Jane List

Jane List founded Extract Information Limited, Cambridgeshire, UK, in 2013. Extract Information provides legal and industry focussed patent searching and reporting, IP management support for small companies, and product development consultancy for the information industry. 

Jane previously worked in IP and Information analyst roles at The Technology Partnership (TTP) plc, Xaar plc and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory. She also worked in the information industry where she held commercial, content, and product development roles at Lighthouse IP, ProQuest, and DataStar. Throughout her career she has provided training in the retrieval and analysis of scientific, technical, medical, commercial and patent information, most recently through CIIPM where she developed the courses in IP and Commercialisation. Jane has qualifications in Chemistry, Information Science, and IP Law. 

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  • Also: 10-11 Oct 2024 Live online

State of the Art Searching

Live online

Learn when and how to perform a ‘state of the art’ patent search. 

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Jane List
  • Next: 7 Mar 2024 Live online
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IP and Commercialisation: Creating and Maintaining your IP Portfolio

New for 2024

Live online

A practical course focussing on the internal and external considerations of using IP within your business strategy.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Jane List