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Business and Contract Law Training Course

A two-day no-nonsense plain English practical course* to get to grips with business and contract law for busy business executives.

★★★★★ "The speaker is very knowledgeable, with many examples from experience and fun to speak to. Flawless ... more (112)"

3-4 June 2024
+ 12-13 September 2024, 4-5 December 2024 »

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Course overview

The law and regulations governing business and contract law are increasingly complex and now affect all industries and every type of commercial agreement, from entering into a contract to validity of purchase conditions.

If you are involved in commercial contracting or dealing with external parties at any level, you need to grasp the practical legal implications of these relationships to ensure you do not expose your organisation to unnecessary risk. You will also need to protect your company from litigation and anticipate legal pitfalls.

This programme combines up-to-date commercial law with practical methods of translating this law into documentation. It identifies and analyses the different types of contract and how the various statutes affect them, ensuring that you fully understand the impact of current legislation and case law, and looks at how Brexit may affect your contracts.

By the end of the course you will be able to recognise and deal confidently with the risks and benefits of commercial contracts.

There will be plenty of time for interaction with the expert trainer and opportunities to network with other delegates, so you can share experiences and get answers to your questions. The practical sessions will help embed the learning to ensure you get the maximum benefits from this course. 


This course is part of our Commercial Management training courses series which aims to help individuals gain confidence in a range of areas surrounding contract law, and broader business management knowledge.

Benefits of attending

By attending this highly practical course you will:

  • Understand the rules of negotiation and how to develop winning strategies
  • Enhance your communication skills to secure better outcomes
  • Learn how to form a binding and enforceable contract
  • Get to grips with how best to manage contracts
  • Recognise the implications of The Bribery Act
  • Boost your knowledge on how to limit risk and resolve disputes that do arise
  • Build on your understanding of boilerplate clauses

Who should attend?

This course has been specially designed for all those involved in the negotiation, drafting and management of commercial business contracts, including:

  • Commercial managers
  • Contracts managers and engineers
  • Procurement managers
  • Project / bid managers and technical staff
  • Finance managers
  • Business development managers
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Contract administrators, officers and specialists


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The Business and Contract Law course will cover:

Effective contract negotiation

  • Preparing for negotiation
  • Developing winning strategies
  • Objectives and aligning to strategy
  • Understanding the rules of negotiation and culture
  • Key negotiation behaviours and communication skills
  • Mapping routes to agreement

Formation of a binding contract

  • What is a contract?
  • Making a binding and enforceable contract
  • Six components
  • Offer
  • Acceptance
  • Deeds

Pre-contract documents

Terms of a contract

Managing the contract

  • Payment mechanisms
  • Contract
  • Service levels
  • Audit rights
  • Dealing with change
  • Delegation
  • Contract programme and governance
  • Change management

Constructive performance obligations

Drafting exercises

Bribery and corruption

  • The Bribery Act
  • General and corporate offences
  • Bribing foreign officials
  • Enforcement and penalties
  • Key issues for companies
    • Associated persons
    • Facilitation payments
    • Gifts and hospitality

Limiting risk – damages, termination, variation and dispute resolution

Boilerplate clauses

The 10 key steps tool for drafting and analysing a contract

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Arun Singh OBE

Arun Singh (Prof) OBE, FRSA is an international lawyer and consultant to an international law firm. He was formerly a partner and head of commercial law at KPMG Legal and partner at Masons (now Pinsent Masons).

Arun has advised on disputes and collaborations in a wide range of jurisdictions including Europe, countries in West and East Africa, India, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Libya, Jordan, Syria, the US, Caribbean, Russia, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Thailand and Singapore. Arun is cited and ranked in the Chambers Guide to the world’s leading lawyers. He concentrates on international investment, joint ventures, licensing of technology, research and development, M&A, energy, outsourcing and corporate governance in developed and emerging markets; he also handles international legal risk management matters. Arun advises a range of international organisations and is a visiting professor in International Business, Leadership and Negotiations at Salford University Business School, senior associate at Oxford University’s Institute of Legal Practice and teaches international leadership and negotiations at the University of Cambridge. He has facilitated programmes in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the US.

He is a recognised corporate educator and a non-executive director of two international investment companies – one of which is listed on the London Stock Exchange, chairing the Audit Committee and Investment Committee.

He was appointed an OBE by HM the Queen in January 1999 for services to international trade, investment and intercultural management. Arun is an editor and contributor to a number of publications including Business and Contract Law (a Thorogood Special Report) and How to Lead Smart People – Leadership for Professionals (Profile Books), a facilitator for company programmes and an experienced speaker at international corporate conferences.

