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Regulatory Affairs for Support Staff Training Course

This two-day course provides an introduction to pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and the basics of drug development and has been designed specifically for those working in a support staff role.

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24-25 September 2024 »
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Course overview

Working in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs is a challenging role, with involvement in the drug development stages, the marketing authorisation submission process and post-approval obligations and marketing.

This interactive course is designed for those working in a support or interactive role and provides a valuable introduction to pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and key responsibilities.

Participants will gain an overview of current and proposed changes to EU legislation and regulatory procedures required to register products in the EU and the regulatory activities that must be complied with to maintain products on the market. The impact of Brexit on the regulatory requirements for companies operating in the important pharmaceutical market in the UK will be discussed.

The programme also covers pharmacovigilance and safety reporting with sessions on licence variations and renewals. The course will provide understanding of the role of regulatory affairs and enable support staff to perform more effectively.

Discussion sessions and the use of case studies throughout the two days will help consolidate learning.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the background of EU law – regulations, directives and guidelines
  • Gain an understanding of the Common Technical Document
  • Discuss how to apply for a marketing authorisation in the EU via the centralised, decentralised and mutual recognition procedures
  • Clarify post-authorisation obligations – pharmacovigilance, variations and renewals
  • Discuss the proposed EU legislation changes
  • Contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This course is part of our Regulatory Affairs Training course collection, which features updates on the latest regulations to registration procedures and strategies.

Who should attend?

This course is designed for personnel working in regulatory affairs including administrators, assistants and support staff wishing to gain an understanding of regulatory affairs in the pharmaceutical industry.

It will also be of value to those who interface with the regulatory affairs function or support regulatory procedures and activities.

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The Regulatory Affairs for Support Staff course will cover:

European law – regulations, directives and guidelines

  • Different legal force

Where can we find information on regulatory requirements?

  • The internet
  • Other sources

The drug development process

  • Drug discovery
  • Pharmaceutical R&D
  • Non-clinical tests
  • Clinical studies – Phase I to IV

Clinical Trials in Europe

  • The EU clinical Trials Regulation
  • Clinical trials in the UK

Seeking scientific advice in Europe

  • Outline of procedures

Types of and categories for marketing authorisation of applications for approval


  • Overview of the structure and content of a CTD

The European Medicines Agency

  • Functions and responsibility

Procedures for marketing authorisation in the EU with discussion on the impact of Brexit

  • With discussion on the impact of Brexit

The EU centralised procedures

  • EU centralised procedure for marketing authorisation
  • Referral and arbitration

Non-centralised procedures for marketing authorisation in the EU and in the UK

  • Co-ordination group
  • Decentralised procedure
  • Mutual recognition procedure
  • National procedures

Abridged Applications and Generics

  • Types and requirements

Product Life Cycle; Post approval

Parallel trade

  • How the process works

Post-authorisation obligations: pharmacovigilance, variations and renewals including discussion on the impact of Brexit


  • Requirements and criteria

Licence variations

  • Types and timelines



Sunset clause

Managing and supporting a regulatory affairs department

  • Things to consider
  • Maintaining oversight

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Norah Lightowler
Lightowler Associates

Norah Lightowler is a partner in Lightowler Associates, an independent consultancy offering regulatory advice and support to pharmaceutical companies in or proposing to enter the European market for human pharmaceuticals. They are in their twenty fourth year of successful business. She has wide experience in the pharmaceutical and related nutraceutical, herbal and devices industries as a pharmaceutical assessor with the UK regulatory authority and as associate director of European regulatory affairs with an international pharmaceutical company. She is experienced in organising and presenting courses on European regulatory control systems, including requirements, procedures and strategy.

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24-25 September 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13891

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Reviews of IPI's Regulatory Affairs for Support Staff training course

I hope to gain a basic understanding of Reg affairs, I think for myself the course was perhaps aimed at a slightly higher knowledge base than I have to be able to fully appreciate the course.

Sep 27 2022

Isabelle Watkins
Compliance Lead, AndersonBrecon (UK) Limited

Sep 29 2020

I was a bit worried about not having a face-to-face course and discussions but it worked very well, it was really comfortable to do it from my home and we had no major connectivity issues.

Viktoria Vanyik
Global Regulatory Affairs, Compliance Associate, GSK

Sep 29 2020

A lot of information was provided. It is now up to us to dig a bit further the different areas. Speaker was a great professional in Regulatory Affairs. As a new comer in this area, I found it sometimes difficult to cope with all abbreviations (though the course included a glossary, it takes time to go back to it and in the meanwhile the training has moved forward). I am satisfied with this training.

