Bradley Hulbert

Bradley Hulbert is a founding partner in McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP, an 80-lawyer patent firm based in Chicago. Bradley has been lead counsel in a wide range of successful patent lawsuits and is an adjunct professor of law at the Chicago-Kent Law School.

  • Next: 14 May 2024 Classroom
  • Also: 5 Nov 2024 Classroom

Litigation-Proofing and Proving your Patent Claims


This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of patent claim interpretation in the USA, UK and Germany.

  • 6 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by Mr. Bradley Hulbert
  • Next: 15-16 May 2024 Classroom
  • Also: 6-7 Nov 2024 Classroom

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Combined EU/US Patent Applications


This seminar addresses the parallel, but substantially different, rules for drafting and prosecuting patents required by the Examiners and Appeal Boards of the EPO and USPTO.

  • 12 CPD hours Focused
  • Presented by David Meldrum
  • and Mr. Bradley Hulbert