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3-4 June 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+01)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+02)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-04)
Course code 13658

  • GBP 999
  • EUR 1,439
  • USD 1,639

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12-13 September 2024

Rembrandt Hotel

09:00-17:00 UK (London)
Course code 13900
Optional £240/€312/$360 per night

  • GBP 999 1,199
  • EUR 1,439 1,719
  • USD 1,647 1,959

Until 08 Aug

  • 2 days classroom-based training
  • Optional accommodation - 2 nights including breakfast, checking in the day before the course
  • Meet presenters and fellow attendees in person
  • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Download documentation and certification of completion
  • Fair transfer and cancellation policy

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4-5 December 2024

Live online

09:30-17:00 UK (London) (UTC+00)
10:30-18:00 Paris (UTC+01)
04:30-12:00 New York (UTC-05)
Course code 14024

  • GBP 799 999
  • EUR 1,159 1,439
  • USD 1,327 1,639

Until 30 Oct

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Reviews of IPI's Business and Contract Law training course

The speaker is very knowledgeable, with many examples from experience and fun to speak to. Flawless organization, Customer service is very helpful, accepting all formalities that my company required to pay for the course.

Sep 11 2023

Gaukhar Rysbekova
Corporate Affairs and Contracts Coordinator, International Center for Development of Machine Building (IMBC)

Sep 11 2023

Amazing speaker and professional

Adel Beisembayeva
Senior lawyer, BIGlobal LLP

Sep 11 2023

I gained a better understanding of contract law and management, it has furthered my knowledge and I will be exploring more areas further. Arun is an excellent facilitator and very knowledgeable.

James Dodd
P&I Generators Limited

Sep 11 2023

Amazing and professional speaker.

Adel Beisembayeva
Senior lawyer, BIGlobal LLP

Feb 27 2023

One of the most interesting webinars I've attended in recent times. The content was rich, excellent presentation and a great speaker who demonstrated deep knowledge of the concepts and subject matter.

Adeline Orife
Head of Procurement, Christian Aid

Feb 27 2023

Excellent, really found it valuable. I have managed contracts for a long time but never fully understand the meaning of some terms or why some parts are included in the contract. This course really will help me join the dots and be better informed to ask questions and manage risk.

Nicola Barber
Head of Supplier Operations, Digital Mobile Spectrum Limited

Sep 11 2023

I like it, very good. I got an overall concept for contract law.

Esra Gultekiner Emekli

Sep 11 2023

I found Arun to be inspirational. He was a great speaker and I did give Arun this feedback personally on the first day. To present a detailed course in two days was tough going but Mr Singh maintained involvement form all present.

Jonathan Terzza
Contract Sales Manager, P&I Generators Limited

Jun 20 2022

Arun was excellent. Clearly very knowledgeable with a good sense of humour. Delivery was thorough and engaging. Top dollar. He kept the pace up, engagement up, and scheduled the breaks at the appropriate times. It was all very good.

Andy Wertheim
Senior Account Manager, Owen Mumford Ltd

Jun 20 2022

[Arun's] approachable and friendly manner helped involve the group.

Peter Davies
Service Sales Manager, Valmet Limited

Feb 28 2022

Overall it was a good webinar for a person that is just starting to deal with contracts.

Alim Duma
Commercial Executive , Buhler UK Ltd

Dec 2 2021

Arun has been great and engaging and made me feel comfortable in the room despite not having any legal background. I was intimidated slightly about the knowledge that will be on the course but Arun made us feel very comfortable during the whole course.

Andreea Pop
Commercial Manager, RTM Cash UK ltd

Jun 28 2021

Great presentation style, engaging and informative.

Lorraine Brown
Contracts Coordinator, AGI Ltd

Mar 9 2021

I really enjoyed the session. It covered a great range of topics at a suitable level of detail for me. Arun did a great job of engaging the whole group and giving fantastic examples to bring to life the content. He is clearly highly knowledgeable in the subject matter and was readily able to answer everyone's questions.

Henry Renninson
Commercial Manager, NTT DATA

Mar 9 2021

Excellent. [Arun is] clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable presenter. I really enjoyed his communication style which I found very engaging.

Adrian clark
Delivery Director, Atkins Ltd

Mar 9 2021

My objective was to be able to understand each section of a contract from a high level and engage in effective negotiations. I feel that this course has given me the knowledge required to achieve these objectives. The engagement and delivery was great.

Yash Chitale
iRefer Product Manager, Royal College of Radiologists

Mar 9 2021

Very good. [Arun is] very engaging and knowledgeable.

Hollie Burns
CFO, Drivetribe Limited

Mar 3 2020

Arun is a very professional and interactive speaker. Excellent!!!!

