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The Executive Mini-MBA

Falconbury's fully residential Executive Mini-MBA will supercharge your management skills. It provides a practical approach to the key business skills and, through case studies, opportunities to apply tools and techniques to your own company.

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  • Format: Bespoke training
  • CPD: 30 hours for your records (depending on your requirements)
  • Certificate of completion

Course overview

Falconbury’s In-House Mini ‘Executive MBA training is the most cost-effective way to train your senior management team. It focuses on the core elements of an MBA; strategy and change, finance, people and leadership and marketing skills but tailored to your teams needs.

Is this Falconbury Executive ‘Mini-MBA’ development programme for your team?


High-potential managers and executives wanting to enhance their general management capabilities. This highly interactive five-day programme will apply key business skills to common challenges to demonstrate how tools and tactics can deliver effective control and create value.

Part One

MODULE 1: Strategy and Strategic Change

In this module you will explore and develop your knowledge of core elements of strategic thinking and analysis. You will apply the vital strategic business models to analyse performance in your own and different businesses and industry allowing you to understand and develop a strategic plan that delivers your commercial objectives.


Defining and demystifying strategy?
  • Strategy as warfare
  • Strategy as Ying & Yang
    • The creative and analytical sides of strategic thinking
  • Developing the “Helicopter” competence as a business leader
  • Differentiating strategy from operational excellence
The two different schools of strategy
  • Deliberate versus emergent strategies
  • Did we get lucky or was it planned?
  • How far does strategy apply in today’s world?
  • Managing complexity and discontinuity
The classic strategic planning process
  • Formulation
  • Definition
  • Implementation and execution
Assessing industry attractiveness and profitability
  • Applying Porter’s 5 Forces Model
  • Degree of competitive rivalry
  • Power of the buyers
  • Power of suppliers
  • Threat of new entrants
  • Threat of substitutes

Low cost versus differentiated strategies – where are you?

Understanding growth – what is driving future growth?

Understanding Classic Portfolio Analysis – The BCG Matrix

Blue Ocean Thinking – Applying the disciplines

Understanding the competition

  • Conducting a competitive analysis
  • Building a competitive profile map

Strategy feasibility checklist


The challenge of strategic implementation and execution

  • Classic change scenarios – reorganisations, mergers and acquisitions, systems implementation
  • What are the critical success factors in leading and managing complex organisational change?
  • Understanding the change curve – where are you?
  • Managing the ‘hard and soft’ aspects of change
  • Recognising the culture, organisation, people and systems linkages

Applying a change management tool kit

  • Planning the change process
  • Conducting a change readiness assessment
  • Dealing with resistance strategies
  • Conducting a detailed stakeholder analysis
  • Managing the politics or change – the really difficult stuff
  • Applying a change management template
  • Focusing on the critical success factors

Reviewing your change projects

Part Two

MODULE 2: Financial Management and Accounting

This module is designed to help you understand the language of business finance. It will provide you with a clear understanding of the key financial indicators and terminology used. It is a very practical module that will build from little or no financial knowledge. The content will be immediately applicable in your business. It will be relevant and serious, but enjoyable!

The finance model

  • How cash ‘flows’ in a business
  • Equity and Debt
  • How much Debt?
  • The difference between turnover, cash and profit
  • Capital expenditure (Capex) and operating expenditure (Opex)
  • Reserves

Financial terminology and policies

  • Margin versus mark-up
  • Gross and net margins
  • Depreciation and amortisation
  • Revenue recognition
  • Gearing and Leverage
  • Accruals and prepayments
  • Capitalisation of costs

Key financial statements

  • The key financial statements of a company (and their interpretation)
  • Income Statement (Profit and Loss)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement

Key financial ratios

  • Ratios that measure profitability, solvency and efficiency of a business
  • ROCE and ROI
  • Gross and Operating margins
  • Asset Turn
  • Working Capital ratios (debtor days and stock turn)
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Why budgeting often fails!
  • The difference between budgets and forecasts
  • Techniques to improve the budgeting process
  • The Balanced Scorecard
  • Profit improvement
  • The relationship between price, sales volume and costs
  • The Profit Improvement Model

Presentations can often be a daunting prospect: you have to get a message across as well as engage with the audience. This workshop will give you top tips on how to:
• Look and feel more confident when speaking in public
• Plan a presentation quickly
• Stick to your key points and get them remembered
• Grab audience attention and keep it throughout
• Use your voice to engage your listeners
• Increase your physical impact with movement and gesture

Part Three

MODULE 3: Competitive Marketing

This module will take a look at the core topics and the real purpose of marketing today. You will be able to understand the role and contribution of marketing, both traditional and digital, to business success in order to develop the best margins, profits and revenues.

