Irene Rossi

Irene Rossi is the Head of New Modalities Pharmaceutical Development at Nanopharm, an Aptar Company (UK). Irene obtained a MSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology in 2014 and a PhD in Drugs, Biomolecules and Health Products at the Food and Drug Department, University of Parma (Italy) in 2019.
She joined Nanopharm in 2019 and she currently leads a group focused on the development of new technologies for OINDP products. Her main research area is the production, optimization and characterization of powders and liquid formulations for nasal and inhalation containing both small or large molecules. 
Up to date, Irene has submitted and published 6 original papers, a patent application on the development of a dry powder for pulmonary vaccination and she presented her work at more than 20 international conferences

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Delivery of Biologics to the Nasal Cavity

Live online

The nasal cavity is an established pathway to treat local diseases as well as systemic conditions using small molecules. As the pharmaceutical industry shifts towards targeted biologics, the nasal cavity is also an attractive target for delivery of peptides, monoclonal antibodies, nucleic acids and stem cells. This is an ideal opportunity to hear from experts in the field of nasal drug delivery who will address topics such as: challenges associated with formulation, barriers to cell penetration and absorption, the pros and cons for liquid versus powder formulations, and strategies for maintaining stability and prolonging retention in the nasal cavity.

  • 3 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Dr Irene Rossi