Antonio José Sánchez García
Sales Manager, Navantia

Nov 28 2019

Really useful and enjoyable course. It went so fast as it was very interactive, interesting and relevant. Arun made the sessions really fun with lots of real examples which made the learning very relevant. Very memorable and a great teacher.

Georgia Macey
Commercial Manager, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd

Nov 28 2019

The speaker was very animated and kept everyone interested. I wish more speakers were that interesting to listen to!

Tina Bishop
Commercial Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence Ltd

Jun 20 2019

Excellent speaker, I really enjoyed this course.

Charlotte Bacon
Contract Manager , QA Consulting Services Ltd

Jun 20 2019

Very knowledgeable speaker who was good at getting the group to interact and enjoy the days.

Mia Rensch-Jacobsen
Business Operations Manager, Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/S

Jun 20 2019

Best speaker ever. He has a world of knowledge, not only with private practice vs in-house but also English law vs international laws. Related it to each of our companies so that we could use what was learnt in an operational manner.

Prerna Gowrea
Contract Management Specialist, Clarivate Analytics

Jun 20 2019

I really liked the course. The material used by Arun Singh was very in depth, and easy to understand for non-lawyers. It was great that we could ask questions throughout the presentation. Arun Singh also knew when to include a joke, which made it much more fun and interactive.

Annelies Bertels
Financial Controller, BlowUP media UK Ltd

Mar 7 2019

Extremely knowledgeable, very interesting and fantastic speaker. I found the course extremely interesting. I have gained more confidence and I feel like I am able to discuss more with my team due to what I have learnt.

Hannah Reed
Legal Team Administrator , Pension Insurance Corporation

Nov 28 2019

An excellent presenter with good engagement techniques.

Ian Thorogood
Operations Director, Tenet Education Services Ltd

Mar 7 2019

I really enjoyed the course, which was very interactive and brought the subject to life. Arun presented in a very engaging manner, quite a feat when presenting to eight people with highly divergent contract experience and areas of interest.

Jeff Caplan
COO, Transversal Corporation Ltd

Mar 7 2019

Really enjoyed the course. Arun presented in a very engaging manner, quite a feat when presenting to eight people with highly divergent contract experience and areas of interest.

Jeff Caplan
COO, Transversal Corporation Ltd

Mar 7 2019

Excellent in terms of motivating people to participate and ask questions.

Walid Hammami
Supply Chain - Drilling & Exploration, Sasol UK Ltd

Mar 19 2018

Excellent, really well taught and informative. Great opportunities to discuss and have questions answered.

Ade Adedapo
Corporate Legal Services Manager, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Nov 28 2018

Very knowledgeable. The examples of cases throughout were great and made the course even more interesting. Excellent.

Ryan Ward
Commercial Manager, EPC-UK

Nov 28 2018

I found this course very useful, full of good knowledge and experience, with dedicated and well prepared speaker. Mr Arun Singh was great during the course. The presentation was seamless and easy to follow. Many thanks!

Ali Alimbekov
Associate at Legal Department, Astana International Financial Centre Authority

Nov 28 2018

The course content was relevant, engaging and interactive. Topics that could appear dull were brought to life by Arun and made interesting with examples from real-life experiences. The course content is adapted to the attendees to ensure the most is gained from the course. Questions and experience sharing is encouraged, which highlighted the differences between business sectors and functions, incorporating alternative points of view into the learning material. I would definitely recommend the course to people at any level, who deal with contracts in their job role.

Paige Jenner
Commercial Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (Labs) Ltd

Nov 28 2018

Good use of visual display, handed out content and interaction with the group. Speaker was able to give accurate feedback to all questions. Very knowledgeable and good teaching skills.

Raj Sharma
Sales Manager, VTG Rail UK

Mar 19 2018

Excellent, really well taught and informative. Great opportunities to discuss and have questions answered.

Ade Adedapo
Corporate Legal Services Manager, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Mar 19 2018

Well organised, focused approach, easy to follow as a non-lawyer.

Zahra Sadruddin
Commercial Manager, Syner-Med (PP) Ltd

Mar 19 2018

This course has been very worthwhile. The content will be put into practise and the speaker was excellent

Mustafa Roumani
International Business Manager, Oxford Immunotec Global PLC

Mar 19 2018

All mentioned were very good and I would recommend this course to a colleague

Jamie Hammond
Project Engineer, Trinity House

Mar 19 2018

Overall satisfied with all aspects

Adam Dziamarski
Commercial Manager, Clesse UK Ltd

Mar 19 2018

Good practical knowledge

Joe Oughtred
Senior Buyer Indirects, Aunt Bessie's Ltd

Mar 19 2018

An excellent course for any level of professional dealing with contracts. A real beneficial eye-opener.

