Sanjeev Srivastav

Dr Sanjeev Srivastav, Director of PV Signal, is a highly analytical and quality-focused healthcare professional with over 20 years experience in Clinical Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Health administration. He provides safety consultation on PV processes and operations with special expertise in AI and Machine Learning platforms, using data automation models for Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management activities, including Intelligent Reporting and Signal Automation. He brings the hybrid knowledge of medicine, technology and business to present a holistic view of the topics he is passionate about. 

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Powered Signal Management

New for 2024

Live online, Classroom

This course will prepare you to navigate the multiverse of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning from a drug safety perspective with an easily understandable and practical approach.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Dr Sanjeev Srivastav