Regulatory Affairs Compliance Manager, GSK Consumer Healthcare

Mar 14 2019

Highly recommended course for anyone wishing to learn more about their involvement within the regulatory affairs team at your particular company. The speaker, Norah, was very effective in her presentations and included each delegate and was able to highlight how certain areas were specific to them.

James Smith
Regulatory Affairs Officer, Kyowa Kirin International

Sep 23 2019

Great speaker

Ena Mrakužić
Public Relations Associate, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia (HALMED)

Sep 23 2019

Great speaker.

Ena Mrakužić
Public Relations Associate, Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Croatia (HALMED)

Mar 14 2019

I spent a nice moment, and I come back with a lot of information, which is very motivating for my job.

Audrey Chopard-Lallier
Administrative Assistant, Debiopharm International SA

Sep 20 2018

[The speakers were] very knowledgable.

Therese Metzsch
Senior Assistant, Ferring Pharmaceuticals A/S

Sep 20 2018

Madam Norah Lightowler is an excellent speaker... Presentation was great, everything was clear. The speaker was really nice and she gave a great input about this whole industry and RA.

Valentina Cabula
eCTD Specialist, Xellia Pharmaceuticals ApS

Feb 22 2018

Very thorough run-through of all RA procedures and on-going maintenance

Elliot Statham
Business Development Specialist, Creo Pharma Ltd.

Feb 22 2018

Very interesting content and well explained by speaker

Charlotte Sellwood
Regulatory Information Executive, Bayer PLC

Feb 22 2018

The course, presentation and speaker were all brilliant

Jamie Jardine
Administrative Officer, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Feb 22 2018

Interesting and informative. Good speaker, very knowledgable.

Marissa Ashfield
Pharmacovigilance - AO, Veterinary Medicines Directorate

Sep 20 2018

Norah [the speaker] is a very nice and professional person

Sarah Bourgin
Associate Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Medtronic BioPharma Sàrl

Feb 22 2018

Useful course to get a broader knowledge and insight about the position of the RA associate.

Dusan Ilic
RA Associate, Mallinckrodt Medical BV

Sep 28 2017

The facilities and the event organisers were very good, really welcoming and polite. The venue was a great choice and the refreshments offering was great! Thank you!

Daniel Akhtar
RA Business Support Specialist, Abbvie Ltd.

Sep 28 2017

All very good

Karen Scott
Regulatory Affairs Team Administrator, Mundipharma Research Limited

Feb 27 2017

The course was detailed and interesting. I found the speaker to be engaging and friendly.

Bethan Farley
Regulatory Conformance Manager, Norgine Ltd

Oct 17 2016

Interesting and very enjoyable

Rupinder (Ruby) Bhelay
PA/Team Administrative Assistant - Regulatory Affairs & Quality, Baxalta UK Ltd – now part of Shire Pharmaceuticals (4th Floor)

Oct 17 2016

Very informative

Roshini Nellailingam
Regulatory Affairs Manager, Emas Pharma Ltd

Oct 17 2016

It was a good material, well present and I enjoy the discussions about the context

Barbara Costa
Regulatory Affairs Assistant, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

Oct 17 2016

The content was packed with relevant information leaving me confident in my role

Christina Obafemi
Regulatory Affairs Specialist II, Teva UK Limited

Oct 17 2016

As someone who has no experience of what the course included, I was able to make some sense in relation to documents that my colleagues write

Joanne Zaninovic
Client Account Assistant, Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH

Oct 17 2016

I would definitely recommend the course for people with very basic knowledge on Regulatory Affairs in Europe. All expected topics were covered sufficiently (even some global regulatory topics). Norah was very clear and happy to answer questions.

Beata Posa
Access to Documents Coordinator, EMEA

Oct 17 2016

I like the content and also the presentation of the slides. Norah was a very pleasure person to explain and clear in everything she was saying.

Barbara Costa
Regulatory Affairs Assistant, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Europe Limited

Oct 17 2016

Very useful and enjoyable

Hannah Lee
Regulatory Affairs Student Placement, Mundipharma Research Limited

Oct 17 2016

Good introductory course. Good presentation by a knowledgeable speaker. Interactive case study sessions. Pleasant environment.

Edouard Guillabert
Director & Consultant, GalenAuxi Ltd

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