Phil Hawtin
Project Engineer, Trinity House

Mar 19 2018

Very good broad range of content covered. A knowledgable and accessible format

Sam Welburn
Buyer Indirects, Aunt Bessie's Ltd

Nov 28 2018

Clear, interactive and good subject matter knowledge. A valuable addition to your tool kit for interacting with lawyers on contract law

Nick Daniels
Head of Business Development, EPC United Kingdom Plc

Nov 28 2018

[The speaker] was very knowledgeable and was able to deliver legal and practical advice. I would recommend the course.

Simon Smith
Financial Controller, ExCeL London

Mar 19 2018

Very personable, engaging and attained my interest. Speaker didn't rely on slides and augmented content with interesting examples.

Sophie Franks
Senior Commercial Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Mar 19 2018

Excellent course with very detailed content. Arun was an excellent presenter and clearly had a wealth of knowledge

Charlotte Cullum
Category Buyer, William Jackson Food Group

Nov 30 2017

The speaker is very engaging. A lovely gent. The content is very clear and I found it very helpful and interesting

Michele Humphreys
Customer Service Supervisor, Armstrong Fluid Technology Ltd

Nov 30 2017

I was very happy, the speaker has an impressive background knowledge and would explain things really well. Overall very nice atmosphere throughout the course

Sarah Goetz
Contract Manager, Bachem AG

Nov 30 2017


Beenu Ravi-Krishna
Sourcing Specialist, Cognitive Tech Solutions Ltd

Jun 29 2017

Excellent content and pace. Arun was very knowledgable and easy to understand.

Kelly Rowland
Finance Manager, Saipem Limited

Mar 8 2017

Very comprehensive. Mr. Singh was a clear speaker.

Anthony Garcia
Law Student, Utoledo

Mar 8 2017

Great content, Very informative, engaging, great atmosphere, good visuals with hand-outs.

Jessica Phillips

Mar 8 2017

As above. Well presented, engaging facilitator, clear presentation of the subject matter.

Anna Kerr

Mar 8 2017

He was great, would recommend to others.

Vitalii Kacherovskyi
Legal affairs Counselor, Kyivstar JSC

Mar 8 2017

Speaker was well spoken, maybe more examples and demo from career.

Elizabeth Bolduc

Mar 8 2017

Great course. Fantastic speaker and great material presentation.

Vitalii Kacherovskyi
Legal affairs Counselor, Kyivstar JSC

Nov 30 2017

Course contents covered almost everything in detail. The speaker delivered in a very effect manner

Muhammad Naeem
Company Secretary, Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.

Nov 30 2017

Overall enjoyable and informative

Gavin Shillingford
General Manager, Global Fire and Security

Nov 30 2017

Overall very informative

Beryl Short
Business Development Manager, PHE

Mar 8 2017

In general the course increases your level and resolves your doubts.

Xavier Salas
Lawyer, Invent Farma Holding Spain S.L

Dec 1 2016

Excellent course, good pace and interesting presenter

Dylan Murphy

Dec 1 2016

Content ok - Understand it has to cover average of views. Presentation and speaker, very engaging.

Patricia Duncan
Account Manager, Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH

Jun 27 2016

Good interactive presenting with real life examples

Michelle Loader
Contract Manager, Kent County Supplies

Jun 27 2016

Speaker was very knowledgable in his area. Kept the audience attentive (even after lunch).

Khine Oo
Risk and Compliance Manager, Grace Foods (UK)

Mar 3 2016

The course was a brilliant and detailed insight into the practicality of contract law in the day to day business. The presentations skills and knowledge are second to none.

Rubiya Karim
Senior Registrations Technician , Fiscal Reps Ltd

Mar 3 2016

Well presented with good 'to the point' context

Willie Roberts
Field Service Manager , FMC Kongsberg Services Limited

Mar 3 2016

Easy but informative presentation. Content was enough to inform.

Paul Hardman
ABM United Kingdom Limited

Mar 3 2016

Overall very thorough and concise. Perhaps not enough time.

Adrienne Smith
Bids and Contracts Manager, Bausch + Lomb UK Ltd.

Nov 30 2015

Informative course, excellently presented

Julie Barrington
Contract & Resource Manager, Babcock 4S Limited

Nov 30 2015

Course was engaging and Arun is very knowledgeable

Zainab Latif
Commercial Director, Smart Solutions Recruitment Ltd

Nov 30 2015

Presentation was excellent. Arun is very knowledgeable and delivers in a clear and fun way.

