Zuzanna Kwade

Zuzanna Kwade is Software Clinical Evaluation Lead at Dedalus Healthcare. Zuzanna holds a PhD in Biochemistry and has 15 years of experience in clinical and medical research. She is the co-author of several white papers on regulatory aspects of clinical research and clinical evaluation.

Since 2016, she has been actively involved in Clinical Evaluations according to MEDDEV 2.7.1 (Rev.4) for multiple devices, including high risk hardware devices and medical software. She also represented COCIR in the European Union Task Force on clinical evaluation of software and co-authored MDCG2020-1 guidance on clinical evaluation of MDSW.

  • Next: 22-25 Jul 2024 Live online
  • Also: 9-12 Dec 2024 Live online

Medical Device Software: Complying with the EU MDR, EU IVDR & FDA Regulations

Live online

An introduction to medical device software regulations and requirements to include the latest EU and FDA guidance and risk management.

  • 24 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Zuzanna Kwade
  • Next: 18 Sep 2024 Live online
  • Also: 22 Jan 2025 Live online
  • Also: 13 May 2025 Live online

Clinical Evaluation of Medical Device Software

New for 2024

Live online

This 1-day course will provide a clear understanding of the clinical evaluation requirements and their practical application for software products, including AI/ML-based devices.

  • 6 CPD hours
  • Presented by Zuzanna Kwade
  • Next: 2-6 Dec 2024 Live online

The Medical Device School - From Concept to CE Marking

Live online

This comprehensive course has been designed to map the processes from device concept to marketing and show how regulatory, quality, clinical and other aspects of device development are joined into a continuous process.

  • 30 CPD hours Intensive
  • Presented by Zuzanna Kwade