd.

Mar 7 2013

A very good course

Jan Waage
Attorney-at-Law, SINTEF AS

Sep 26 2013

Nicely presented

Martin Van de Velde
Sr Contracts Engineer, Heerema Marine Contractors Nederland BV.

Mar 7 2013

If there would be two presenters, it would have been better.

SUPERVISOR OF THE LEGAL SERVICE, Petróleos de Moçambique, S.A.

Sep 24 2012

An excellent course, delivered by a very accomplished presenter


Sep 24 2012

Speakers were very knowledgeable and content was good

Peter Welsh
Head of Legal Services, The University of Manchester I3 Limited

Sep 24 2012

Excellent course and great speaker

Katerina Sakka
Legal Expert, Pharmathen SA

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Czech Republic

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United Arab Emirates

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South Africa

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Saudi Arabia

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  • The Supreme Commission for Tourism


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  • Nuklearna elektrarna Krsko po

Sudan (the)

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Trinidad And Tobago

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United States of America

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Cayman Islands

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Hong Kong

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Korea, Republic Of

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  • Fenech & Fenech Advocates




  • Petróleos de Moçambique, S.A.


  • Qatar foundation


  • TMF Group

Slovak Republic

  • Slovenske Elektrarne AS


  • BG Tunisia Ltd



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