Angela Holmes
Office Manager, Intuition-IT Solutions Limited

Nov 30 2015

The course was very useful and good for practice. The content book that we received could have been a shorter version of the program.

Megdad Hocine
Contract Administrator, ConocoPhillips Algeria Ltd

Jun 25 2015

Overall very good but too much for two days

Charles Ratcliffe
UK Greetings Limited

Mar 4 2015

Great course, the presenter managed to make a dry subject incredibly interactive and interesting.

Sarah Simmonds
Commercial Administrator, L3 Communications MSUK Ltd

Mar 4 2015

The content was pitched how I needed it. The presenter, Arun Singh was good, using lots of useful methods and example to improve understanding.

Chris Hyde
Commercial Manager, Mott MacDonald Ltd

Nov 30 2015

A fast paced well presented course

Paul Briggs
Senior Project Engineer, Trinity House

Nov 30 2015

Excellent speaker. I would of liked a slight slower pace as it was a lot to cover.

Steve Keddie
Programme Manager , Trinity House

Nov 30 2015

Very good, informative and helpful

Paul Hunter
Project Manager, Dunlop Oil & Marine

Nov 30 2015

I would most definitely be interested in other courses led by Arun as his knowledge and unique way of describing the law was very interactive and enjoyable. I come from a recruitment background so the only negative comment was that it wasn't more in tune with the line of work I do.

Angela Holmes
Office Manager, Intuition-IT Solutions Limited

Jun 25 2015

Very good and useful. Perhaps too much material, it would be better to concentrate on certain issues.

Elena Naumkina
Senior Lawyer, VIY Management LLC

Jun 25 2015

Turned quite a dull subject into a very meaningful course.

Paul Collins
Commercial Director, Reynolds

Mar 4 2015

Generally very good, points out areas for further research necessary.

Tom Cockshull
Commercial Manager, Moog Components Group

Mar 4 2015

Very clear explanation of some quite difficult concepts in a simple concise manner by an extremely knowledgeable speaker

Stuart Warren
Legal Affairs & Contract Manager, KDDI Europe Ltd

Mar 4 2015

Arun is a very knowledgable and entertaining presenter

Matthew Leyshon
Commercial Manager, Bowmill Engineering Ltd

Mar 4 2015

A pleasant way to sharpen the saw, but not much use if you didn't have a saw to be sharpened.

Jonathan Evans
General Sales Manager, Numatic International Ltd

Dec 1 2014

Everything was good and met my expectations

Samira Huseynova
Azerfon LLC

Mar 5 2014

I enjoyed the course and found it interesting

Yulia Ramodina
Juriste, ZAO Deloitte & Touche CIS

Dec 1 2014

Course content comprehensive, speaker very engaging and dynamic.

Sarah MacLean
Business Manager, Woodford Engineering Consultancy (UK) Ltd

Dec 1 2014

A good course to give an overview of the complexities of contract law

Nic Vincent
Director, Olympus KeyMed

Dec 1 2014


Neeraj Beeknoo
Associate Director of Finance – Financial Planning, Kings College Trust NHS Foundation Trust

Dec 1 2014

Engaging broad lively

Charlotte Eastwood
Contracts Assistant , Seajacks UK Limited

Jun 26 2014

Course very good overall, content adapted to the audience which was good but maybe not aligned with the hand-outs. Presentation and speaker very good.

Nick Smith
Contract Director, Houghton plc

Jun 26 2014

I thought the course was very useful, with helpful documentation provided. Arun Singh was engaging and ensured that if we did not understand an element we would go over it again.

Manjit Sanghera
Solicitor, St Andrew's Healthcare

Dec 2 2013

Good content. Great speaker with good presentation skills.

Anne Knyhynyckyj
Procurement Manager, NFT Distribution Ltd

Dec 2 2013

The course was really interesting, particularly the speaker who was very dynamic and able to follow up the students. He was great!

Isabel Chumillas
Administration Assistant, Ajilon Finance & Administration B.V

Mar 5 2013

As an engineer the course provides a useful insight contract law and basics that need to be put in place for risk management

Anderson Foster
Mechanical Piping, Total E & P UK

Dec 2 2013

Content was intense for 2 days but enjoyable. Presentation was extremely professional, through and concise.

Mark Bennett
Commercial Manager, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd

Dec 2 2013

Some of it was skimmed through. More discussion on areas of uncertainty in meaning ie. "Entire Agreement". Arun very knowledgeable.

Petra Buckley
Commercial Procurement Manager, CIMA

Dec 2 2013

Presentation, made the course interesting and kept everyone involved.

