Nicole Eisele

Nicole Eisele, Director of Eisele Consulting, holds qualifications in psychology, mediation, coaching and law and currently teaches the psychology of conflict, restorative Justice and negotiation on a Master's programme at the University of Westminster in addition to running her own mediation, coaching and training consultancy. Nicole believes in the power of working with teams and individuals as they increase awareness and understanding of the organisational systems they work in. Nicole is passionate about the results that can be achieved through good quality conversations.

  • Next: 15 Jul 2024 Classroom
  • Also: 8-9 Oct 2024 Live online

Conflict Management & Resolution for HR Professionals

New for 2024

Live online, Classroom

This interactive course will help you to develop key conflict resolution skills as an important HR conflict management tool to empower and support your staff to manage conflict effectively.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Nicole Eisele
  • Next: 15-19 Jul 2024 Live online

The 5-day Comprehensive Management Summer School

Summer school

Live online

This interactive Summer School has been designed for professionals who want to learn how to deal more positively with situations to achieve greater success by enhancing their leadership skills through adopting a compassionate approach, as well as learning new techniques to manage across the generational spectrum.

  • 30 CPD hours Intensive
  • Presented by Nicole Eisele
  • Next: 7 Oct 2024 Live online

Building Self-Belief & Resilience

Live online

This interactive course, designed for those working in HR and will focus on what individuals can do to build and maintain their resilience. We will look at patterns, default behaviour, emotional reactions, and expectations, and offer practical do-able tools and techniques that will help you build resilience for yourself and others in your team

  • 3 CPD hours Masterclass
  • Presented by Nicole Eisele