Dave Parry

David Parry is a chemist with over 14 years of experience in in veterinary medicinal product development and registration. In his current position as CMC team leader at knoell, David works with manufacturers in developing formulations and the commercial manufacturing process. Taking advantage of his previous roles in pharmaceutical research and development and process development, David brings a broad range of chemistry, manufacturing and regulatory knowledge to projects. With extensive experience interacting with regulatory authorities in most major global animal health markets and working with contract manufacturing organisations, David is involved with all aspects of regulatory support from early stage development through to post approval product maintenance.

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Veterinary Pharmaceutical Submissions in the EU


Presentations will cover the regulatory framework, pharmaceutical, toxicological and pharmacological data, safety risk assessments, pre-clinical and clinical data, detailed and critical summaries and regulatory submissions.

  • 12 CPD hours
  • Presented by Dave Parry