Gillian Gibbs
HR/Contract Specialist, Ultra Electronics AEP Technology Ltd

Dec 2 2013

All very good

Amanda Randle
Commercial Manager, Geotech

Dec 2 2013

Very useful and enjoyable

Dafydd Tudur
Rights and Information Manager, The National Library of Wales

Dec 2 2013

The speaker covered the course really well in a way that was easy to understand

RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust

Dec 2 2013

Content very good, difficult to cover all aspects. Presentation was excellent. Speaker broke the course down into manageable chunks.

Paul Chadwick
Contracts Engineer, Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd

Dec 2 2013

Excellent presenter and content was right for non-legal professionals

David Williams
Vectura Ltd

Dec 2 2013

Good course, excellent speaker, sometimes the notes didn't tie into the powerpoint slides used which was frustrating.

Neil Douglass
Financial Controller, RENOLIT CRAMLINGTON Ltd

Mar 5 2013

Really valuable and appropriately focused 2 days which will directly support my role and performance

Carl McInerney
Commercial Director UK & Ireland, FHG IPP Logipal

Mar 5 2013

Presented very well. Good energy levels and very entertaining - loved the American accent!

Paul Field
Car Parks/Business Services Manager , Earls Court & Olympia Ltd

Mar 5 2013

Sufficiently impressed with the service

Robin Dawson
Finance Director, Poupart Ltd

Dec 3 2012


Okwun Eke
Asst. Legal Manager, Intels Nigeria Limited

Dec 3 2012

Intensive course with excellent content - however a little too much in depth (in places) for an introductory course

Debbie Brown
Project Buyer, WSP CEL Ltd

Dec 3 2012

An enjoyable course which has helped with my confidence when dealing with new suppliers and contracts. Excellent speaker who utilised many years of experienced to bring the theory of contracts to life!

Aimee Marshall
Vendor Manager, Virtrium Limited

Dec 3 2012

Excellent range of topics covered - the speaker was able to tailor the course to answer specific questions raised by the attendees which meant going 'off piste' as well as managing to cover all the agenda topics