What is marketing?
• Examples of breakthrough marketing from existing companies

Examining the new competitive environment
• Understanding the changing business environment and the pressures creating the imperative of market-driven strategy

Defining markets, segments and targets effectively
• The benefits of narrowing and broadening definitions of the market
• Creative segmentation as the route to dominance and virtual monopoly
• Different bases for segmentation and the supremacy of behaviour-based segmentation schemes
• Segments of one, one-to-one marketing and mass customisation

Positioning and the 4 P’s
• Positioning – and how it impacts the 4 P decision
• Current examples of clear and confused positioning

Product/service life cycles
• Managing and matching life cycle stages to behaviour-based market segments
• Cash flow implications of the life cycle and the Boston Matrix portfolio Customer life cycles and CRM
• Retention Marketing versus Conquest Marketing
• The economics of customer acquisition, retention, satisfaction and loyalty, a CRM philosophy

The impact of social media on business
• What is changing? – latest statistics, trends, demographics and research
• Impact of mobility, social, cloud computing and globalisation
• Impact on society – hierarchical systems challenged by self-organising networks
• Impact on business – 9-to-5 local becomes 24/7 global
• Employees, partners and customers as brand advocates

Aligning social media with your marketing plan
• Situation analysis and planning, communications and marketing objectives
• Content and channel roadmap, audience messages and engagement
• Strategy and delivery plans, evaluation and measurement

Using social media to generate revenue and transform your business
• Monitoring influencers and real-time engagement with customers
• Co-creation with brand advocates
• Crowd-sourcing product and service innovations
• Easy access to new and emerging markets

This practical session requires the use of your laptop. Please bring your’s along with you.

Part Four

MODULE 4: Leadership and Managing People

This module will explore the different types of leadership style and their relative effectiveness. It will also help you identify your own motivational and leadership style and preferences. You will learn how to adjust your style to suit the needs of others in order to increase your influencing capabilities. The session will also explore what makes for success in building high performance teams.

  • The new leadership challenges
  • Reflecting on My Leadership Brand
  • Concepts of Push v Pull Leadership Strategies
  • The Compliance v Commitment dilemma
  • Motivating and influencing people effectively
  • Understanding your own individual preferences
  • Managing and influencing others
  • How to shape your style to suit:
    • Colleagues
    • Customers
    • Clients
    • Bosses
  • Reviewing your influencing strategies
  • Developing a flexible style
  • Reviewing your approach to performance management
  • Conclusion on my leadership brand

During the course of the programme you will participate in group sessions that will apply the learning and skills you have developed in the context of a unique case study, the key aim is to illustrate an integrated approach to business management. It offers the opportunity to test your ideas in a simulated environment.

Course facilitator

Mark Thomas is an international business consultant, author and speaker specialising in, business planning, managing change, human resource management and executive development. Prior to becoming a Senior Partner with Performance Dynamics Management Consultants he worked for several years with Price Waterhouse in London where he advised on the business and organisational change issues arising out of strategic reviews in both private and public sector organisations. Whilst at Price Waterhouse he was responsible for the management of consulting teams along with the profitability of assignments. His business and consulting experiences have included major organisational changes including strategic alignments, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

His key areas of interest and business activity include strategic change management and the facilitation of business planning and top team events. He regularly designs, leads and facilitates top team sessions on a wide range of business planning issues and initiatives – re-organisations, change programmes and mergers. A highly accomplished facilitator he has designed and run many challenging and complex business workshops in a variety of industries and sectors. In addition he manages a whole series of executive development and organisation development initiatives that support wider organisational change – these include executive leadership, internal consulting and coaching programmes. He is a visiting Assistant Professor at the TiasNimbas Business School in Holland where he lectures on various post-graduate and in-company programmes. He also tutors and lectures at the GDFSuez Corporate University and previously at MCE in Brussels.