Anita Barrett
Managing Director, Atrium Software Ltd

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  • First Rate Exchange Services Ltd
  • Fiscal Reps Ltd
  • Flybe Ltd
  • FMC Corporation UK Ltd
  • FMC Kongsberg Services Limited
  • Fortum O&M (UK) Ltd
  • Foster Wheeler Energy Ltd
  • FR Aviation Limited
  • FrazerNash Consultancy
  • Fretwell-Downing Hospitality
  • Fugro GEOS Ltd
  • Fugro-BKS Ltd
  • Garrad Hassan
  • General Dynamics UK Ltd
  • Geotech
  • Giant Consultancy Ltd
  • Ginsters
  • GL Noble Denton
  • Global Fire and Security
  • Global Marine Systems Ltd
  • Goodwin International Ltd
  • Goss Interactive Ltd
  • Grace Foods (UK)
  • Grace Foods UK
  • Gro Group
  • Gro-group international ltd
  • Groupcall Ltd
  • H Bauer Publishing
  • Hall & Watts Defence Optics Ltd
  • Hawker Siddeley Switchgear Ltd
  • Helveta
  • Hemsley Fraser Group Ltd
  • Herbert Retail Ltd
  • Hi-Q
  • HIAB GBO Ltd
  • Historic Royal Palaces
  • Houghton plc
  • Hutchinson Ports UK Ltd
  • Iansyst Ltd
  • ICM Business Continuity Services
  • Icons Solutions Ltd
  • Image Source Ltd
  • Imperial College London
  • Infinis Energy Services Ltd
  • Intercell Biomedical Ltd
  • International Paint Ltd
  • InterserveFM
  • Intuition-IT Solutions Limited
  • IPM Marketing & Services Ltd
  • Iracroft Limited
  • Jacksons Bakery Limited
  • Jinlarco Ventures
  • Johnson Controls Inc
  • Joy Global
  • K3 BTG PLC
  • KAL
  • Kantar World Panel
  • Kardex Systems (UK) Ltd
  • KDDI Europe Ltd
  • KDS UK Ltd
  • Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd
  • Kent County Supplies
  • Kent Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Keron Engineering Ltd
  • Kidney Research UK
  • Kings College Trust NHS Foundation Trust
  • KLM UK Engineering Ltd
  • Knowledge Pool Group Ltd
  • KnowledgePool Group Ltd
  • L-3 Marine Systems UK
  • L-3 MSUK
  • L3 Communications MSUK Ltd
  • Liverpool John Moores University
  • Low Level Waste Repository
  • Lucite International UK Ltd
  • MacLellan Int Ltd
  • Maritime Corporate Services
  • Marley Eternit Ltd
  • Martin Baker (Aircraft) Co Ltd
  • Mattel UK Ltd
  • May Gurney
  • McKesson Information Solutions
  • Medivet
  • Medivet Group Ltd
  • Megger Limited
  • Merial Animal Health Ltd
  • Metapack Limited
  • Metro Safety
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe
  • Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.
  • Monks & Crane Industrial Group Ltd
  • Moog Components Group
  • MOOG Components Ltd
  • Morphy Richards Ltd
  • Morrison Utility Services
  • Motor Sports Association Ltd
  • Mott MacDonald Ltd
  • Mourik Uk Ltd
  • Ms Lisa Bartlett (Chaucer)
  • MultiServ Group Ltd
  • National Employer Service
  • NDCS
  • NFT Distribution Ltd
  • Noble Denton Consultants Ltd
  • Nomura Asset Management
  • Nomura Asset Management U.K. Limited
  • Nova Laboratories Ltd
  • Now Training Ltd
  • NUKEM Ltd
  • Numatic International Ltd
  • Oce UK Ltd
  • Olympus KeyMed
  • OptaSense
  • Optima Health
  • Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
  • Owen Mumford Ltd
  • Oxford Immunotec Global PLC
  • Oxis Energy Ltd
  • P&I Generators Limited
  • Paradigm Services
  • Park Resorts Ltd
  • Patheon UK Ltd
  • Payzone
  • PCT Group Sales Ltd
  • Penn Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Pension Insurance Corporation
  • PF Concept
  • PF Concept UK Operations Ltd
  • Pfizer Ltd
  • PHE
  • Philips Electronics (UK) Ltd
  • Philips Lighting (UK) Ltd
  • Pindar Graphics Scarboroug
  • Pitney Bowes
  • PKL
  • Platform A
  • Poupart Limited
  • Poupart Ltd
  • Pöyry Management Consulting (UK) Ltd
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada CSC Europe GmbH
  • Pratt & Whitney Canada-Customer Services Centre -
  • PTEN Research
  • QA Consulting Services Ltd
  • QA Ltd
  • Qinetiq
  • Quanta Recruitment
  • Quanticate International Ltd
  • Queen's University of Belfast
  • R&D Directorate NHS Grampian
  • R&R NAV
  • RDaSH NHS Foundation Trust
  • RedEye
  • Reed Employment
  • Reliance Precision Ltd
  • Remploy Ltd
  • Retail Assist
  • Reynolds
  • Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd
  • Rio Tinto
  • Rockwell Collins UK Ltd
  • Rolls Wood Group (Repair & Overhauls) Lt
  • Rolls-Royce
  • Rosemont Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Royal College of Radiologists
  • RTM Cash UK ltd
  • Saipem Limited
  • Santander UK Corporate & Commercial
  • Sasol UK Ltd
  • SCA Packaging Ltd
  • Schlumberger Cambridge Research
  • Schneider Electric
  • Schneider Electric Ltd
  • Schroders
  • Scottish Power UK plc
  • Seajacks UK
  • Seajacks UK Limited
  • SEAMS Ltd
  • Shaws of Darwen
  • SIMS Metal Management
  • Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
  • SiRRAN
  • Skills Funding Agency
  • Smarkets
  • Smart Solutions Recruitment Ltd
  • SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltd
  • Sovereign Business Integration Plc
  • Sovereign Housing Group
  • Space Decks Systems Ltd
  • Spellman High Voltage Ltd
  • Springfields Fuels Ltd
  • Square 5 Business Networks Ltd
  • SRK Consulting (UK) Ltd
  • SSP
  • St Andrew's Healthcare
  • St Regis Paper Company Ltd
  • Stage Technologies Ltd
  • Sterling Energy (UK) Ltd
  • Syner-Med (PP) Ltd
  • Sysmex UK Ltd
  • TASC
  • Technicolor Disc Services
  • Technicolor Home Entertainment Services
  • Telesoft Technologies Ltd
  • Telespazio VEGA UK Ltd
  • Tendeka / Swellfix UK
  • Tenens
  • Tenet Education Services Ltd
  • The Binding Site Group Ltd
  • The Brewery
  • The Brewery by ECO Ltd
  • The British Library
  • The British Museum
  • The Chartered Insurance Institute
  • The Insolvency Service
  • The Institute of Cancer Research
  • The Lonon Institute of Banking & Finance
  • The National Library of Wales
  • The Port of Felixstowe
  • The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust
  • The University of Birmingham
  • Total E & P UK
  • Transdev Ltd
  • Transversal Corporation Ltd
  • Trelleborg AVS
  • Trinity House
  • Tristel olc
  • TROX UK Ltd
  • TRUMPF Ltd
  • TSYS International
  • UBS
  • UK Greetings Limited
  • UKAEA Ltd
  • Ultra Electronics AEP Technology Ltd
  • UMIP
  • United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of York
  • uSwitch for Business Limited
  • uSwitch.com
  • Utilita Telesales
  • Utoledo
  • Valmet Limited
  • Vand Ltd
  • Vattenfall
  • Vector Aerospace Component Services
  • Vector Aerospace International Ltd
  • Vectura Group Plc
  • Vectura Ltd
  • Viatris, Mylan Pharma UK Ltd
  • Vinci Construction Grands Projets
  • Vinci Park Services
  • Virtrium Limited
  • Volker Fitzpatrick Ltd
  • VTG Rail UK
  • Wabtec Rail Ltd
  • Walkers Charnwood Bakery
  • Walkgrove Limited
  • Wartsila UK Ltd
  • Waste Management Technology Ltd
  • WDR
  • Weir Valves & Controls UK Ltd
  • Wembley (London) Ltd
  • William Jackson Food Group
  • WL Gore & Associates
  • Wm Morrisons Supermarket Plc
  • Woodford Engineering Consultancy (UK) Ltd
  • WSP CEL Ltd
  • WSPCEL Ltd
  • Xafinity Paymaster
  • Yara Ltd


  • Ajilon Finance & Administration B.V
  • Ajilon Finance & Administration B.V
  • Alfa Laval Benelux
  • Gusto BV
  • Gusto MSC
  • HFG
  • INTERBETON B V - Bam International
  • International Criminal Court- Cour Pénale Internationale
  • SKF (Netherlands)
  • Tosoh Europe BV
  • Van Oord ACZ BV


  • Abbott Products
  • Amerosia Interline GmbH
  • BI Pharma GmbH & Co KG
  • Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
  • Claudius Peters Projects GmbH
  • CU Chemie Uetikon GmbH
  • EADS Deutschland GmbH
  • Nokia Siemens Networks GmbH & Co KG
  • Trilogy Writing & Consulting GmbH


  • Accenture AG
  • Bachem AG
  • Cementia Trading AG
  • Endress & Hauser Instruments International
  • Ferring International Center SA
  • Single Buoy Moorings Bureau D'Etudes SAM
  • Solen Versicherungen AG


  • CGN Europe Energy
  • Cummins Filtration SARL
  • LFB
  • Pernod Ricard EMEA & LATAM
  • Universty of Sorbonne


  • Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Limited
  • Intels Nigeria Limited
  • MTN Nigeria Communications
  • Nigerian Communications Commission
  • Tony Gbegbaje & Co
  • Vodacom Business (Nigeria)


  • Astana International Financial Centre Authority
  • BIGlobal LLP
  • Chevron Munaigas Inc
  • International Center for Development of Machine Building (IMBC)
  • TengizChevrOil LLP


  • In Store Solutions
  • Invent Farma Holding Spain S.L
  • Navantia


  • Greenpeak Technologies
  • Liedekerke
  • Solvay SA
  • SPX Cooling Technologies


  • Duku Link Ventures
  • Forestry Commision
  • Taysec Construction Ltd


  • Chanelle Medical Ltd
  • Mobile Travel Technologies
  • White Young Green


  • Goodtech Projects & Services AS
  • Teekay Shipping Norway
  • Total E&P Norge AS


  • City Masty
  • VIY Management LLC
  • ZAO Deloitte & Touche CIS


  • Treibacher Schleifmittel Gmbh
  • Valneva Austria GmbH


  • Azercell Telecom LLC
  • Azerfon LLC


  • Bouygues Travaux Publics
  • PGNiG


  • HBO Holding Zrt
  • MOL Nyrt


  • Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A.


  • Office of Sponsored Research
  • University of the West Indies Mona


  • Kuwait Petroleum Corp
  • Kuwait Petroleum Corporation


  • Alcatel-Lucent Romania
  • SC Petromservice SA


  • Turkcell Iletisim Hizmetleri AS


  • ConocoPhillips Algeria Ltd


  • Schetzer Constantinou


  • Modern Humanitarian Academy


  • Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen A/S


  • Vaisala Oyj


  • Addax Petroleum NZE (NIF 793 011 K)


  • Chevron Libya Ltd




  • Shifa International Hospitals Ltd.


  • Zakłady Farmaceutyczne Polpharma S.A.

Saudi Arabia

  • Capital Market Authority


  • Nuclear Power Plant Krsko


  • Kyivstar JSC

United States of America

  • United Therapeutics Europe Ltd


  • Yemen Gas Company

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