Mark’s client experience has included major multi-national and global corporations such as: Lloyds TSB Asset Management, Pfizer, Red Bull, Motorola, KPN, Hagemeyer, Barclays Capital, HSBC, ECB, Reuters, Cisco, Sony, Sun International, Forte, Coca Cola, Mars, Unilever, Neste, Aramex, Philip Morris, PPG, Oxford University Press, C&A, Sara Lee, Shell, Schroders, Union Bank of Switzerland, Alcatel, NCR, American Management Association, Alcoa, Aspect Telecommunications, Autodesk and Logica.

George Fildes

George Fildes is a Chartered Management Accountant with a Cranfield MBA. He spent his early career in the automotive sector working for Lex Brooklands, Volvo & VW. He was also involved in a business start-up, in automotive on-line retailing, which was subsequently sold to Virgin Group.

In 2001, he established Qualitas, specialising in financial training & consultancy. He has delivered assignments to over 120 organisations worldwide. Clients have included GSK, Pfizer, Kimberley Clark, Time Warner, BBC, ITV, Sky, DHL, Christies, John Lewis, Jaguar Land Rover, Premier Foods, Heathrow Airport, Argos & Sainsburys.

With over thirty years in general management, George's experience spans business management, logistics, customer operations and financial management. He has been involved with start-up, turnaround and mature companies.

More details

James Kelliher

James Kelliher is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Whiteoaks – one of the UK’s leading independent public relations consultancies. James has been providing high-level strategic PR consultancy, training and guidance to major clients – both in the public and private sector – for over 20 years. He is responsible for the design and delivery of the digital diplomacy training programme for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). This involves training all the FCO policy teams in using social media and digital tools to achieve FCO objectives. He has also provided crisis communications consultancy and media spokespeople training – including filmed scenario role play exercises – for major clients including British Telecom, Daily Mail Group, International Cyber Security Protection Alliance, Microsoft, Siemens and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. James is a Freeman and Liveryman of the City of London.

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Frankie (Alison) Kemp

Frankie (Alison) Kemp is a highly experienced trainer and coach in interpersonal skills and communication techniques focussing mostly on technical professionals. She graduated from London Guildhall School of Music & Drama and is a Master practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which covers key skills in personal and organisational development. Most recently she is also instrumental in developing and lecturing an online Post-Graduate Diploma in Creative and Innovative Leadership in Africa for Blake Hall Business School and works with Cass Business School on the Executive Development Programmes.

More details

John Leach

More details

Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a global business consultant, author and speaker specializing in leadership, organisation development and human resource management. An enthusiastic student of organisations, Mark’s consulting work has taken him around the globe to cities such as, Istanbul, Luanda, Moscow, New York, Reykjavik, Sydney & Tokyo. Having observed many “hyped” organisational initiatives and fads come and go, Mark is fascinated by how organisations function and operate.

A passionate advocate of organisations that enable individuals to connect and flourish through value creation, Mark is a founding member of the Powerful Conversations Group and a Partner of the Future Work Forum.

Following a successful career with NCR, Unigate and Price Waterhouse Management Consultants, Mark founded Performance Dynamics, a development consultancy that has worked with global clients including: Barclays Capital, Cargill, C&A, DFDS DHL, Engie, Ferguson, gategroup, Hitachi, HSBC, IKEA, KNPC, Microsoft, Pandora, Pfizer, Red Bull, Rexam, Stibo Systems, Sony, Tata Steel, Time Warner, UBS and Unilever.

Mark regularly designs and facilitates a wide range of business planning and organisation change initiatives. In addition, he manages several executive development & leadership, programmes including coaching and internal consulting and business partnering.

Based in Monmouth, Wales, Mark has also worked as an Adjunct Professor at the Tias School for Business and Society in Holland and consulted with organisations such as the American Management Association (AMA), Management Centre Europe (MCE) and the Middle East Management Centre.

As a Welshman, Mark is genetically predisposed to follow Welsh rugby and is a keen motorcyclist and jazz fan.

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Reviews of IPI's The Executive Mini-MBA training course

The quality of the content was superb. The presenters were great, I am so glad I subscribed!

Dec 1 2014

Rosseweater Usayi
Group HR Executive, National Foods Ltd

Dec 1 2014

Fantastic, informative, VERY well run (and organised flawlessly infact). Mostly, the speakers were great and I very much enjoyed this week.

Ashleigh Ace
Commercial Manager, Bibra Toxicology Advice & Consulting Ltd

Dec 1 2014

Pace good through week, course well delivered.

Eugene Rapson
Managing Director, Cavanna Group

Dec 1 2014

Good overall and the right level for all and amount of breaks and valuable content and passionate, knowledgable speakers.

Laura Montagu
Global HR Business Partner, Sandvik Mining & Constuction BV

Dec 1 2014

Professional - well prepared

Stephen Bennett
Sales and Marketing Executive Manager, Kostal UK Ltd

Dec 1 2014

Generally good. More creative delivery methods, rather than death by powerpoint.

Ceri Theobald
Operations director, One Housing Group

Dec 1 2014

Well constructed. Covered a lot of materials. Gave good examples and pulled well on the companies represented on the course.

Diana Wilson Patrick
General Counsel, Caribbean Development Bank

Dec 1 2014

I enjoyed it and found it useful. Interested in taking further courses.

Lee Moakes
Managing Director, TRUMPF Ltd

Dec 2 2013

It was a very professionally run course, fast moving and interesting. The speakers were all good, their knowledge excellent and their ability to keep the audience engaged great.

Helen Villamuera
Manufacturing Manager, Kostal

Dec 2 2013

Very good course which I will recommend to others. One of the main benefits was being able to learn alongside people with such different backgrounds.

Ria Goldby
Assistant Director, HR, One Housing Group

Dec 2 2013

As a small business, the costs and overall depth of detail of a full MBA would be preclusive. This course allowed me to gain a wealth of knowledge in a more manageable manner. The content catered perfectly for my needs in a relaxed and luxurious environment whilst the speakers were engaging and exceptionally knowledgeable.

Mark Goodbun
Commercial Manager, Globe Scaffolding

Dec 2 2013

Great course with excellent speakers. Content was excellent and the pace was just about right.

Pete Knight
Assistant Director ICT, Application Development, One Housing Group

Jul 8 2013

I found the course very useful, I am able to use knowledge that I gained at university, and can now re-apply this to my current business. I am now also able to view issues in a different manner along with opportunities.

Kathleen Lally

Jul 8 2013

An intense, quality and extremely useful training course. It was of value to me personally and ultimately to the business I work for. I left the course with my mind buzzing about all the new things I could try.

Caroline Cundey
Head of Marketing and Business Growth, Sovereign Health Care

Dec 2 2013

Very diverse participant group which was interesting but made deep dive to the subjects difficult.

Jani Maaranen
Product Manager, Landis+Gyr LTD

Jul 8 2013

Overall - Impressive. It was a mixture of strategic eye-opening and an introduction to business management with a healthy dose of financial expertise and a dash of presentation skills. The speakers were all different but equally well versed in their areas and their content was always relevant, topline but with enough substance to extract some real insights. Location and facilities were very nice and the logistics of the event and venue appeared to be very well managed by Angela. I returned to work full of ways in which to employ the new frameworks, ideas and thought processes. I have made proper notes from my hand-written notes so that I have captured the most useful takeouts in a readable format that will last me forever.

Gavin Taylor
Director of Network Media Planning, MTV Europe

Dec 3 2012

The Mini MBA course was very well organised. I felt it had the sufficient content and depth and right pace in the timescale available. The speakers were very good; experienced, knowledgeable and above all interesting! Dinners were a great opportunity to network with tutors and colleagues alike and an essential part of the day to wind down.

Scott Mackay
Finance Executive Manager, Kostal UK Ltd

Dec 3 2012

Very good...

Emilio Campos
Subsurface Manager, PDVSA

Dec 3 2012

Course content was really good. Speakers had in-depth knowledge of subject material and had practised in the field. Fantastic course.

Andrew Casserly
Plant Operations Manager, SI Group Ltd

Dec 3 2012

Very good

Ahmed Karbona
Lawyer, Ieoc Production B.V


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